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Mass Intention for 21 Days Powerful Prayer Journey with Angel Michael


Please drop your intentions and the names of the people you want to remember in this program. Use the form below and drop your intentions. As a reminder, this is how the program with Angel Michael will be :



▪️Go to confession and avoid sin

▪️forgive all that offended You. Remove every grudge, negative energy and bitterness.

▪️Can be accompanied with midnight prayers

▪️Never pray with doubt, fear or worry in your heart. Pray with faith.

▪️Light a candle of Saint Michael the Archangel until the 21 days are over or put off in case of inconveniences.

▪️Start by making the sign of the cross;


▪️Art of contrition

▪️Five to ten minutes mediation. Invoke the angel.

▪️Daily Rosary

▪️Daily Prayer to Angel Michael to be sent daily

▪️Daily Psalm that comes with the prayers to be sent

▪️Read Breakfast with the Word.


So, use the form below and send your intention


  1. Agwaigbo Stella says

    God is good

  2. Ifesinachi Okeke says

    I thank God for being here may His name be praise Amen. God bless u fr.

  3. Ugwu Josephine Nnenna. says

    Thank you Fr. May God continue to bless you as you care for His flock. Amen.

  4. Pauline Nzube says

    Thanking God for belonging to this wonderful group and also praying for God’s choicest blessings and favor upon his servant Fr Santous Mario Amen

    1. Lazarus Okoroafor Andrew says

      I am privileged to be in wonderful Group. May God continue to bless you Padre.

      1. Chinecherem says

        Heavenly father my trust is in you

    2. Emelda says

      God bless you Padre

  5. Angela Nwagbo says


    1. Ojiakor Chinwe says

      Indeed God is faithful


        Thank you Father Sanctus for creating this avenue for us. Remain blessed.

  6. Doris Ugochukwu says

    Thank you Lord for everything 🙏

  7. Ojiakor Chinwe says

    Indeed God is faithful

    1. Rosemary says

      God is faithful

  8. Ohia Doris Obiageli says

    Thank God for making part of this family God bless father for us

  9. Ohia Doris Obiageli says

    Remember me in your prayers father

  10. Ohia Doris Obiageli says


  11. Ohia Doris Obiageli says

    I appreciate this group especially padre

  12. Ohia Doris Obiageli says

    Thank God

  13. Blessing Ugwuanyi says

    Intention for the feast of st Michael the archangel
    Thanksgiving to saint Michael for all the spiritual and physical battle in my family
    Praying for deliverance of my mother Theresa ugwuanyi, my sisters Ifeoma, Ndidi, Amuche and brother chidera
    Praying also for the love and unity of my home
    May God grant my family good health and open door
    And wisdom to take care of our children in Jesus name amen

  14. Anidiobi Sylvia Ngozi says

    I thank God for everything. I plead for restoration of my body systems.
    I pray for my husband to be delivered from diabetes.
    I pray for FINANCIAL breakthrough.
    I pray for open door of marriage for my daughters.
    I pray for my son Ebuka to be employed at Gil Automation.
    I pray for victory over land case coming up 15th November 2022.

  15. Chinweokwu Florence Udeh Ukeachu says

    What God cannot do does not exist he is a miracle working God

  16. Mbah Peace Onyinyechi says

    I have never experienced this kind of miracles and breakthrough, Thank you my guardian angels. Great St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael.

  17. Ugwu Grace Ngozi says

    Intention for the feast of the Archangel
    Thanking God for His greatness upon my family and I.
    Completion of my family’s passport booklets and speedy my relocation to join me.
    God bless Fr. Sanctus Mary and all the clergy snd religious.
    Total divine breakthrough
    Gift of speech/ talking for Obinna who has been dumb from birth.
    Above all chastity and obidience to God

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