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Nativity of John the Baptist. You Have a Purpose on Earth


Morning Breakfast With the Word: Nativity of John the Baptist June 24


 Luke 1,57-66.80 


 You Have a Purpose


Today we celebrate the solemnity of the nativity of John the Baptist. The gospel of today tells us how John the Baptist was born. Everything about John the Baptist was according to God’s will. The nativity of John the Baptist is foretold by an angel for the great work He is going to do. Few points on today’s gospel are:


1. Before the Nativity of John the Baptist, God sent Angel Gabriel to Zechariah. John became among the prominent biblical figures whose birth was foretold. John has a particular mission; to prepare the way for the Messiah. Just like Him, no one born on the surface of the earth came as an onlooker. There is a purpose God created you.


2. The  name ‘John’ in Hebrew means ‘The Lord is gracious.’ He showed his kindness to Elizabeth and Zechariah, fulfilling their desire to have a child. What We have to appreciate in this family is their strong faith in God and willingness to never give up on Him. The Child born became great that He is still remembered today. So, Never give up on God. He can still surprise you. The name John reminds us that God is still kind to us despite the difficult situations. Hence, He can still show up when we lose hope in life.


3. Remember that John”s birth is miraculous. John was born to his aged parents. A pointer that God is always the God of impossibility. The nativity of John the Baptist is a pointer that there is nothing impossible for God. We are the people who assign impossibility to what God can do. You can see how the family of Elizabeth and Zechariah remain strong in their faith. Remember that it was in the temple that the angel met Zechariah, which is a sign that he remains close to God, despite their precarious situation. Let us also do the same. So, keep the faith and Never Give Up On God.



4.  John is born for a purpose. Like John, Everyone has a purpose in life. There is something special in you still awaiting you to act. So, You have work to do for God wherever you find yourself, through your gifts and talents and service. Always, Ask for the grace to carry out your mission as faithfully as John did his, even though the cost may be great.


5.  John spent his time in the desert, an ascetic. Yet people came looking for Him. This indicates that there is nowhere God cannot locate you. Always know that God has a way of bringing people who may need what you can offer. Therefore, wherever you are, show your gifts and talents.



6. John began to announce the coming of the Kingdom and to call everyone to repentance. Therefore, His purpose was to prepare the way for the Lord. John teaches us to use whatever God has given us to lead people to God and touch souls.



7. Despite His greatness, John said, “But one would come who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. That He is not worthy to untie his sandals”. His attitude toward Jesus is: “He must increase; I must decrease” (John 3:30). This is simply a sign of humility. Despite our position, despite our mission, let us not forget that we are not serving to promote ourselves but God only. When you understand this, you will thread humility and still become unstoppable. Your motivation then is only God and not human approval.


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to learn from His humility. May He never allow you to stumble Amen






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