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The  name Raphael in Hebrew means, “God that heals”, “God heals,” “Divine Healer,” “medicine of God” or “Remedy of God.” Therefore, the Archangel Raphael is a great physician over every infirmity. He heals any disease and illnesses both curable and incurable.


The Archangel Raphael is also the Patron Saint of Travelers, Christian Marriage, Happy Meetings Nurses, and Catholic Studies. He helps those who have problems breaking their marriages and those seeking a good spouse. The Archangel Raphael has helped people meet their soulmates very fast.


In the Book of Tobit, the Archangel Raphael reveals himself as a healer of mind, body and spirit. Tobit’s  blindness lasted for several years to the extent that he wished for death. He was healed by the Angel Raphael.

In the same book of Tobit, the  Angel Raphael saved Sarah from marital crisis. Let us also involve him in our different cases.



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  1. Okolo ifeomaNnenna says

    I thank you lord God for my life and ure ever presence in my life and my family thank you Jesus pls I pray for my daughter mmesoma Recheal okolo for healing in her life and also chidimma and chimaobim Nnaji for total healing in Jesus name Amen , ipray for my daughter ugochi coral okolo for her life partner pls if is Michael pls bring them together and bless them in Jesus mighty name Amen ,I also pray for my son Ebuka okolo for God’s direction in his life and also for my marriage that God will restore my marriage in Jesus mighty name Amen and also for my husband that God will touch his life one more time and also for me total deliverance from any type of bandage in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen🙏🙏🙏

  2. Asukwo Eunice says

    It’s done for me

  3. Ifeoma DURUZOR says

    Deliverance, healing, redemption and restoration upon my son Chisimdi

    1. Nnadi Oluchukwu says

      l Pray that God should restore peace in the family of Okolocha ukoli and deliver them from there enemies and deliver my parents from sickness. I pray for open door
      my business. May Angel protect us from the hand of kidnappers, unknown gun men, fulnes. May
      Angel select a good president in Nigeria so that we can get freedom. I hand over The family of Nnadi Benedict onto God’s hand for this peace. I pray that God should locate my husband with good job .all these l through christ our lord Amen.

  4. Asukwo Eunice says

    Praying for favour in all ramifications

  5. Benita Ukamaka Igwe says

    I sister Benita praying for God’s mercy and compassion, also praying that God should please connect me to my Life partner and bless me with with a new job.
    God please remove every spirit of hatred, rejection, disappointment, delay and shame from my life. and restore to me joy, peace and Divine favour, please merciful Jesus Christ connect me, my siblings to our destiny helpers. And grant chinagorom and Sophia success in their exams.
    Finally, Jesus Christ the King of the universe I want to encounter You personally and let every forces or strong man or woman standing strong upon my life be terminated because i have accepted You has the great king in my life and destiny. Amen Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel intercede for me. Amen

    1. Assumpta Chinwe Nwosu says

      Assumpta Chinwe Nwosu praying for open doors and breakthrough in my life and my husband…we need to make more money to take care of our numerous needs, payback our loans, pay our children’s school fees and help the poor.
      I’m praying for journey mercies this Christmas as my family and I travel to see our parents in the village. I’m begging God to grant us his mercies end grace..let no arm robber, no accident, no kidnapper, witches and wizards to see us. God’s protection and safety we seek oh lord.
      Lord God….pls provide good spouse for Chiamaka and Ugochi. Let them get married on or before their 25th birthday. To a good man, caring, loving, good character, God fearing, good built and comfortably rich Amen
      Lord God, help Chiedozie my sin to graduate with first class. May he continue go do well and go up on his grade Amen
      Praying for exam success for Ugochi, Muna and Ikechukwu Amen
      Protect my children, help my parents, my mother inlaw to be alive and
      healthy to witness this Thanksgiving
      Lord God pls provide us with needed financial and physical help to make this Thanksgiving a reality Amen
      Lord God pls bring back my colour and beauty back Amen
      Lord God, Archangel Raphael to heal me permanently from my leg problem and muscle pull Amen a d other invisible sickness I have Amen.
      Lord God be with my family. Let the love we have for each other continue to grow higher Amen
      Provide benefactors to help us Amen
      Help me in my business …provide several Supermarkets that will accept our numerous products Amen
      I’m thanking God for bringing me back to life, for his goodness and mercy and favour and grace Amen
      Glory to Jesus!!!

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