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Behind the Opposite of We Want:Matthew 17:10-13. Sat 2nd Week Advent



Breakfast with the Word Saturday second week of advent Year C



Matthew 17:10-13




Matthew 17:10-13 comes with the wisdom behind the opposite. The opposite is used to refer to something that is related but different from the way they appear.


It is also something that is completely different from what we see or think of. The opposite may possess the same substance but vary because of the way we see them. This is also when what we expect completely varies from what we see.


In the Gospel Matthew 17:10-13




The gospel follows the event of the transfiguration which sees the appearance of Elijah and Moses. In their confusion about this appearance, the disciples ask Jesus why the Teachers of the Law said that Elijah will come first.


For them, the transfiguration is the fulfillment of the prophecy. In essence, Elijah would have come the way he did at the transfiguration before the coming of Jesus.


Making reference to John the Baptist, Jesus responds that Elijah came but the people did not recognize him. In the same way, they would do to the messiah. This in essence points to the fact that God’s promises always come to pass but may not actually come in the way we expect. Sometimes there is more behind what we see.


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Why the Rejection at Matthew 17:10-13



Some commentators are of the view that the reason for this rejection from the people is because the messiah did not seem to appear the way the Jews expected.


The jews are expecting a political Messiah and God sends them one who is humble, merciful and kind. Instead of sending them one who is to crush their enemies, God sends them a Messiah who is to die on the cross. They did not know that Jesus, who they rejected and crucified, is the true Messiah.


They want the Messiah to appear the way they expected. But God has another way of doing things. Sometimes there may be more behind what we see. Do not be surprised that God has answered your prayers for long but because it did not come the way we want, we were not able to recognize it.



A Little Digest Mathew 17:10-13.


In the book Acres of Diamond, Russell Cornwall tells the story of a poor farmer in California. This Farmer owns a little ranch in 1847. He spends his time praying and seeking for a way to make it in life but he does not know that God had already answered His prayer.

One day He read that gold was discovered in California. The poor man quickly sold his ranch to a man known as Colonel Sutter and journeyed in search of the gold.Β  One day the little daughter of Sutter took some wet sand into the house and placed it before the fire so that it can dry. As this was happening, a visitor saw in it some shining scales of real gold. The man who sold his ranch never knew He has been sitting on a gold mine.


God has His Own Way of Doing Things.


Like this, we miss so many opportunities because we fail to look beyond what we see. Sometimes the way we see things may not be truly how they will appear, and the way we expect things to happen may not be the way God has destined it to be. In the house of Jesse, God chose the least expected to be the King of Israel (1 Samuel 16). In the messianic genealogy, we can find the list of people underrated and hardly expected to be there (Matthew 1:2-16).

God has His own unique style of doing things. You pray that God blesses you with a humble and peaceful man, but He answers and gives you a short man but because you don’t want a short man, you lose the opportunity.


You pray that God gives you a peaceful woman and He gives you the one who is not a graduate but because you don’t want to marry a village girl, you lose the opportunity. There are times you pray that God blesses you in a big way but instead of giving you big money, God gives you a wonderful idea that will make you great. Because you do not trust your ability to achieve it, you lose the opportunity. Many today have lost great opportunities because they failed to look beyond. Sometimes behind the opposite of what we want is what we want.


Appearance may not be Reality.


Sometimes how we take some people may not be actually who they are. Sometimes the one who is destined to be of good help to us tomorrow is the one we are treating bad today. Remember the Rejected is the Messiah. It is not good to treat anyone bad. Who knows why you meet him or her in the first place.


Behind the rejected Messiah, there is salvation. Sometimes many people we reject and think nothing good can come out from them are ones God put on our path to help us achieve our purpose in life. But because we fail to look beyond the present, we lose them and turn to blame God for not answering our prayers.


The world is like dice. You may not know what tomorrow brings. You may not even know that what you are doing today is what God has put into your path to elevate you but because we fail to look beyond, we give up easily and hence become frustrated in life. Always appreciate whatever and whoever you have now. We may not know the value until we lose it.


Blessings can come in Disguise Matthew 17:10-13


The opposite may be what we truly want. Blessings can come in disguise. Behind some certain circumstances, there may be something good. Sometimes God put us in some certain places or situations but our impatience and inability to find out why things are happening the way they are happening has continued to affect us.


