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4th Tutorial. How to Create A Free Website With


4th Tutorial. How to Create A Free Website With


Welcome to the 4th tutorial on how to create a free website. In this tutorial we shall follow step by step on how to create a free website with


We are trying to teach about this because of many of us who couldn’t use to create their free website. Blogger seems to be very easy when compared to wordpress and you can earn easily with blogger than This tutorial on how to Create A Free Website With is the easiest.


When you create a free website with, they will add to it.

Like, Blogspot allows you to build and host website for free.Blogger is owned by Google .


You can watch how to do it with these video clips. Watch them below and follow it gradually.


Or This



or read through this


Step 1: Login to Blogger

Go to When it opens, sign in with your gmail id and password, if you don’t have an account You can click the “sign up” button. Look at the top right corner. You can see the image below.

Step 2: Confirm your profile

After logging in with your gmail account, Click on “Continue to Blogger“. Like the image below

Step 3: Create a New Blog

Then click on New Blog button to create a new blog.

Step 4: Then Provide the blog’s domain name and title

Here,  provide the title and address of your website. For example: If you want to build a blog on reflection then the Address which is known as Domain name or site’s URL could be and title can be Chika’s Reflections. You must know that since these domain names are free, google will add by default.

If  the domain name you want to choose is already registered. They will provide alternatives for you to try a different domain name until they mark it good.


Then choose a template (That is how you want the blog to appear and then click Create Blog)



Step 5: then Start Blogging

By completing till step 4, you successfully own a website for free. Now, you can start posting posts/articles, click on start blogging!

6. Publish a post/article on blogspot website.

After successfully publishing your website, you can start posting articles on your new blog.


Check the image below. Put the content in that space there, then your title in the title bar and after writing your content in the space, Click on link if you have something to link, the next sign after link which looks like an envelope is for images, the next is for videos if you have any. Then hit the publish button to publish the post.  In the image below, you will see automatic permalink indicated by the arrow, that is where your link is.

7. Change the look of your website

You can do this by changing the template of the website. Click on template, like the image below.


They will provide you with many templates, then choose the one you prefer, then click on apply the template button. You can also download free templates on google and upload them to your blogger.


Change the look of navigation bar

Go to the layout section from the sidebar and click on edit in the Navbar section. Select the look and style you want and click save!

Add Favicon to your website

Favicon is a tiny image which you can see at the browser’s tab while opening a particular website. In order to change the default blogspot’s favicon do follow the below steps –

Layout » Edit Favicon

Choose a square image of size less than 100 KB and upload it.

Add Gadget to your website

You can add Gadgets to the blog’s sidebar, below the navigation menu and in footers. Whenever you click on Add a Gadget button in the layout section, a popup window would come up where you can browse and add gadgets. Don’t forget to save the settings.

Traffic stats for your website

Stats » Overview

Real time traffic status for your website. It would show you the traffic sources, audiences and many more details. Here, you can find out what all posts/articles/pages are getting most of the traffic and for which keywords. This will help you to boost organic traffic to your website.


  1. Gabriel-Martin says

    Thank you Fr.


    Thank you so much Padre. God continually blessing u.

  3. Precious says

    Thanks Padre. Using a phone to carry out these settings is quite different, finding the icons and all

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    I have read it.Thank you Padre

  5. Ijeoma says

    Thanks father for this. I did something like this a long while ago and I used I wrote 3 posts. When I saw that no one actually was interested in what I wrote. I gave up. What is the advantage of using over Thanks

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      blogger is owned by google

  6. Mamkaa Thaddeus Terhile says

    Thank u Fr. I created mine own yesterday.
    May God bless you and keep you for us.

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    Thank Fr., I created mine successfully.

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    God bless you richly padre, successfully created.

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  13. Izuchukwu Ogochukwu says

    Fr. I have created mine in WordPress but after studying Blogger, I prefer blogger. Can I go ahead and create in blogger

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      you can

  14. Oduofor onuoha says

    Still not successful with mine.

  15. Chinyere Ezemelue says

    Padre please I am unable to continue from no 6- (the part about adding a link, image or video) and no 7. I can’t find where to apply these on my web page.
    Thanks for everything

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      I will make the tutorial today

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