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What are the Requirements to monetise youtube Channel?


What are the Requirements to monetise youtube Channel?

In today’s program we will treat these:


Choosing your niches, what you can vlog as a YouTuber

What are the challenges you may encounter as a YouTuber

Then How do you gain subscribers, 4000 watch hours and views easily

Then how to make money on youtube: five ways 

Free ebooks to be given: I will share the three ebooks after. 



1. What are the Requirements to make money on youtube

As I explained during one of the lectures, Youtube will not immediately start giving you money just because you are posting videos on youtube daily; No. There are conditions. Before one begins to receive money from youtube directly, one must be part of Youtube’s partner’s program. But let it not bug you. Am here to break it into details so that you will understand



What is a Youtube Partner Program?



The Youtube partner program is simply a name for those who are eligible to receive money, resources and features from them. It is just a Program that gives creators access to their gifts, awards, resources and monetization features. It is just a nomenclature given to all content creators who earn and receive gifts through Youtube. So, when you are qualified to be part of this program, Youtube will notify you immediately. So what are the Eligible requirements to Join the Partner Program?


Minimum eligibility requirements to join

  1. You must agree to any policy they sent either directly to you or your email. Once you disagree, you are ruled out.
  1. You must live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is allowed. It is good to note that Nigeria is among those who are allowed to participate in the partner program.
  1. You must make sure that You have no active guideline strike. You can read the Community Guidelines strikes here. Do not allow Youtube to strike on your channel. The way to prevent it, which I have told you before, is to make sure that you upload only original videos to you. Do not copy or post another person’s video.

4. You must make sure that your 2-step verification is turned on. Turn it on with this link here 2-Step Verification is turned on for your Google Account. This verification will surely protect your account with a password and a second form of verification.

5. You must have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. If after one year, you didn’t get the 4000 watch hours, as months go by, they will continue to subtract the past watch hours. For Example, if you opened your channel last year of June, they will only check the watch hour from June last year to June this year. If you enter the month of July, then the watch hour of June last year will be subtracted. They will only check from July last year to July this year. But this is not a problem, like I told you, I am here to guide you. I will tell you how to get all these easily in our next lecture. 

5. You must have more than 1,000 subscribers or more. It means that at least 1000 people or more must have subscribed to your channel. 

6. Then you will have a linked AdSense account. I lectured about Adsense last year. This is the reason I asked those who come to learn from us to join us in the telegram and Whatsapp groups. It will help them to get notified whenever we shall lecture. 

As you are participating in the program, try and join our group. Join the group and be part of it, not after the program you leave. So Google Adsense is simply allowing Google to place ads on the video. It’s the same with blogging. 

Now assuming that you have AdSense already, you do not need to register for an Adsense account again, once you are accepted into the google partnership program. But if you have not, once you reach the partners; program, youtube will ask you to register.

 After the registration and acceptance, Youtube will start placing ads on your video. Any click, view, or watch on that video, will bring money to your account. As I said, you do not need to bother about it, Am always here to guide you. 

7. Once your channel is eligible for the partner’s program, Youtube will send you an email. They will now lead you on how to register it. 


Choosing your niches, what you can vlog as a YouTuber.



I only put this so that I can select what you can vlog on.


They are 1. Tech Videos: If you know how to repair things like phones, computers, radios etc, You can vlog about them.

2. Cooking: You can vlog about how to cook anything. There are many of them on youtube. You can join them. You can even vlog about how to make fruit juice etc

3. Church activities: You can vlog about church news and activities. 


4. Gaming: You can also do gaming, then record it and post it on youtube.

5. Sports: You can record premier league and champions league matches and upload them. You can also start local sports analysis.

6. You can do product reviews of other people’s products

7. Language Courses: You can volunteer to teach Igbo on Youtube or any other language that you want. Do you know that a lot of people make millions of naira by teaching our language? You can do the same.

8. News, Comedy and Movies: You can post movies, and do comedy and short movies vlog on news.

9. Dancing: You can vlog on different places you danced or your dancing styles.

10. Tutorials: You can teach what you learnt and vlog them on youtube. What I am doing for you now is a tutorial. You can do the same with videos.

11. Others are: Homilies and Reflections, Interviews, travels, different types of fashion, etc

What are the challenges you may encounter as a YouTuber

They are

Inferiority Complex

No Ideas: Think in the morning, use whatever that is happening and browse topics too. They will help you to generate ideas


No Subscribers

Weakness to post

Reluctant to post because of what people will say

Afraid of the content He made

No Views

Low watch hour after one year

Negative feedback



  1. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu and family says

    I didn’t participate in the lectures at all but reading this, I know I missed out on too many things but I will console myself because I was busy in the shop, buying and selling is not all that easy. Fr Santus God bless you for all ur effort. You never regret helping humanity.

  2. Mario says

    I love you Fr. You really are helping me gain great knowledge.. thank you so much

  3. Uche says

    I am motivated, thank you, Father.

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