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Prayer to the Holy Spirit for protection against the Spirit of Lust


Prayer to the Holy Spirit for protection against the Spirit of Lust.

“Dear Holy Spirit,
I come before you humbly, recognizing the power and authority you hold. I seek your guidance and intervention in overcoming the spirit of lust that seeks to entangle my thoughts, deeds, and desires.

I surrender to you any impure thoughts, fantasies, or actions that have plagued me, and I ask for your forgiveness and cleansing. Purify my mind, heart, and soul from the chains of lust that bind me, and fill me with your light and purity.

Holy Spirit, I invite you to dwell within me, to be my constant companion, and to guide my thoughts towards that which is righteous and honorable. Grant me the strength and self-control to resist temptation and the allure of lustful desires.

I pray for discernment and wisdom to recognize the subtle ways in which the spirit of lust may try to infiltrate my life. Give me the courage to turn away from any influences that promote impurity or lead me astray.

Fill me with your love, joy, and peace, so that my heart may be satisfied in you alone. Help me to cultivate healthy and pure relationships that

honor your divine design for love and intimacy.

Holy Spirit, empower me to walk in holiness and to live a life free from the bondage of lust. Help me to redirect my passions towards honoring and serving you and others, rather than indulging in selfish desires.

I thank you, Holy Spirit, for being my advocate and guide in this ongoing battle. I trust in your strength and grace to deliver me from the spirit of lust and to sanctify my thoughts and actions.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, believing that you will answer my plea for purity and protection. Amen.”


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