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Stay Inspired: Message of Hope for the Depressed




One of the good memories of my grandmother is that she does not joke with our stomach. She would hardly stay to see us hungry. While coming back from school in our primary school days then, we are always sure that there must be something to eat for the fact my grandmother is around. I remembered her lovely way of caring for us at that time because of the topic of today; Stay Inspired.


One day, while coming back from school, a heavy rainfall disrupted our movement to be back home on time. We had to wait for the rain but it could not stop. So we managed to come back home despite the heavy downpour because we were very hungry.


When we came back from school, we saw her battling with the fire and the rain. The rain could not allow the fire to burn very well so that we can eat first.


The more she tried to ignite the fire, the more the heavy rain disrupted her efforts. She then told me that it is either we wait until the rain stops or I stand by the fire and fan it into flame so that the rain would not stop it. I  agreed not to let go but stand by the fire because I was extremely hungry. I struggled with the rain until the food was done.


The more the flame tried to go down, the more I put all my strength to fan it into flame. Failure to do this means we will surely suffer in hunger. I know there is something we want, therefore to stop is not even an option. It is better to put my energy and strength to make sure that we ate that day than to stay hungry.


That was the reason I kept the fire burning, fanning the fire until the food was done. To stay inspired is like keeping the fire burning until one’s intention is achieved. It is the ability to remain encouraged despite whatever that may come our way.


To stay inspired does not necessarily mean the absence of problems and challenges. It is the ability to keep our spirit alive rather than depressed. It is that innermost desire that leads one to achieve a particular intention. In my story above, there is an obstacle, which is the heavy rainfall, and there is a goal to be achieved which is to eat. The heavy rain stands as the stumbling block to prevent us from achieving our desire. I would have gotten tired and lost hope but I kept my hope on, focusing my attention to the goal to be achieved. Hence I did all my best never to allow the problem or obstacle stop me from achieving the goal.


In life, some things must surely come against us. There are moments we encounter situations that may make us begin to go down. Sometimes these events and the like may tend to sap the little energy we have.


There are times you want to do something but what people would say or do to you may begin to affect your motivation again. There are moments you may be inspired to do something but because of constant challenges that come your way, you may begin to lose that initial enthusiasm.


The point here is that if we sincerely are serious about the destination we are heading to, it is good to keep the enthusiasm burning. In 2 Timothy 1:6-7, Paul tells Timothy to fan the gifts God has given him into flame. This is the only way one can go through life.


Ways to Stay Inspired


(i) In Luke 23:27-28, when Jesus carries His cross to Golgotha, He meets some women who are wailing and weeping for Him. But Jesus knows that this is not what He needs at the moment, He tells them not to weep for Him but themselves and their children.


The same Jesus allows Simon of Cyrene to carry His cross  (Luke 23:26), He also allows Veronica to wipe His face. In moments of difficulties and afflictions, what we need are events that will keep us going, people that will be our stepping stones, family members that will push us beyond our limits and friends who will surely encourage us.


If you know where you are going and you are certain of where you are going, never encourage pity. Always be on the move. Be around those who will encourage you to continue your journey, be with people who will motivate and spur you on the road to success.


Never surround yourself with those whose intent is to pull you down. Never encourage the company of those who will continue to make you pity your condition. You do not always need people who will just be there only to sympathise with you. What we need are those who will give us the reason to spur on.


(ii) One day, I paid a visit to a family who lost one of their two sons in a car accident. What I experienced there is today one of my mottos in life. While entering the compound I saw people crying and wailing in tears.



The mother of the deceased refused to be consoled. It was a discomforting situation to see the mother wail in such great emotional pains. I imagined the feelings when a young woman loses a child within a twinkle of an eye to the cold hands of death.


I met the father and began to console Him. At the end of my comforting words. He uttered just three words for me; it is well.


The greatest surprise was that after talking and talking, He would simply reply; it is well. In the midst of the depression situation, he was consoling himself with the word; it is well.


This becomes one of the words that I utter every time whenever I face anything that seems insurmountable in my life. In the midst of challenging situations, find words that will keep you going, words that will keep your soul alive despite the challenges.


You can say words like; I know my redeemer liveth, my God knows what He is doing or the Lord is my Strength etc. Find words that when you utter them, it brings back strength in you. Do everything to remain inspired rather than depressed.


(iii) You can open your bible and fill your mind with all the comforting verses. You can search for inspirational quotes from authors to keep you going and strong. Never wallow in self-pity and regrets.


One thing with staying inspired is that it will reinvigorate you. Once your mind is strong and positive, you always do the impossible. A negative mind is extremely dangerous. Discard anything that will pull you down, remove every negative image of yourself.


Do not pay attention to those dream killers and energy sappers. People will always say what they want to say but try and keep yourself going until you reach your destination.



Stay Inspired Always


Despite the challenges, find a way and keep the spirit burning. Stay inspired even when challenges try to bring you down. Do not forget that ideas to succeed can only resonate in a strong and positive mind. So always keep the fire burning even when people try to give the impression that you are nothing. Always find something or somebody that will stir the strength in you.

Beloved always know that no person will believe you until you believe in yourself. Our people believe only in the results. Keep pushing hard despite the challenges and crosses of life.

It is good to note here that we always need God’s grace and favour in everything we do. You may read the message on that titled “God’s favour may be what you need”.


Finally, in Acts 1:8, Jesus tells His apostles that they are to become witnesses once the Holy Spirit comes upon them. To fulfil this, they passed through a lot of challenges, persecutions, suffering and imprisonment. Today, the church has spread throughout the world. Let us always know that it is only if we keep going that we can reach our destination.


To reach your goal, keep going, even if it means walking or crawling. Never allow any circumstance, problem or people to bring you down. We have to keep the fire burning until you make it.


So stay inspired even when life gives you the reasons not to continue, stay inspired even when people try to make a mockery of you, stay inspired despite the challenges until you wear the crown that awaits you. May God help us to overcome our challenges Amen.



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