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Friday 10th Week of Ordinary Time. Cut it off


Breakfast With the Word Friday 10th week ordinary time


Mathew 5:27-32


  Cut it off


Jesus before today once told us that He has come not to abolish the law but to fulfil it. He is now gradually taking us deeper, beyond the ten Commandments.


All His statements began with “You have heard this, but I say to you…….. by doing this He gradually expresses the demands of the commandments.


 To lose the soul is the worst mistake


When Jesus says if your hands or  eyes causes you  to sin, cut it off. It is better to lose them than to be thrown into the hell fire, He did not say we should start cutting the body.


Jesus here uses hyperbole to drive home the importance of seeking for eternity than earthly pleasures.


It is better to live our lives in making sure that our souls do not perish after.  Earthly life is temporary. But invariably man concentrates mainly on the temporary forgetting that his life here is limited.



This becomes clear to him only at the point  of death. Jesus knows the life beyond more than all of us. Then instructs his apostles to cut off any thing that will lead them to hell.



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God Always Looks at the Heart




 Watch What you think


Jesus says if anyone looks at a woman lusftully has already committed adultery in his heart. This does not mean that when we see someone, we begin to look upwards. When someone comes to you to share an experience you remove your eyes from Him or her looking upward.


The emphasis here is guard whatever that will come to your heart. In fact one of the ways to stop immorality is to checkmate your thoughts and avoid the occasion to it.



Sometimes you must not look but your mind is busy trying to make you think sinful thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds to every action. Many actions are planned and premeditated before they come to the fore.




To stop the action, destroy the seed. Think good thoughts. When sinful thoughts come into your mind, cut it off and think good thoughts.  To Quit the sin, quit whatever that will lead to it.


 Cut it Off


  1. Jesus knows the pains one may have if he/she cuts his hands and pluck his eyes. Cutting off something from our body involves a lot of pain. So to quit something is the sacrifice we make for eternity.


  1. He says if your right eye or right hand causes you to sin. This means it is not just one thing. It could be one or two or many. It could be your friends, it could be prayerlessness, it could be faithlessness, it could be immorality, it could be quarrel, it could be unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, the environment you are, etc. Whatever that will lead you to hell fire , cut it off.


  1. Cut off from immoral thoughts and actions like adultery, fornication, pornography, masturbation, rape, earthly pleasures etc. Cut off the occasions of sins.


Cut off from any friend that always makes you sin against God. Cut off from negative friends that will only convince you to sin. Cut off from those who only poison your mind.


In whatever we do let us remember that our life on earth is limited. Let us also think of eternity.


May God bless you dearest and forgive us in any way we have sinned against Him. Amen


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