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As You Sail Through the Sea of Life. Saturday 2nd Week of Easter


Breakfast with the Word Saturday Second Week of Easter


John 6:16-21.


After the feeding of the five thousand, the disciples of Jesus got into a boat to make their way to Capernaum. Jesus did not join them. Along the way, they encountered a very strong wind. 


The wind was very strong and as they were trying to battle with the wind, hence comes Jesus walking on the water. This terrified them more. But in the midst of fear, Jesus tells them, It is I, do not be afraid. Immediately Jesus entered into the boat, everywhere became calm. 


We have enormous lessons we can glean from this encounter, but when we meditate deeply on this, we can see what we encounter as we sail through the sea of life and also what we need in this journey of life. 


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The Journey of Life. 


While it was getting dark the disciples could not wait for Jesus to join them and they sailed along the sea of Galilee.


Several of the disciples were fishermen. They are already accustomed to fishing on this very lake. When they get into the boat, the thought of rowing across the lake at night does not concern them. They sail to Capernaum, probably at the instruction of Jesus.


 In this journey, the apostles began smoothly in the boat. Secondly, the journey was on the sea and thirdly they have a destination they are going to. They are going to Capernaum. 


What we have to note here is that the fact they are on the sea means that anything can happen at any time. Many things happen along the sea. They could meet natural disasters and sea animals. This natural occurrence is just synonymous with what we see in every sea. 


In the same way, we are sailing on the sea of life. We may be inside the boat now and feel there is nothing to fear, but that doesn’t mean we must not encounter challenges.


The journey of life is like the journey on the sea. Challenges are just part of life. The way I will put it is that we can never dodge them. Every journey in life has challenges attached to it.


This is Part of the Journey.


As we sail to our destination, let us not forget that like someone sailing along the sea, we can meet anything and at any time and when we do not expect.


The apostles of Jesus were experts in sailing and we can see that courageousness as they even sail in the dark. 

There are also times we feel nothing can happen to us maybe because we feel we have experience or are more knowledgeable, but do not forget that anything can still happen along the way.


Many are fighting to be successful in life, many are studying, while some are struggling.  Like the disciples who are heading to Capernaum, everyone has a destination.


As you sail towards your destination in life, remember you will sail over the fishes, troubles, sharks, whales, and troublesome experiences. You may encounter strong winds which can shake your faith even. Never forget this. 



There May Be a Strong Wind.



As they sail along the sea the gospel says that a strong mighty wind came against them. From the gospel, the wind was strong and the sea was very rough and they have already sailed like three to four hours. Therefore they are already in the middle of the sea. There is no going forward or going back. It was like a point of no return. 



There are times in life when we find ourselves in troublesome experiences and the wind tries to come against us. One thing you have to note here is that the wind is a natural occurrence. So it will always happen. 


So, as you sail along the sea of life, you will surely encounter the wind. This is not something you can pray away. It will surely come. Challenges are part of life. 


One thing here is that the apostles may not have expected the wind because had it been they did, they would have waited or followed another way.


 The worst mistake we would always do in life is to think that in the world you are problem-free. No one in life is problem-free, even the richest in the world. 


Anyone who promises you a problem-free world is fake. Challenges are part of life and most of them are blessings in disguise. They are something you must surely encounter as you sail along with the sea of life. Do you know that everybody in life has something that is eating him/her deep? Appreciate your journey and sail safely.  


It May Be A Test of Faith.



There are few things you have to observe in this journey, you will come to observe that Jesus intentionally did not follow them, otherwise He would do. 


When they had rowed about three or four miles, He came to them walking on the sea. In Matthew 14:25 this happened in the fourth watch of the night, which may be around three and six in the morning.


So they rowed hard for perhaps six to eight hours and only came a little more than halfway across the lake (three or four miles).


They saw Jesus walking on the sea and they were afraid: Mark 6:49-50 says the disciples were afraid because they thought Jesus, walking on the water, was a ghost or a spirit. 


The first lesson here is that Jesus may have done this to test how strong is their faith. Secondly, He may have done this to assure his apostles that He still cares for them even when they think He is not with them.


 He comes to them exactly when they are tossed by the wind. Therefore most of the challenges that we have in life may have come to test how strong our faith is.


It is not all about saying Jesus I love you. When challenges come to us, when our prayers seem unanswered and when we feel like we are at the point of no return, can we still believe Jesus is real?


 Hence as we sail along the sea of life, do not forget that many things may come to test your faith. Also as you sail through the sea of life, do not forget that God still cares even when you think He does not. 



We need His Presence.


Jesus tells them today Do not be afraid “it is I”. hence Jesus announces His presence in the troublesome experience. In this announcement, He asks them two things: 1 Never stay in fear, despite the storm 2. He is always with them even in the storm. 


These are the keys to pass through any troublesome experience. When things come against you, remain calm. Do not cage yourself in fear.

Trust the presence of God even if it looks as if He is absent. Invite Him always through prayers and meditation.



Today, Immediately He entered the boat, there was quietness. Allow God to have absolute control of your life, so that you may have peace. 


May God bless and give us the grace to overcome our challenges. Amen. 



  1. Lilian Ndudi says

    May God give us the courage to always trust in Him in the midst of crisis, Amen.
    Good morning Fr. God richly bless and inspire you, Amen.

  2. Emmanuel Tijani says

    May God give us the grace to always surrender our difficulties and problem to him through Christ our Lord Amen

  3. Helen says

    Amen! That we will never lose sight of Thee Lord!

  4. Ajoko Loveth says

    Amen father, more grace

  5. Dr Nicholas Onyia A. says

    Truly, we encounter trials and tribulations some times, and it would temporally appear as if God is not aware, or has ignored us. But God ultimately delivers us from them all, in keeping with His promise! May He increase our faith to always trust in His ability to see us through all circumstances, in Jesus name amen.

    1. Francisca Chibuzor Chekwube-Obiejesi says

      Amen!! God bless you as always Padre.

  6. Ekwem Emmanuela says


  7. Emeka says

    Hmmmm. All I have to say is thank you Jesus and thank you fr. for sharing

  8. Blessing Iortsugh says

    AMEN, thank you fr.

  9. Helen says

    Hmmmmm! Amen . Thanks so very much father; more grace!!!

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