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What happens If We Follow Jesus. Saturday 15th Week


Breakfast With the Word Saturday 15th Week Ordinary Time of the Year B.


 Matthew 12:14-21.



A follower is a person who is a devotee. A follower is simply an adherent. So, it is the person who adheres to the teachings and instructions of a superior. 

In essence, He is a person who follows the instructions of the teacher. He does this to the extent that He obeys whatever He says and remains loyal to Him. 

Therefore, to follow Jesus is to come after Jesus. It is a decision to live according to His examples and to seek Him with all our hearts. If we follow Jesus, we must adhere to His instructions and live like Him. 

Hence, to follow Jesus is already a decision to obey Him. It is the desire to allow His principles to guide whatever we do.

 If we follow Jesus, the life that Jesus lives should be our standard. So, in today’s gospel, we see what happens when we decide to follow or become close to Jesus.



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He heals All.


Today the gospel says that when the Pharisees are plotting to kill Jesus. He quietly leaves the place.

 Immediately Jesus leaves the place, many people follow Him also. All the sick who are among those that follow Jesus receive healing, and none was left. 

In this group, there are Jews and gentiles, rich and poor, sinners and righteous etc. Yet He heals them all.


The only sacrifice that these people who Jesus heals today did is to come close to Jesus and follow Him. Through this single act, they receive healing from Jesus.

Therefore, If we follow Jesus, we follow Wisdom par excellence. If we follow Jesus, we follow Someone who is ever merciful and compassionate. The heart of Jesus is full of mercy. His interest is only to save, heal and give eternal life to all. 


This type of heart is the heart of Jesus. He does not leave a single soul untouched. Today, He saved all the sick. Therefore, Jesus can save us if we sincerely take Him very serious. 

So, If we follow Jesus, He can heal our infirmity. If we follow Jesus, He can deliver us from emotional wounds. He can heal our sinful pasts. Jesus can heal the hurts of the past, and He can make us whole again. 

Also, if we follow Jesus, we can learn from Him. Through His teachings, life and examples, we will learn how to handle our troubles and different life situations.


Let us Learn From Jesus.


When the Pharisees made plans to get rid of Him and destroy Jesus, He walks away. Then, Matthew quotes Isaiah’s prophecy ( Isaiah 42:1) that He will not argue, shout nor hear His voice in the streets. Jesus is a man of peace. 

If we are Jesus today, we will challenge the Pharisees and even fight them. Many people may even go home and begin to plan revenge or how to launch an attack.

 It is the reason many homes today are in crisis. In critical situations, instead of embracing peace, we seek a quarrel, bitterness, envy, revenge etc. 


Therefore, if we follow Jesus, we will always learn how to seek peace. Jesus does not want trouble. 

He does not want anyone to stop Him from the mission He comes to do. If we follow Jesus, we will learn how to do the work God gives to us, despite those who stand in our way. 

To follow Jesus and learn from Him is what every Christian should aspire to do. If we follow Jesus, we live to love and not to hate. Hence, we live to seek peace and not to make trouble.




Learn to Walk Away.


There are situations we may find ourselves in, and we do not know what to do. There may be times you may be in a relationship, and you see that it can endanger your life. The best thing to do is to walk away. 

Today, Jesus teaches us the need to walk away from people who do not like anything good about us. When the Pharisees seek to destroy Him, Jesus walks away. It is simple.

Hence, Jesus is teaching us that we must not challenge every situation. Sometimes, there is the need to walk away from trouble. 

Sometimes in some situations, keeping silent or walking away from the scene is the best option. If we follow Jesus, we shall learn to live according to His ideals. 

Let us learn to walk away from anything that will put our lives in danger. 

In essence, walk away from anything that will make you angry. It is good to walk away from toxic relationships, walk away from anything that will make you sin. 

Today, Jesus would have rebuked and attack the Pharisees for planning evil against Him, but He thought it wise to walk away. 

Sometimes, the decision to walk away is a sign of wisdom. The decision to prevent trouble is not a sign of cowardice but a sign of wisdom. 

If we are sincere followers of Jesus, peace should be our watchword. We know that you are a superman. You are very strong, but we must not put our heads into every situation.

So, learn to walk away from people who do not like anything good about you. Learn to walk away from trouble. Peace should be our watchword. 



When We go to Jesus.



In today’s gospel, those who follow Jesus receive healing. Therefore going to Jesus is a meeting with a Great Healer. 

To encounter Jesus is to meet salvation. When we decide to go to Jesus, we are also making a decision to meet salvation and mercy. 

The name of Jesus means “Saviour ” ( Matthew 1:21, Luke 1:31, Luke 2:21). 

When we run to Jesus, it simply means we are running to Someone whose aim, will, and purpose is nothing but to save. 

So, it is better and wonderful to do so. It is the best that will ever happen to any soul.



Like Jesus.


Like Jesus, let us also learn not to segregate. In many families, division arises when the father or mother has a special love for some children and hatred for other children. 

In school, a good teacher does not hate his students. He loves them all. Let us learn to love all. 

In your place of work, learn to accommodate and love all. In today’s gospel, Jesus was good to all. We have to imbibe this. Let us be kind and good to all. 

When you love all, all will love you, but when you love few, only the few will also love you. It is like a rolling dice. 

Whatever we give, we also receive. Therefore, to follow Jesus is to abrogate unnecessary competition and division. 

Jesus does not compete with the Pharisees. He focuses on His work. Let us focus on our work. Finally, Jesus is good to all. He saves all. Let us show kindness to all and to love all. 

May God bless us and give us the grace to follow Him and learn from Him. May He continues to protect you from danger Amen.




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      Focus on your own

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