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Put Everything In God’s Hands: Feast of Saint Matthias.

Breakfast with the word Feast of Saint Matthias

Acts 1:15-17,20-26, John 15:9-17


Saint Matthias is not originally among the twelve apostles Jesus chooses; but after the death of Judas Iscariot, the apostles see the need that someone could occupy His place. They chose Matthias.


There is a reason for this. For the Jews, the number twelve is very significant.  Israel consists of twelve tribes that make up the old Israel, the people God chooses as His own. Therefore, the twelve which Jesus chooses represents the new Israel, the new people of God which is the church. 


The twelve apostles are like the foundation stone on which the church is built. These new people of God would consist of Jews and non-Jews. Saint Matthias was the one chosen to make up this number. 


When we look at the way Saint Matthias was chosen, we can see in the apostles, a group of people who put everything in God’s hands and allow Him to make His final choice. 


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What we Know of Saint Matthias.


Nothing much was known of Saint Matthias in the bible. The only thing we know of Him is that He was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the twelve. 


In the first reading, Peter proposes to the congregation who were about a hundred and twenty persons to choose someone who has been with them from the time Our Lord Jesus was moving from one place to another, someone who was with them right from the time when John was baptizing until the day Jesus ascended to act as a witness to His resurrection.


So, in essence, though Saint Matthias was silent in the scriptures. Hence, it is certain, He has been with Jesus all through the time Jesus was on earth. 


So, like other apostles, saint Matthias left his job and occupation and was following Jesus. He was there when Jesus drove out demons, fed the multitude, raised the dead and healed many diseases. 


Unlike Paul, Saint Matthias heard Jesus’ teachings and words directly. When some of the disciples of Jesus left Him in John 6:66, Mathias stayed put.  


Even after the death of Jesus when many dispersed, it is certain that Matthias remained with the apostles. 

In Him, we see a man who is ready to remain close to Jesus whether good or bad. 


In essence, Saint Matthias is teaching us the need to be close to God all the days of our lives. Put your life in God’s hands, put your future in God’s hands, allow God to be everything for you and never give up on Him. 




2. In the life of Saint Matthias we see the need not to worry about tomorrow. We are not to worry about whether people choose us or not. Tomorrow is always pregnant.


What Matthias did was just to remain close to Jesus and continue to persevere, he could not foresee that he would one day be among the twelve. What if He left being a disciple because no one recognized him? He would not have been chosen today.



Like Matthias, we do not know what tomorrow would bring. Whether good or bad, always remain close to God. He is the God of surprises. 



It Is God who makes His choice

Do you know there are times when we see people in some positions or vocations, we begin to envy them. There are people who when we look at them, we feel we are the people who are more qualified to be where they are.


Always know that God chooses whomever He wants to serve Him or do some certain works for Him. Cherish the one God gives you and do not envy another. 


1.In today’s gospel reading, Jesus makes it categorical when he says “You did not choose me, I chose you, and I commissioned you to go and bear fruits”.


It is God that chooses. We do not choose ourselves. We do not think we are the most worthy or qualified. When we see people who are in one position or the other, let us not think they are not worthy, It is God who chooses. 



2. Secondly, when you have some gifts, talents, offices and positions, do not be proud as if you make yourself who you are.

There are still many who have what you have but are not where you are. You are there through the grace of God. Always go with humility and care. 

3. In life, let us not fold our hands and expect God to do everything for us. We have to do our part. 

In today’s first reading, after nominating two candidates, Joseph known as Barsabbas, whose surname was Justus, and Matthias.

The apostles prayed and asked God to make His choice. They did their part and hence left the rest for God. Let us always try and do our part by working hard, obeying the rules and regulations of the place we are, and serving others with humility. Hence, leave the rest for God. He makes the final choice. 


4. Fourthly, in the apostles too, we see people who put everything in the hands of God. We also see the working of human wisdom and God’s grace. This is how life should be. 


In the seminary vocation, the formators use whatever insight and wisdom God gives to them to select candidates for the priesthood, despite their choice at the end, God makes the final selection.


There are people who they thought are the best candidates but towards the end, it is either they left on their own or some circumstances push them out of the seminary. 


Also in life, there are things you may want to do, but in the end, you find yourself somewhere. God knows the best place for you. Make use of it very well.

As you prepare for a certain vocation or position in life, let us not forget to apply our wisdom and strength and work for it but always leave everything in God’s hands. 


Put God First.


In their prayer, they said, ‘Lord, you can read everyone’s heart; show us therefore which of these two you have chosen to take over this ministry and apostolate, which Judas abandoned to go to his proper place.


In this prayer, we see how they put God first. Despite making their choice, yet they beckoned on God to intervene.

They believe that God is the one who will choose for them. Thereby, before we make our final decisions in life, whether in business, marriage, life professions, vocations, do not forget to involve God in it.

Put Him first, because He knows the best for you and where He wants you to be. 


2. Secondly, It does not matter whether people recognize you or not. It does not matter whether you are the last. When your time comes, God will always do His own thing in His own way. 


Do you know that in today’s selection, Mathias was not the first to be chosen? Their first choice was Barsabbas, who everyone sees as a natural leader and highly gifted. But God chooses Matthias. 


So let us not look down on ourselves for anything. When the appointed time comes, God will always make His choice and do His thing in His own way. He is always the God of surprises. 


May God also surprise you in due time. Amen



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