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Sunday Blessings and Prayers For Today 


Sunday Blessings and Prayers For Today 


The Blessing of the Calming Saviour


May the peace of the Lord, who calms the raging storms, be with you this week.


As you go forth into this new week, beloved, let the truth of Jesus’ authority over the wind and waves fill your heart with unwavering faith. For just as He stilled the furious squall that threatened to overtake the disciples, so too will He calm the storms that seek to overwhelm you.


When the waves of worry and anxiety threaten to swamp your boat, remember the One who rests peacefully, even in the midst of the tempest. Our Lord Jesus, the Master of creation, is ever-present, ever-vigilant, and ever-willing to speak the words, “Quiet! Be still!”


Take courage, dear ones, and do not be overcome by fear. For your Savior is mighty to save. Trust in His steadfast love and unfailing care, for He will never abandon you.



When the winds of adversity howl and the waves of despair seek to consume you, lift your eyes to the One who holds the universe in His hands.

He who spoke the world into existence is the same One who calms the raging sea. His voice, which silenced the storm, is the same voice that tenderly calls you by name and whispers, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”


May the blessing of the Calming Savior rest upon you. May His peace guard your heart and mind, and may His unshakable faith be the foundation upon which you stand, come what may.


For even when the storms of life rage all around you, you can find solace in the truth that the Lord of hosts is with you; the God of Jacob is your fortress.


Go forth in the confidence that your Redeemer lives, and that nothing can separate you from His love.


May this week be marked by His steadfast presence and the assurance that, like the winds and the waves, all things are subject to His sovereign rule.


In the mighty name of Jesus, the Calming Saviour, we pray. Amen.


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