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Jesus does not Reject His Own. Wednesday Third Week of Easter


‏Breakfast With the Word: Wednesday Third Week of Easter




John 6:35-40




Today, Jesus continues his discussion with the crowd. They come to Jesus seeking more signs and wonders. Jesus does not reject them.






Jesus knows that their interest is only on what He can do for them which is not mainly the essence. Yet, He does not reject them. He begins to teach them.





When we see the love, hunger and earnest desire in Jesus to bring people to Him, then we can then know that we are the people who choose to be lost. Jesus does not reject us, we rejected Him.



What God Wants from Us.




In today’s gospel, instead of fulfilling their hunger for more signs, Jesus takes His time to direct and teach the crowd on the need to come close to Him and believe in Him.




Jesus centres His discussion more on who He is as the bread of life. In essence, what God essentially wants from us is to come close to Him and nothing more. He does not reject you.



Even if, you need Jesus to do something for you, learn to come close to Him often and believe that He is true and alive. In essence, Jesus does not reject and will never reject you.




The Interest of the Crowd.




In this gospel passage, we can see that only the earthly, material and worldly desires are motivating the crowd that is following Jesus all these while.




Then Jesus, on the other hand, uses this opportunity to lead them into a deeper understanding of who He is. Therefore, in Jesus, we can see that earnest desire to make people come to Him, not merely by what He does or does not do but by what He is.




Jesus wants them to know Him as the bread of life; He is the one who gives, nourishes and sustains all things. Yet the people do not believe.




In this passage, we can see that the interest of the crowd is not truly in what Jesus is saying. Their interest is in what He can give. We can see that longing in Jesus to draw all men to Him but their hearts are very far away.





In the same way, we do come to God only when we are in need and turns our back on Him when He fulfills the need.




Jesus does not reject anyone who comes to Him, despite who you are but we hardly have time for Him. What He receives from us after suffering for us is attack, faithlessness and lack of attention to our spiritual life. We say we love Him but we give the world more of our time than we give to God.




Sole Interest in Signs and Wonders.




Every day the faith of the people keeps going down. Our interests now shift in seeking material gain only, while relegating the spiritual life.


The world is not interested in Jesus outrightly. Our interests are only on what He can do. Therefore, we seem to be interested only in the miracle and signs He will perform and what we can get from Him.




Today, we find it very difficult to listen to the word of God but we want Him to heal and prosper us. We want to make it in life but we do not want to change the way we live. What an irony? The world chooses to be lost just like the Prodigal son chooses to be away from the Father.




In today’s gospel, Jesus says, “Anyone who comes to me I will not drive away.” The bible says “anyone” there is no discrimination. It is an invitation to all. Age, race, gender, country of origin, socio-economic status, and every other classification you can name will not be a reason for withdrawing the invitation.




Jesus asks every person and every type of person to come. He invites even the greatest sinner. He gives the sinner another opportunity to change his or her life, but He is somewhere thinking God will never forgive Him or her again.




The promise is categorical. It is like a covenant with those who come to Him. In Psalms 89:34 He says “No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back a single word I said” This shows that this promise God has made, He must fulfill.




We choose to lose




The problem we have is that we do not have time for God. Therefore, we choose to be lost because we chose to live the way we want not the way God wants.




We are believers, carrying the bible all along but many do not believe truly. God says “I will not drive you away if you come to me” but we say “no, that our sins are many” but He is saying come, I will forgive you again, but we responded “don’t worry, tomorrow I will repent” guess what? Tomorrow is still yet to come. We want to remain where we are.




Jesus tells the world “come to me, I will not send you away” but the world says “no, we are so busy for you” yet when things become so hard we turn back to blame Him. We are our problem. The will of God is for all to achieve heaven at last, that no single soul shall perish. Yet man chooses to be lost.




May God help us to continually understand His will for us. May His Presence always be with us even in the midst of challenges Amen.




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