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Eight Things To Let Go If You want A Change In Your Life


Soul Digest 2: Eight Things To Let Go




If you want to achieve what you have not achieved before, you have to become who you have never become before.


If you want to be a new person, you have to let the old person die. You have to deny yourself some certain things. This is the lesson of the resurrection. For the resurrection to happen, crucifixion and death happened.


We have to die to some certain things to resurrect to a new life. Albert Einstein says insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the same result.


Sometimes no one is holding our destiny, but the main reason is that we have refused to give up certain things that are drawing us back.


Therefore, If we want a change in our lives, we have to let go of these things:


1. Let go of anyone talking down on you or talking down on your dreams:


You will always find these people among your family members, among your friends, among your peers.


So, If you continue to listen to them, they may put you into an emotional crisis. In Mark 6:1-6, when Jesus went to His hometown, His kinsmen talked down on Him.


Jesus was deeply disappointed and because of that, He couldn’t heal many there. Though only a few were healed. This is what always happens when people try to talk and make jest of your dreams. The truth is that no one will believe you until you make it. Never allow such negative comments to bring you down. Always keep going.




2. Let go of the Enormous Amount of time spent on Social Media: 



Social media is like alcohol, highly addictive, if you are not careful with it, you will spend hours doing nothing. Many talented brains today are wasting.


Social media has both positive and negative effects, but one of the real reasons why many today are unproductive is that the times we would have used to work on ourselves are wasted in social media.


It is good to concentrate much on the positive things we can use the media to do and let go of the time we waste on social media. Therefore, Spending 24 hours on social media busy with nothing is another form of personal slavery.



3. Let Go of anyone who does not add anything positive to your Life: In fact, the real reason why many are still where they are, is because of the people they surround themselves with. If we surround ourselves with negative friends, who do not have time to think about their future, they will one day influence us.


Therefore, when you surround yourself with Eagles, you will one day learn to fly with eagles. If the friend you have now is not adding anything positive in your life and all you have to learn from him or her is how to sin against God, please quit.


Therefore, be in the company of those who are willing to show you the way of survival. Quit being in the company of those who are not serious about their future. You can never succeed with such a company. Minimize your friends if you can, You cannot hang around negative friends and expect to be positive.


Follow who knows God, and keep the company of those who always talk and work on how they will succeed in life.


If you want a change in your life, get rid of those who do not want a change in their lives and walk in the company of those who want a change in their lives.

So, Get rid of those who do not want what you want and walk with those who want what you want.

Also, if you want to live a life pleasing to God, walk with those who have that hunger for God. Then get rid of those who always lead you away from Him.

Therefore, If we need a change in our lives, the change must begin from us.



To be continued tomorrow


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  1. ONWUKA PHINA says

    Wow… Fr that so thoughtful of you, God bless you more

  2. Centia says

    Nice one

    1. Duru Prisca Uchechi says

      This is a great medicine to my soul, very very encouraging. I pray my husband adhere to this advice

  3. Ugorji faith says

    Nice on Padre. Thank u

  4. CJ Glorious says

    Very Much interesting thanks soo much father for your encouragement and advice.

    May God through his merciful heart Bless you in abundant in Jesus name Amen.

    1. Sanctus Mario says


  5. Madu chinaza lovelyn says

    Nice piece

    1. Onukwugha Florence says

      Thank you Father for this wonderful reflection and encouragement words.You have said it all…May the Almighty God Continually increase your wisdom and knowledge.I pray for More Grace, More Strength and ANOINTING.Cheers.

    2. Nnaji loveth says

      Thank you fr
      This touched me in a special way
      God help me Anen

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    So inspiring. Thanks father. Waiting for the continuation. God bless you father for all you do to keep us spiritually alert

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  12. Mrs Nora Nkoli Anabiri says

    Good Counsel, thanks Padre

  13. Maryann obiano says

    An inspired word of advise of letting go of things that will not add value to our life,God continue to bless you padre

  14. Sandra Ugwu says

    Nice one
    But pls how can one get rid of a friend who is not adding value to his life and at the same time avoid hatred and gossip from that friend

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      stop every intimate thing you do with the person, and gradually decrease your level of communication with the person. You can still talk with him or her but do not involve such persons in your personal life

      1. Sandra Ugwu says

        Thank you again God bless you FR

    2. Nnaji loveth says

      Thank you fr
      This touched me in a special way
      God help me Anen


    Change of heart begins with me

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