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Mass Intentions for the 21 Days Spiritual Journey with Archangel Raphael


Mass Intentions for the 21 Days Spiritual Journey with Archangel Raphael


The  name Raphael in Hebrew means, “God that heals”, “God heals,” “Divine Healer,” “medicine of God” or “Remedy of God.” Therefore, the Archangel Raphael is a great physician over every infirmity. He heals any disease and illnesses both curable and incurable. The Archangel Raphael is also the Patron Saint of Travelers, Christian Marriage, Happy Meetings Nurses, and Catholic Studies. He helps those who have problems breaking their marriages and those seeking a good spouse. The Archangel Raphael has helped people meet their soulmates very fast.



Use the Form below and send your intentions. Try and offer the mass.



  1. Enudu Nkechi Lilian says

    Thank you so much Fr Padre for your prayer sacrifice to us and humanity
    May the almighty God continue to bless your work in his Vineyard in Jesus name amen

    1. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says


      *Thanksgiving to God for the gift of my life and my family
      *Praying for the reign of Christ as King in my life and my family.
      *Marital connection and fruit of the womb for my siblings.
      *Divine favor and financial breakthrough upon my family and I.
      May the Lord hear and answer our prayers 🙏

  2. Hope Legbara says

    For healing, life partner, work which I just applied for in my State polytechnic, admission for my younger sister and success for my friend as she prepare for exams

  3. Oge says

    Prayer intentions for Novena to Angel Raphael
    1) I pray for God’s will to be done in my marriage.
    2) I pray for healing upon my dad.
    3) I pray to get a nice job.
    4)I pray for victory in our court case.
    5) I pray for God’s mercy and blessings upon my family members, friends and relatives.

  4. Blessing Chikadibia Mbonu says

    Thank you Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. Margaret Eddy Orok says

    Praying for all round protection , blessings and good health of mind and body for all my family members.

  6. Chukwudi Cynthia Somtochukwu says

    prayer intentions for novena christ the King
    •Pray for the lord to bless me and my friend(God you know who)with the fruit of the womb before year ends
    • Total financial breakthrough in my husbands businesses/sources of income
    •For his guidance,protection,uplifting and sufficient grace in my marriage,my family and inlaws….AMEN


    Praying for my brother oluwaseun AKINNUSI for total restoration, for job and blessings. Praying for My fiance as he submitted the proposal and the project he is handling to be approved and signed and for God’s will as we planned for our marriage.
    Praying for my mother for total healing and good health.
    Asking God for success in our business and letter of promotion for Mathew AKINNUSI in his work.

  8. Josephine Ugwu says

    Deliverance from satanic manipulations
    Deliverance from stagnation
    For God to expand my financial boarder by grantkmg me momentum in my business.

    1. Lilian says

      -my husband to stop smoking
      -healing for me and my son against asthma
      -financial breakthrough in the family

    2. Vivian Ogechukwu says

      Praying for total separation from any form of barriers stopping me from moving to the next level of my life…

      For Christ the King mass intentions

      Ohagwu Vivian Ogechukwu

  9. Agatha Onedo says

    Deliverance from every Curse affecting me and Children causing lack of success in business, delayed marriages and separation in Marriage
    Healing of Mr Oghenemega Blaise Onedo’s leg
    Healing of my eyes
    Conversion of Mr Ejiroghene Emmanuel Onedo from Athiesim
    Peace and unity between me children and among my children

  10. Emelda says

    For Christ the King petitions:
    For God to direct the steps of my husband Oliver,and grant him financial open doors, divine protection.
    And For God’s Mercy and Grace over the whole family

    1. Emelda says

      Thank you Padre
      God bless you

  11. Amadi Deborah says

    FOR CHRIST THE KING (Intentions)
    * I pray for peace in my family
    * I pray for Academic success
    * I pray for a life partner
    * Lord bless all who have helped me in one way or the other
    * Lord Jesus Christ, destroy every evil Altars manipulating my family.
    * I pray for Love, long life, Progress, protection, breakthrough, Unity & wealth in my family. Amen

  12. Onyeoma Ukamaka says

    Onyeoma Ukamaka is thanking God for the gift of life upon my family and I pray for divine healing and restoration upon my mother and marital settlement upon my siblings and I Amen.
    (For Christ the King)

  13. Asukwo Eunice says

    God bless you Fr

  14. Mameh Grace says

    Mass intentions for the 21 days program to St. Raphael
    I pray for success in my exams
    I pray for life partner, a man after God’s own heart.
    I pray for healing upon my mother
    I also pray for a good life partner for Janet

  15. Perpetual Immaculata Ifeoma says

    Thank you Father, Okolo Chinemerem sent me your link on 6/11/22

  16. Ani Regina says


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