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Testimonies from the 21 Days Prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots 




Agha Chikwado Cornelius

For the success we recorded during my younger sister’s traditional marriage even when there were many threats of failure and disappointment before the occasion.


Esther Onyekachukwu NWOYE; Anambra state


Aveeeee Maria!

I owe Mama Mary testimony and I have to share this testimony so that people will know that She is the fast forwarder of miracles, mediatrix of all graces.

During my exams last semester, I was down with so many sicknesses: eye problem, ulcer and a serious migraine. I couldn’t study for my exams effectively. I joined the novena prayer to Mary undoer of knots and luckily it was 9 days to my exam. Lo and behold I didn’t fall sick nor have any illness during the exam. Aveeee Maria!

I also prayed for my sister who got married sometime last year to give birth. Little did I know that Mother Mary was already cooking the miracle. Not long after we finished the novena, she texted me saying she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I had no idea she was already pregnant all along. Mama Mary is Wonder.

My sister had a tumor in her eyes and we ve already talked of booking surgery for her. I kept praying for divine healing during the novena. Now her eyes are clear …all those things nearly closing her eyes are gone! Join me to thank this woman, the splendor of heaven, the bright morning star Aveeee Maria!

Testimonies from the 21 Days Prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots 


MADU ANGELA from Abia State


This our Sweet Mother is too much.

Every year, I face one problem or the other on my birthday. For instance, I was in hospital for check up, the upper year the same. Atimes it wouldn’t even health issue, but another thing.

At the course of our prayers, l told God that I want a birthday gift, I also told mama that I l want experience a special joy on that day. Luckily enough for me, it was on the day of feast Perpetual Help, that is, 27th of June.

Do you know, some people called me and asked me when my birthday is, they sent me some money for my birthday which I used in celebrating with people.

I have never experienced the type of joy l had that day. Enough of people favoured and blessed me that day and I received a lot of gifts to the Glory of Almighty God and honour of my Sweet Mother Mary.


Mrs Eugenia Anosike. Am from Anambra state but based in Oko

(1). I was promoted to the next level in the federal government job am into, after seven years of stagnancy in the previous level.

(2) My son successfully graduated in petroleum engineering from Niger Delta University despite the challenges we encountered.


Testimonies from the 21 Days Prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots 


Stella Ekwemalor


I want to thank God for what he has done upon my life through the powerful intercession of our mother Mary undoer of knots novena. Ever since I got married,I have been having series of bad dreams.i have prayed and fast on several occasions to no avail.during the May Devotion and Novena to our lady undoer of knots I decided to be committed to it by praying my holy Rosary, praying the daily prayers and meditating on the daily scripture.i also try to be attending Mass on daily basis as part of sacrifice for my deliverance. before the end of the Novena of undoer of knots,I noticed that the bad dreams had totally reduced. To the Glory of God, now I hardly experience such dreams that cause me sleepless nights and make me to be afraid of night

Also,I was surprised when my brother-in-law called me telling that he wants to help me to support my income with the P.O.S business.i was amassed because I didn’t expect it from him


Pls, let the house help me in thanking God and our mother Mary for these and many more to come.

I also appreciate you Father for inspiring words in the breakfast with the word. Remain blessed


Anujue Ifeanyichukwu Godwin, Irete Owerri West,Imo state



The 21 days novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots was still ongoing and God favoured me a wretched sinner with a better job.

I have been without job since January this year.Although, I had few offers, they weren’t willing to pay well.

While scribbling down my opinion on the topic “What do you do when it looks as if God is keeping silent on your prayers?”, I had contemplated writing Padre privately to tell him that at some point depression was beginning to set in upon me.I ended up not sending him such text..

I had prayed, wept and I took part in several programme this year, but whenever it seemed I was successful at interviews and was sure to clinch the jobs, soon my hopes were dashed.

I had gone for this interview around April this year, scaled through five stages, days of the interview, and upon meeting with the director of the school, she gladly informed me that her team of human resources had already employed me.We discussed salary and she told me they would resume in May.For two months I never heard from them until Thursday 1st July.

I had finished writing my opinion on the topic for the opinion poll, going through my emails, behold my appointment letter sitting comfortably on one of the lines of messages.

Well, there was no need anymore to send Padre Sanctus Mario the private message I had contemplated.

I thank God and Our Lady for undoing the knots in my life.God bless Fr.Sanctus and his team.God bless this group.God bless us all in Jesus mighty name.Amen


Anonymous,Umuna,Orlu Imo state


Another testimony, on the second to last day of the novena,I was appointed by some one for a teaching job after waiting for several application of jobs but no reply. On that Iast day ,I was told to go to the school for teaching as a part of my interview. I passed both oral, teaching practice and written exams.They called me two days later to congratulate me.Though they’re taking exams but I will resume fully with them from August program till September. Please help me thank God and mama Mary undoer of knots,I never expected to get that job on that day. I was hoping on my npower job but haven’t received Congratulations message yet.


Chinwendu Nwankwo Elizabeth from Ebonyi State


During the 21 days prayers my younger sister who has been jobless since 2 years ago.

God gave her work without interview. Praise God.


Umeasiegbu Ezinne, Igbo-ukwu


I successfully finished my exam at the confidence and control of our Lady. Thank you mother


Eluehike Margaret from delta state Nigeria


I got an Emergency call that my sister was in labour fully dilated but referred to another hospital and booked for an Emergency operation due to breech presentation and fetal distress and baby may not make it for next 1hour as doctor said, means to transport her to the new hospital became a problem for over 4hours before she was moved i picked up my phone repeated my devotional prayer of the day, travelled down I kept calling our mother mary with tears in my eyes met them at the referred hospital, operation done baby was brought out so Active and healthy and also mother was perfectly ok without any complications. I give God the glory, thank u so much father for this platform i pray God will continue to strengthen u in his vineyard Amen





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