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Download the Nine Days Novena to Saint Mark the Evangelist


Saint Mark the Evangelist is an important figure in Christian history and is traditionally believed to be the author of the Gospel of Mark, one of the four canonical gospels in the Bible. Mark is considered one of the four evangelists along with Matthew, Luke, and John.


According to tradition, Mark was a companion of the apostle Peter and wrote his gospel based on Peter’s teachings. The Gospel of Mark presents a concise and action-packed account of the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition to his role as an evangelist and writer of the Gospel, Mark is also known for his missionary work. He is believed to have traveled to Egypt and established the Coptic Orthodox Church, becoming its first bishop and martyr. The Coptic Orthodox Church regards him as their founder and patron saint.


The traditional symbol for Mark is the lion, which is often associated with his gospel due to its depiction of Jesus as the powerful and mighty King. Mark is venerated as a saint in various Christian denominations, and his feast day is celebrated on April 25th.Saint Mark is the patron saint of Venice, Italy, where he is widely revered. He is also recognized as the patron saint of Egypt and his intercession is often sought for those suffering from different ailments and problems. He is invoked for different intercessions. The Novena to saint Mark the Evangelist begins on the 16th of April and ends on the 24th of April.

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You Can get the document below.

Document:Novena Prayer to Saint Mark the Evangelist

Pdf Download the Novena Prayer to Saint Mark the Evangelist


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