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8th Tutorial: Ways to Earn With Your Blogs and Websites (Volume Two)



We continue on ways one can earn with his blog or website. Therefore, If you are yet to read the first one, this is the link here. 8th Tutorial: Ways to Earn With Your Blogs and Websites


Many people can feed their families only through blogging alone. In essence, a blogger can make 50k to 100k naira in a month. Especially through direct advertisements. Linda Ikeji makes tons of money using her blog. So, blogs and websites can be good sources of income to many. 



Also, many people also earn through Google Adsense especially when they have foreigners from Uk, USA, Australia and Canada click on the google advertisements or when they have organic traffic. (Organic Traffic are those who come to the website through google, yahoo and bing search engines). 



So, to continue our lecture, below are the ways one can also earn with his or her blogs and websites:



1. Other Ad Networks: 

It is not only Google that offers one some remuneration to display their advertisements on the website. There are also other ad networks. Among them are 

1. Amazon Publisher Services


3. Popads

4. Adcash

5. Adsterra

6. SmartyAds

7. TrafficForce

8. PropellerAds


10. Infolinks

11. RevenueHits

12. Adblade

13. Undertone

  • 14. BidVertiser

If you want to know how any of them works, just copy the name and paste it on google. For example, paste “how to make money with bidvertiser, how to make money with adcash, adpushup etc. Then search it on google.




2. Affiliate Network Programs.


An Affiliate network is like trying to help bring merchants or buyers into a company’s website. So, when the buyer buys any of the company’s products or registers for their services, you receive a commission. 

Let me make it simple here. Hence, If a company like Mtn is selling products, they will give you some Html codes or their images links to put on your website. 

Therefore, when someone clicks on the image link and enters their website and buys something from Mtn, Mtn will pay you a commission.

So,  many people who participate in affiliate programs belong to many of them, and some people receive huge commissions from Affiliate Network Programs. It is one of the ways people earn money with blogs and websites. 


There are many companies today who offer affiliate programs, among them are hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy etc. You can check some of the top Affiliate networks here. Or You can check the 45 best affiliate networks that offer high commission here. 



3. Direct Local Affiliate Network .



Direct local affiliate networks are also one of the ways one can earn money with blogs and websites. This is exactly like the affiliate Network Program above. The difference is only in the people you are dealing with.

 In Affiliate Network Programs, you are dealing with online companies. But in the Direct Local Affiliate Network, you are dealing with local businesses. 

The direct local affiliate network is when you help local businesses or someone close to you brings customers to his or her business. When the person buys any of his or her products, you receive a commission from them. 

An example is when a man around your area is selling clothes and you approach him that you will help sell his products through your blog. So, when a person sees the product in your blog, he will contact you. You in turn will contact the seller. 

Then if the seller sells the product to the buyer, he must give you a commission. So, instead of staying somewhere folding our hands, we can use our blogs to sell books, clothes, food items and even rosaries etc. Here, you do not even spend a dime but you will receive a commission. 



4. Sell Your Own Digital Products.


One can sell digital products online to make an income. Digital products are products you sell online that don’t have a physical form. They are in the form of documents, pdf files, ppt, images, online courses.

 In essence, It is anything that you sell online that does not involve the physical presence or the physical form. So, one can turn his write-ups into pdf files and sell them for cheap prices. Among the digital products, we can sell are ebooks, documents, photos, images, videos etc. You can Check 17 digital products you can sell online. 



5. Online Competitions.



This is when you host a competition on your website. It can be a quiz competition, essay competition, church competition, beauty competition, opinion polls etc. 

At least you all know that I do this one. Though I use my money in doing this, you can tell the people that will be involved to pay just a little bit of money, telling them what to win. Or you get some people that will sponsor you. 



6. Create a restricted members post.



Like I always do in my tutorials, I can decide to say that only those who pay me some money every month will have access to the tutorials. So, you can restrict your posts to be personal or passworded and then give the links only to a few. So, only those who paid will have access to the blog. God bless you as you go out there to become somebody in future. 


Please, If you read this, reply through the comment section “I have read this”. God Bless you. 

So, in the next tutorial, we will move to where to design your images and videos before we venture on youtube. 

So today, I have ended everything about blogging. If you have any questions, please try and drop the comment. I will reply to you. 



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