The Heart that teaches us how to love God

Morning Breakfast With the Word June 20th 2020


 Immaculate Heart of Mary 




Today again we celebrate the memorial of the immaculate heart of Mary. A heart that so much loves her son and teaches us how to do the same. A heart that truly taught us what Christianity is all about. A heart that so much loves God and cares for us as a mother. Let us have a brief journey on the immaculate heart of Mary.


  1. The Church in her wisdom situated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and the immaculate heart of Mary together,  a day after another to let us know that every honour we give to our lady today is because of Her intimate union with Jesus. They are always referred to as the two hearts of love. Mary was prepared to carry Jesus in her womb, it is quite illogical for any one to think that a womb that carried God will be bound in sin. It is even erroneous to think that the womb that gave Jesus body and blood will be an admixture of stain. If the blood is born out of a sinful womb, how can it be able to deliver man from sin again? It is a simple logic. The Heart of Mary is pure and clean. 


  1. The Heart of Jesus emphasizes God’s extreme love for mankind and Mary’s heart pointed to how we should respond to this love. She was intimately close to Jesus. She was there at Cana with Jesus, in the temple looking for Him, at the foot of the cross, at the Pentecost event showing us how intimate we are to be bonded with God. The Heart of Mary is a heart very close to God. 


3.The Heart of Mary is Full of grace. The Angel Gabriel addressed her as one not just as a greeting but a title. Luke 1:26-28.


  1. The Heart of Mary is a spotless Heart, a heart that is kind, and does not want anyone around her to be in need. She travelled to be with Elizabeth for 3 months. 3 means completion. In John 2, through her intercession she saved the wedding guests from lack and embarrassment. 


  1. The heart is full of God, she lived for God and all for God. After the annunciation she did not begin to show the pride of being the mother of God but sang a magnificat, giving God all glory (Luke 1: 46-55) unlike what we see today. 


  1. What truly emanates from the Virgin Mary’s heart are Faith, obedience, tenderness, availability, spirit of service, fortitude, humility, simplicity, gratitude, and a countless virtues etc. Her life was also filled with some sorrowful moments yet did not give up on God. In her Heart you will see deep and total faith in God. 


  1. The Heart of Mary is teaching us the true love of God and neighbour. To give our lives intimately to Jesus, to love Him beyond all measures, to walk with Jesus both in good and darkest moments and to be kind to people around us, saving them from lack and embarrassment when we can.


May God through the intercession of our Mother Mary help us to live in love and peace. May God shower you with His great love today Amen.


 Fr. Sanctus Mario


The Heart that Loves