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God’s Favour May be What You need: Inspiration




God’s favour refers to God’s benevolence, acts of kindness and mercy upon us. We may refer to it as God’s decision to intervene in our situations especially at the time we think that there is no hope again.


There are times when we face problems that we do not seem to know the way out. There are times when our plans fail and dreams to become somebody seems to decline. Sometimes we find ourselves into a series of mistakes that we do not know what to do. You may have big obstacles in your life, situations that seem insurmountable and you don’t see how you can work your way out and everything goes against you. In some situations like this, do not forget to seek God’s favour.


When everything fails there is still our Beloved Father who is waiting for you to recognise that He has been there for you all these while.


In 1 Samuel, Hannah would have considered herself as forever barren. Even while Peninah was raining insults on her because of her barrenness, Hannah was busy crying. At this time all hope was lost. All She could do then was to pour out her emotions before Peninah. When they enter the temple to sacrifice, Hannah recognises that what she needs at that moment is one touch of God’s favour. She approaches the altar of God and cries to Him. Sincerely there are times we need unlimited power in our lives. Never underrate what God can do despite how seemingly difficult the situation can be. After Hannah’s encounter, God blesses her with a child and many children.


At that moment when you feel there is no way out, remember you have God who can do all things. He gave us wisdom and power but in Him is the omnipotent one. Man is limited by the physical but God is beyond the physical. No power of nature can limit what He can do. He is beyond that situation that is keeping you sad and worn out.


Do not be surprised that what you need now is one touch of His favour. The situation may be so intense and intimidating. Sometimes it may seem so humanely and practically impossible. Many people may indeed have used you as an object of mockery. Your friends may have deserted you.


You may have lost hope in yourself because there is no way out. Do not get down yet. What you may need now is one touch of His favour to level the ground for you.  God may bring somebody on your path which you never imagined for once. He may inspire a friend or close associate to tell you something which will help to pull you out from that situation. You also need God’s favour. Always pray for it.


Can you pause awhile and imagine what the Israelites would be thinking in their minds at the time they were suffering heavily in Egypt? Many lost hope. Some have already taken it as their birthright to be a slave to the Egyptians. I believe that many of them thought that nothing would make them free again. They cried and wailed to the Lord for many years and it was if God was so deaf to their situations. But when the appointed times approached, God raised a young boy called Moses.


The boy Moses was born when every male child born by the Israelites is killed by the Egyptians. Secondly, He was hidden for three good months and not just that, he was put inside a basket, and left at the banks of the River Nile with no one to give him adequate care. His sister only watched from a distance (cf. Exodus 2).


Moses would have been one of those killed at that time, He would have died because of lack of adequate care but because he was born for a purpose, the Hand of God was with Him.  In the midst of a no-hope situation, God raised Moses to save His people.


Don’t you think that there was a time your family might be struggling and your parents were passing through difficult situations? They were fasting and praying that God helps them. To answer their prayers, God then decided to put you in your mother’s womb to be a source of blessings to them. Psalm 127:2 says that every child is a gift from the Lord and a reward from Him. You may be a source of favour sent by God to your family. The best thing that will happen to us is to be close to God to realise our purpose in life.


In 1 Samuel 17, when Goliath was challenging the Israelites to a battle. They were filled with fear until David came to the scene. The question we can ask here is; What if David did not come into the scene? Who will save the Israelites? But in the midst of fear and distress, God sends His son David to the battlefield to rescue his people. In Psalm 106:4, the psalmist prays that God should remember Him when He will show favour to His people.


When all hope is lost, remember that your God still exists. Also, remember He is above every situation. God is above whatever you are passing through. He knows the key to every impossible situation. Maybe you are passing a lot now. Never forget to seek His face and tell Him that all you need now is just one touch of His favour.


There is this condition that looks insurmountable. For now, it looks as if there is nothing you can do. Always know there is still one more thing. Pray to your God and like Bartimaeus ask Him to have pity. Seek and pray for His favour. He can come to the rescue at the time when all hope is lost. God can send a helper from nowhere. He can do anything just within a twinkle of an eye.


It is understandable that now people are laughing at you but do not forget that they are doing what we expect them to do. Always know that God can still make a way for you.


This writing is not just to motivate or inspire you. This is true. God is real. Even when people think you will suffer to death, even when they think there is no way again in your life, do us a favour and place your hope in God. Live it, confess it and act according to His guidance. Never place your hope only on people. Place your hope on what God says and let it be your guide.


God’s favour saved Paul and Silas in the prison in Acts 16. It also saved Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth from barrenness. God’s favour led to the birth of Moses at a time when the people of God were suffering in Egypt.


We need His favour always. You may not know whom God will bring in your path. You may not know what the future brings and what God has in store for you. Never stop praying for His mercy and favour. Only one touch of His favour can open all those closed doors in your life. So, try and remain inspired.


May God give you the grace to conquer your challenges. Amen


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