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Do these If You truly want to work for God: Reflection on Mark 3:13-19.

Breakfast with the Word Friday 2nd week of Ordinary Time of the Year



Todayโ€™s gospel of Mark 3:13-19, says that after Jesus withdraws from the synagogue, He goes up to the mountain and calls to himself the people He wants to work with. They come up to Him. Jesus appoints twelve of them.


He appoints them for three reasons. They are; to be close to Him, that is to be His closest companions, to send them out to proclaim the message of salvation and finally, to have the authority to expel and cast away demons.




We need the Other Person.


All these while, these people have been following Jesus until today when Jesus officially appoints them to be His disciples. Jesus would have done this work alone and leave. But He appoints men to work and be with Him.


These are men who are going to continue His work after His time on earth. In this gospel of Mark 3:13-19, Jesus emphasizes the need for collaborative work. Therefore, He is telling us that no one achieves it alone. We always need the other person.



In essence, if we truly want to work for God, we need to learn how to work cordially with others and use our gifts and talents together. This is a work of God and not ours. We are mere instruments God uses to touch the world.

What two or more people do with a good heart and collaborative Spirit will yield more benefits than what one person is doing. In everything we do, we need that little thing that the other person can offer. Never underrate or underestimate anyone.




Always Be Close to the Owner of the Work.


In this gospel of Mark 3:13-19, the reading says that He appoints them first that they might be with Him before sending them out.


Therefore, these men are to be His closest companion in good and in bad times. They are to live with Him, go with Him wherever He goes, have constant interaction with Him, have a daily encounter with Him, listen to His teachings etc.


Therefore, they have to learn a lot from Him. Jesus spends more time with these men, teaching, training and directing them.


In the same way, God chooses us for different missions and different tasks. So, if we truly want to work for Him, we have to work with Him. We need Him to be close to Him in every moment of our lives.



We need to have moments with the Lord and spend time with Him. Jesus knows that His disciples do not need to jump into the work. They need a time of instructions on how to and what to do.



Jesus wants that daily encounter and close relationship from us. It is through this relationship that we can draw daily strength, daily inspiration and graces.



Therefore, we always need to refer to the owner of the work. He knows what He calls you to do in this world and how you are to do it. Any time we spend with the Lord is not in vain.





Without the Lord.



In John 15:5, Jesus calls Himself the vine, while we are His branches. This vine supplies the support, strength, balance, food, to the branches.



When these branches are cut off from the vine, their source of food, strength, power, balance is cut off. This is what happens when we cut ourselves off from the Lord. He nourishes us, He gives us strength even in our weaknesses, and blesses us with abundant graces for the work.



In this gospel of Mark 3:13-19, Jesus gives the apostles authorities to cast out demons. In essence, the gospel (Mark 3:13-19), reveals that we share only in His authority. We are not merely going to depend on ourselves but continually refer to the Lord who nourishes us with the gifts and graces we need.



When Judas separated himself from the Lord, he headed for destruction, when the apostles were not with the Lord after his death, they were caged and overpowered by fear.




So, we need to have time with who we come to work for. He gives us courage, strength and power to overcome.



Jesus knows what we need more than anyone does. Through God’s ever-abiding presence and authority, we can conquer fortresses. Every authority, both in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. (Matthew 28:18).



If we truly want to work for God, we need to approach His presence always. We need also to continually spend time with Him. When we spend time with the Lord, He blesses us with enormous strength, graces, friends, support and inspiration to do the work. Therefore, Let us always seek His presence.


May God bless you dearest and give us the strength to remain close to Him. May His ever abiding presence be with you today. Amen.


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