Behind the rejected Jesus Christ there is the Messiah. Hence, behind the opposite of what we pray for maybe what we pray for. Thus behind some difficulties, there are blessings. Behind some certain rejections, there is always a motivation to go higher.


In every situation, find out why things are happening the way they are happening. Let your struggles inspire you more than keep you down. Sometimes blessings are packaged in difficulties. Stay inspired. God knows the reason for everything.


May God bless you dearest and transform your struggles to victory at last. Amen



  1. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says

    Amen. Today is my birthday fr. Please remember in your prayers πŸ™

  2. Emilia Arinze says

    All knowingly God please Papa let me not miss the chance that has bn given to me . let me be spiritual alert to see n know when You are talking n solving my challenges Amen . God I trust in You

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    May He help us to look beyond what we actually see in Jesus name Amen πŸ™

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    Thanks Padre! I stay focus no matter comes my way! May the Good Lord Bless his words in my soul through Christ Our Lord AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Amen. Lord, give me the grace to accept your will in my life.

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    Amen. Lord, please give me the grace to accept your will in my life.

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    May God grant us the wisdom to discern and accept his will for us so that we do not out of our human weakness reject his gifts to us.

  11. Lazarus Okoroafor Andrew says

    Amen, may God give give us the grace to do His will at all times.

  12. Mbama Christiana says

    Today’s message is highly encouraging, thank you Padre. May the Lord give me the grace to always recognize His love and goodness in my life. Amen

  13. Okoro Kingsley Akachukwu says

    My own testimony in this novena came in the opposite. I accepted it with good fate and now I am so happy.

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    Amen.Thanks father, you really encouraged me here.Thanks once more


    Amen πŸ™. May God open my eyes to behold the opportunities close to me that he has designed to elevate me.

  18. Agbai ujunwa felicity says

    Thank you Jesus. Father we pray you give us the grace to look Beyond the physical appearance of our situations, so that we will be able to see that most of our prayers are already answered we ask this through Christ our Lord….Amen

  19. Mrs Nora Nkoli Anabiri says

    Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn Amennnnnnn. Thank you Padre for this powerful and life changing message. May God continue to strengthen you in His vineyard through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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    Lord help me see beyond my present situation. Amen

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    Thank you father for this , it’s really inspiring and encouraging.

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    Amen, thank you Jesus for ur words of comfort and consolation n make me Victorious through this moment of difficulties by opening my eyes and ears to understand what sign to succeed through Christ our Lord. Amen

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    Please Lord make me recognize the meaning of position things that comes to my life.Amen

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    Give us the grace to always stand firm in prayers and recognize your blessings and gifts in whatever form they may come through christ our Lord Amen

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    I will not lose direction in Jesus name Amen. So help me God.

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    This reflection struck me to the bone marrow

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    God please let my struggles inspire me more and not put my down. My Father don’t allow me to miss my opportunity in life if I have missed it please Father help me and give a second chance Amen

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    Amen ….. May God help us



  33. ANGELA MADU says

    The real talk. I have been a victim of not looking beyond.
    I pray that God almighty may open our eyes to see beyond and appreciate all His gift to us

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    Amen πŸ™ I pray that you grant us, Lord, the grace to conquer all challenges of life, as I ask for the gift of discernment in all we do, Amen.

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    Truly, this world is full of irony and may God help to understand every situation in order not to miss opportunities and blessings

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    Amen…..very encouraging and inspiring…more grace padre

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    Father Lord, may we recognize you when you’re speaking to us and see You in all we doπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  41. Njideka Aniagolu says

    Father, Marion, you always keep making my eyes teary each time, I’m reading your post, you are practically talking to my soul and spirit, even though I don’t always have data to access it at the stipulated time but my soul is always lifted and gladden after reading each piece of your work.
    Thank you, immensely and I pray for Continuous strength in everything that you do Fr. You are such a rare gem, keep touching lives and uplifting souls for Christ, I wish you heaven at last through Christ our Lord, Amen!!

  42. Dr Chinwe Agwoile says

    I pray for God’s special grace to enable me draw inspiration from my life struggles, IJMN! Thanks a lot,Padre. So sorry am commenting in arrears.

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