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Tuesday 7th Week Ordinary Time. What is actually true Greatness.


Breakfast with the Word. Tuesday 7th Week Ordinary Time


Mark 9: 30-37



Today, when we hear the word “greatness,” our minds often associate it with wealth, possessions, and power.


In society, greatness is often depicted as having influence and authority, leading to competition, division, and even animosity amongst individuals. This distorted perception of greatness arises from the desire of individuals to achieve success in their lives.


However, it is important to note that one can amass material possessions and hold prestigious positions without truly embodying greatness. Merely being a governor or president of a country does not automatically make someone great. Hence, the conventional understanding of greatness is flawed and incomplete.


True greatness transcends material wealth and social status. It is not measured by what we accumulate but rather by how we live our lives and treat others. In today’s readings, we find inspiration in the teachings of Jesus, who provides us with a profound understanding of what it truly means to be great.


The scriptures redefine greatness, inviting us to discard worldly notions and embrace a higher understanding. Let us embark on a journey together, delving into the profound wisdom of these teachings, and uncover the profound truth about greatness.


Many people have a misconception of what greatness entails. Society and worldly influences have led us to believe that greatness is solely defined by material gain, trampling over others, accumulating wealth, driving luxurious cars, and showcasing power. However, it is important to understand that possessing these things alone does not make someone truly great.


True greatness can be exemplified by individuals such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Pope John II. Despite their greatness, they lived simple lives. So, what is the essence of true greatness?


The undeniable truth is that every person desires greatness. Many individuals strive and suffer in their pursuit of it, sometimes resorting to extreme measures such as deception and even murder to rise above others. Unfortunately, the true meaning of greatness has been overshadowed and lost.


The world often equates greatness with domination, intimidation, seeking self-appraisal, and pursuing recognition and glory. However, this definition of greatness differs significantly from its true meaning.


In today’s world, corruption, bribery, and deceit are on the rise. Our society is governed by individuals who crave superficial glory and recognition, neglecting the importance of righteousness, closeness with God, and serving a higher purpose.


Today, abnormal actions and behaviors have become normalized. Everybody desires greatness, but very few are willing to pay the price for it.


Therefore, the purpose of our reflection today is to examine the true essence of greatness. We aim to uncover the distinction between our current perception of greatness and the teachings of Jesus. We will explore what truly makes someone great and what steps we can take to achieve greatness in its purest form.



The True Meaning of Greatness and What God Expects.


1. In today’s Gospel, Jesus asked his disciples what they were arguing about on the road. They replied with silence. Jesus then revealed to them the true secret of greatness: “If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all.”


Jesus teaches us that greatness does not come from material possessions or achievements.


2. The Greek word used by Jesus for “servant” is Diakonos, from which we get the word “deacon.” This word describes someone in a humble position, dedicated to serving and frequently uses this word in his letters.


Being a servant means being humble and selfless, using one’s gifts and talents to serve and save lives. This is what made great individuals like John the Baptist, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Apostles, Pope John Paul II, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


3. The greatest people in the world are those who serve others with their gifts and talents. They inspire and uplift others through their lives, works, and writings. The great saints are even willing to sacrifice their lives for the growth of the Church, drawing souls closer to God.


So, true greatness lies in a life devoted to serving others. It is found in touching lives rather than intimidating them.


The True Meaning of Greatness and the Way to Be Great.


To demonstrate the true meaning of greatness and how to achieve it, Jesus brought a little child before his disciples. He embraced the child and said, “Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me. And anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also the one who sent me”. In essence, Jesus indicated that the path to greatness is through welcoming and caring for the least among us.


In another account, Jesus tells his disciples to “become like little children.” In today’s gospel, Jesus instructs them to receive the child. The Greek word used here is “dexomai,” which means to welcome a person as part of a family. Therefore, the child represents the lowly, the helpless, the sick, the poor, and the needy.


Just as Jesus embraced the child to receive them, he asked his disciples to extend their love, care, and affection to the humble, the weak, the sick, the needy, the suffering, and the orphans.

Therefore, True greatness is not measured by power, fame, wealth, or influence.


Greatness is using your blessings to serve and positively impact the lives of others.


May God bless you dearest in all you do greatly. Amen


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