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Ways To earn through Youtube Channel and Free Ebooks

Ways You can earn money through the Youtube Channel

I welcome you to the last day of the Youtube Lecture. In this lecture, we shall focus on ways we can earn money through the Youtube Channel. 

It is no longer news that Youtube has made a lot of people millionaires. Some content creators have quit their job just to enter youtube full-time. Many of them can earn money through Youtube channels.


Many comedians and artists who understand the power of the Youtube business will first publish or upload their latest music or video on youtube before it will be posted on Facebook or any other media platform, just to earn money through Youtube Channel. So, making a living through youtube is not a fairytale. 



The Sacrifice You Will make Today.


As I promised today, we will end the lecture today. We must make sure that we are through with everything. The lecture is still a free one. Everyone knows what it costs just to learn canva. But in this lecture, we have covered the canva aspect of it which is one of the most technical aspects of the lesson.


Then we learnt a lot of things about youtube. Today, we shall complete this lecture with how we can earn money through the youtube channel.



Ways to Monetise or make Money with Youtube.



The ways you can monetise or make money with youtube are through the following: 


1. Fans Support 


One thing that youtube will do for you is to bring you to the limelight. It will expose you to the world. Youtube will bring a lot of people to you. So, many content creators ask for their fans’ support if they like their content.

Fans’ support helps content creators to earn money through the Youtube Channel.

 How to do this is to create an online bank account like, then your local account and maybe any fund me account.

 Insert those accounts in your description and ask the fans to check your description box and support your channel. To ask for support is not wrong. Once you are sharing your knowledge, anyone who feels he or she can support what you do is encouraged to do that



2. Channel Art/ Thumbnail Designer With Canva.



It is worthy to note that many content creators, or upcoming YouTubers, are not yet aware of how to design a channel art or thumbnail. 

I encountered this problem when I was learning and going through the hard school of youtube. I remembered that a content creator charged me 5000 naira to create channel art and thumbnails for me. So, when you master how to use Canva, you can as well use it as a source of living when you design channel arts and thumbnails for upcoming YouTubers. 




3. Product Reviews and Promotions.


You earn when you review and promote other people’s products. They have to pay you for your service to them. In one of my videos, I promoted a school. In between your content, you can talk about the product. This helps you to earn money through the Youtube Channel.




4.  You can earn money through the Youtube Channel by selling some products through your video. When you have a business, you can also decide to tell them about something you sell or produce. 

For example, assuming I produced a book, I can as well talk about the book during my vlogging. 

There are plenty of products you can sell to make money. You can also sell some products like clothes, perfumes, shoes, phones, computers, sneakers etc.




5. Affiliates and Referrals

There are many affiliate and referral programs. You can search for affiliate programs online, then you can be their affiliate. When someone registers to their website through you, they pay you a certain percentage. 



6. Google Adsense: As I said before, Google Adsense, is allowing Google to place ads in your videos. When someone views, watches and clicks on the video, Google will pay you. This is the major way to earn money through youtube. 



7. Announcement and Birthdays.

You can announce a forthcoming marriage ceremony, birthday celebration, send forth party, anniversary etc through your channel. It is another way to earn money through the Youtube Channel.



8. Youtube Community.


When you join a youtube partner’s program, they will allow you to create a community. They will also request that people join this community. When people join your community, they have special packages, they can get other than being an ordinary member. Those who belong to this online community also have something, they pay you monthly.



9. Sponsored content and Brand Deals. Being a YouTuber can bring companies to you. Most of them will like you to be the ambassador of a brand. It is very lucrative. 

Thank you for joining the lecture of 2022. Hoping for that of 2023 as we pray for life. Be part of Home of Victory. 




God bless you all. 



  1. Ogechi Anugwom says

    Thanks Father, God bless you

  2. Uche says

    Thank you, Father, I am inspired, motivated, etc. More grace to you, more win. It’s not easy but God used you to achieve all these. I appreciate.

  3. Mailoushi James says

    Thank you Fr., for this life changing teachings. Remain blessed to the glory of God’s name

  4. Josephine Ugwu says

    New vision of glory. Remain blessed.

  5. Treasure Juliet says

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