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Youtube Lecture Day 5. How to gain 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch hours Easily


How to gain 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch hours and views easily

Then how to make money on youtube: five ways 

Free ebooks to be given: I will share the three ebooks after. These ebooks will be given only as gifts to those who supported the lecture.




We are gradually coming to the end of the Youtube program. This will be the second to the last of the youtube lectures. 

In today’s lecture, our emphasis is on how to gain 1000 subscribers easily, how to get views and 4000 watch hours. What I will tell you here is not rocket science to achieve the target immediately but am revealing how I did mine and then giving you advice on how you can do yours to achieve this.

Like we said yesterday, Youtube expects that you have 1000 subscribers or more and 4000 watch hours before you will consider monetizing your channel. This is one of the hardest tasks that content creators face. 

Many young YouTubers do give up at this point. This is the reason I revealed the challenges a youtube can face in an earlier lecture. I did that to prepare our minds for this task that will await us.  




How We can get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hour.



1. Divide 1000 into five 200 each accordingly

Now the first strategy that I used in getting 1000 subscribers within 6 months even is that I divided the task into pieces. First of all, I divided it into online and offline friends. I targeted 200 subscribers for each. This is how I did it: 

1. My WhatsApp friends 200 friends

2. Facebook’s friends 200 friends, then my Facebook page followers

3. Whatsapp groups 200 friends

4. Home of victory 200 members

5. offline groups 200 friends and family

Let me explain in detail. In your WhatsApp list, post your youtube links in your WhatsApp status and posts. Then ask your friends to subscribe to your channel. Secondly, go through all the WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram friends.

 Ask them one by one to subscribe to your channel. During my own time. I set a date to actualise all this to be after 3 months. I started with my Facebook friends. Then, I was going from box to box asking people to subscribe and convincing them that it is free. 

On Facebook, you have up to 5000 friends and many followers. Go to their inbox one by one. When you wake up on the first day, choose 20 people for that day. Do it for ten days. You can do more. This alone can guarantee you 300 or more subscribers if you stick to it. 



2. Do the same on your WhatsApp. Do not make the mistake of thinking that once somebody watches your video, he or she will subscribe. It is a lie. Many will even watch and leave as they come. You have to encourage and ask them to subscribe.


3. Home of victory helped me but not that much in subscribing at that time because many were reluctant then. It was later that some people did. Now, I added it here because I have created a separate group for it on telegram. 

I want any member of that group to subscribe to each other’s channels. At least this can give like 20 to 30 subscribers depending on the number we are. If we reach 1000 members, it is a thoroughfare. 

If you want to join the telegram group, you can send me a private message to send you the link through WhatsApp. Or if you are a newcomer here, drop your email and name in the comment box. I will send the link to your email.



4. Then another strategy that will guarantee you subscribers is offline friends. During my own time, I asked my classmates to subscribe which they did. I asked my parishioners to do the same. They were the people that did it the most. 



2. Whoever You Meet Principle.


This particular strategy gave me at least 50 subscribers. When I mean whoever you meet, I mean those people who come to you daily or anyone you may have a meeting with in any way. So, when I was seeking subscribers, you must subscribe to my channel before any discussion proceeds. This alone will boost your channel. After any gathering, whether church or village activities, greet some people you may know, next bring out your phone and ask them to subscribe to your channel. Sincerely, Some will be glad to. 


Warning: Do not be depressed when some of them will turn you down. Surely, some will turn you down. They will think that just that their single subscription will give you money. So why will you surpass them? So they will not subscribe. Then, some will subscribe but later they will still go back and unsubscribe. 



3. Post Other People’s Stuff.


Another way that I increased my subscription count is to post other people’s stuff. When you post other people’s stuff, they will help you in promoting your channel. They will help you in sharing. They are doing that not necessarily to help you but now they are part of the content. Find something related to your niche someone is doing, take his video and promote it through youtube

 For example, if your friend is doing a business, you can decide to interview him and promote the business. You can take a video of somebody’s wedding and promote it. They will help you to share it.



4. Always ask people to subscribe to any of your videos. In every video on youtube, there is what you call an intro, it is used to welcome people to the channel. The intro also gives a brief introduction to what you want to say, now during the intro, tell people to subscribe. Also do the same after the intro.



5. Work with what people are searching for

In all your niche, there is actually what many people are searching for on the internet. Provide a solution to them. How do you do that? Just go to google and search whatever you want to search, then towards the middle, Google will show you the questions people ask, take the questions and provide answers to them through your youtube. Therefore, when next anyone asks such a question, Google will lead them to your video.



6. Post whatever that is trending in Your niche

For example, when the issue of Yul Edochie was trending, you can make a video on that. Now that Peter Obi is trending, you can make a video on that. Make a video on whatever is trending, it will go viral and attract subscribers.


7. Share your video in Facebook groups

9. Always share your videos and talk about them a little when sharing. In that sharing, always keep people in suspense, so that they can click and watch.

10. Use attractive thumbnails and topics. 

11. Maintain a steady and consistent post within a particular time. Let it be a tradition. When I was doing inspiring words every Sunday, I knew how people would disturb me by posting them every Sunday. Even now, some people are asking for it.


12. Then, finally, you can promote your channel. Some people also buy. The people you bought will not participate in anything that you do, that is the negative aspect of it, but it will convince people about your channel and end your channel.




How to get 4000 Watch Hour easily.


You also need 4000 watch hours for monetisation. It is all about watching the actually and not just viewing the channel. Youtube counts it as the number of hours your videos are watched. It is different from just viewing the youtube videos. We have to sit down and watch it. So how do we do this?


1. All the processes I mentioned above for gaining subscribers are also among them because some people will like to watch too.

2. Always share your videos everywhere, with a good title, keywords, description and thumbnail

3. Create How-to videos and Trending videos.



4. The most important factor that helped me was youtube live streams. Always go live. But to live stream on youtube, your channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers, unless you have live streaming tools which you can download from the google play store. This is the major thing that helped me achieve it. You can always go live when you are sleeping. You can watch example of it:



5. Another thing that made 4000 watch hours easier for me is when I created a competition. You can create a challenge and ask people to post their videos to you. Once there is a prize to be won, many people will watch your channel. This one can pull your watch hour a lot and even increase subscribers for you. 


6. Stick to your posting schedule and post consistently. One thing with posting consistently is that one or two persons must watch, and the more they watch, the more hours you have to watch hour. 


If you can post two or three times a day, no better. The more the content is posted, the more the watch hour. Let us do the math, One day has 24 hours. If you divide 4000 hours of watch time by 24, you will have 166 days and 16 hours. That means if just one person plays your videos for 166 days and 16 hours non-stop. You will reach there, not to talk of when you have more subscribers.


7. 4000 hours is very long and you cannot achieve it in one day or month. 4000 x 60 minutes = 240,000 minutes.To get to 4000 hours of YouTube watch time, you have to generate 240,000 minutes of YouTube watch time.


 So, Post long videos now. Now that you are seeking to watch an hour, post long videos, at least from 15 mins up. When I posted the video of ordination, it pulled a lot of watch hours because the video was around 2 hours watch time. So imagine people watching the video.


It will cover a lot of watch hours. Post long videos, but do not make long videos for the sake of watching hours, make it to be interesting, and keep your audience in suspense.

8. Promote your videos on social media






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