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The Mission to touch Lives. Wednesday 22nd week


Breakfast With the Word Wednesday 22nd week Ordinary Time of the Year B




 Luke 4:38-44 





Take a brief look at those living around you or living with you, there are millions of souls that need you. Some can be touched with that little thing you can do. 




Take a little survey around those you may have come in contact with, many of them need your help, smiles, encouragement, and prayers.




Our sole function as Christians is to touch lives wherever we are and not to destroy or inflict pain on them. We have the mission to touch lives. 




Many people may need just three statements from you or more. Some people may need just ten minutes visit from us. Some may have already given up but your word of hope and encouragement may lift them again.



Many sick people need our prayers and help. Some are searching for a way to come out of the type of life they are living. Minute attention from you may be all they need. 




In the gospel today of Luke 4:38-44, we see Jesus moving around touching lives, healing the sick, delivering those in bondage, and preaching the Good news. A look at the gospel indicates that He takes this task as part of Him. 




Like Jesus, we also have the mission to touch lives wherever we are. To do good should be our hobby. We should have this hunger to save and touch lives. 



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 Some People need You.





After leaving the synagogue, Jesus goes straight to Simon’s house because they beg him to heal Simon’s mother-in-law. Jesus does not hesitate to do this. He immediately proceeds to Simon’s mother inlaws house. 




 Like Jesus let us also make out time from our busy schedule and visit the sick, the suffering, the homeless, and those in need.



Your encouragement and prayers only can be a source of healing to them. Many are homeless, some need that food that you waste at home, instead of wasting, use it, and feed them. 



Immediately Jesus rebukes the sickness of Simon’s mother-in-law, she rises immediately to serve them.



Therefore, the healing power of Jesus is extraordinary. Like Jesus, we have to bring healing to people. Your little visit, prayer, support and encouragement can touch a soul today.




 Do Not get tired of Doing Good.




After the synagogue service, Jesus would have loved to take a rest after a busy time all this while. 



From the temptation ground to Galilee, where He was rejected. He moved from there to Capernaum and had a busy time in the synagogue. 




This would have been a busy day, but when they approached him for the healing, He hearkened to their plea to heal the woman. He did not say “no, I am tired”.




At sunset, many who were sick came to him, the bible did not tell us the number but the use of the Greek word hapantes hosoi ( ἅπαντες ὅσοι ) meaning all, everyone, as many as, indicates they were in great numbers, yet Jesus healed them all even by touching them one by one.




From there, He proceeds to the synagogues of Judaea. The truth is that Jesus can never be tired of touching lives. 





To be like Christ, live your life touching souls. Like Jesus, we have to see this as part of our ministry and never get down when people do not appreciate you.


Do not lose hope when things are not working the way you want. Do not be weak when people try to bring you down. Focus on the journey.




We have the mission to touch lives just like Jesus. We are not Christians to satisfy only our stomachs. Our vocation is to touch lives.





 We also need His Touch.




If Jesus can never get tired, even after He was attacked in His hometown, do not think He can get tired of you. 



He is willing to heal and touch us again and again. There is no big problem beyond God to solve. 



Luke says that Simon’s mother in law has a high fever. The term Luke uses here for high fever is Eshatha Tsemirta, which is a very high fever that requires a powerful remedy to solve but Jesus did that only through the spoken word.



This shows that He is beyond every impossible situation. Therefore, we need His touch. When He acts, something will always happen. Nothing is beyond Jesus to solve.





 The Strength to serve.






When Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law, the bible says, she woke up immediately and began to serve them. 



She did not only receive healing but strength to serve Jesus. When Jesus comes into our lives, there is this burning desire and strength to serve and work for Him.




 Hence, we begin to serve not out of compulsion but from a willing strength. His touch makes us true servants who are willing to serve and touch souls.





 Never Stop Touching Souls.




 1 . There is something we need to point out today. When you read how Jesus was rejected and attacked in his hometown and how the people in Capernaum treated him, you will see a very big difference. 



His people rejected Him while the people in Capernaum were happy to keep Him. Such is life for us. In life, we shall always encounter those who welcome us and those who reject us. Every person must not like you. Then do not allow those who hate what you do to stop you from doing good.




The rejection of Jesus by His people and the warm welcome by the people of Capernaum teaches us that when a set of people reject you, it is not a sign that some people do not need what you can offer.




If what we offer is for the salvation of souls, always know that there is somebody out there who may need you. 

So, the mission to touch lives should be the focus. It is not what people are saying at your back. 




 2 . Secondly, never allow people’s rejection or their negative attitude towards you to stop you from doing any good work. 





Continue to touch souls despite hatred, envy, and jealousy. The work we do is for God and not for anyone. 



Jesus would have left his hometown depressed, sad, worn out, and worried but despite that, He went about doing good. He did not allow their persecution to stop Him. 



Therefore, we have the mission to touch lives. Our mission is not to impress anyone. 




 3 . At Capernaum, many people rush to Jesus seeking healing. They see something special in Him and they draw to Him. 



Therefore, can our presence draw people to Christ or send them away? Can our presence heal or destroy souls? Can the actions we take as leaders, Christians, authorities, and political leaders save souls, heal broken souls, mend broken homes, or destroy them? 



  1. Finally, be very careful also of those who flatter you. Did you see that only those who were shouting “Jesus the Messiah” are the demons? 



They come out shouting “You are the Son of God” but Jesus was not carried away by their praises. 

Jesus would have answered “Yesooo” am the son of God” or shout also in confirmation “tell them to hear” etc but He rebukes them. Therefore, never be carried away by the praises of people. Never do anything to be praised. Do everything for the glory of God.



Truly, some people will always encourage you, which is good. But whether they encourage you or not, never stop working for God. Never stop doing good whether good or bad.




May God bless you, dearest, and give us the grace to work for Him both in good times and in bad times. May you find unlimited strength in Him amen



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