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John 5:1-16: If You want to be made Well. Tuesday 4th Week of Lent.

Breakfast with the Word Tuesday Fourth Week of Lent. Year B

John 5:1-16




The gospel of John 5:1-16 recounts the encounter between Jesus and a man who was ill of an unknown sickness for thirty-eight years. He was lying at the Sheep Pool in Jerusalem called Bethzatha in Hebrew. 



Under this building lies crowds of sick people – blind, lame, paralysed waiting for healing. Once the water moves, anyone who goes into the water first will become automatically healed. 



When Jesus saw this man, He knew that this man has been lying there for thirty-eight years. Jesus puts up a question for Him; “do you want to be well?” 



Instead of saying yes or no, the man began to tell Jesus Jesus how no one has been able to help him get inside the water whenever the pool is stirred. 


Jesus responded to him with just three commands. The commands are: stand up, take your mat and walk.’ He received healing and jumped up and walked. 



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The Encounter with Jesus.



In this gospel of John 5:1-16, We observe a few things about the healing of this man. When you analyse this event, you will come to understand that this man has been sick for almost thirty-eight years and more.




All these years, there may be the probability that the man has tried every effort to get healed. But with the presence of the Lord, healing came at once.



2. Secondly,  John 5:1-16 reveals that the man has tried for several years to get into the pool but could not because no one was willing to help. In essence, he may think there is no hope for him again. But the presence of Jesus offered him another hope for survival.



3. Thirdly, all these years, not even a single person notices his condition and wills to save him. But when Jesus came, he understood his plight and delivered him immediately. 



God understands our plight more than anybody. At that time, when everybody deserts you and decides not to help you, never forget that God is always there for you.


4. Did you observe that none of the Jews could help him. None could at least offer him medical assistance. But when Jesus healed him, they became angry with Jesus and looked for a way to persecute him only because the healing happened on the sabbath day.  


This healing should be a cause of joy, but with the Jews, it was not. Hence in life, you may think that people are truly there with you when things are going hard for you, but when you begin to recover and prosper, the same people may envy you. 



The interest of the Jews today is only in keeping the sabbath rather than saving a life. But Jesus is always interested to save and rescue life. Therefore if you truly want to be made well, you need Jesus into your life. 


5. In the gospel today of John 5:1-16, When Jesus met this man, the man began to complain, but Jesus was not ready to listen to his complaints. He knew what he wanted, and he proceeded to do that for Him.



What God wants from us is not to live in complaints, worry, and making excuses. He wants to have a one on one discussion with you. He wants us to tell Him what we need Him to do. If you need to be well again, quit complaining about your past and come close to God.



6. The healing today happened because the man met Jesus. He discussed with Jesus. Also, it happened because Jesus speaks directly to Him. Therefore when we need divine intervention and healing in our lives. If we sincerely want to be saved, take time to meet Jesus daily. Have a time of conversation with Him and allow Him to direct you. Give Jesus the chance to speak into your life. Everything will take you by surprise. 



7. If we need healing into our lives. If we sincerely want to receive healing from past hurts, healing from our sins, healing from every form of infirmity, etc., we need the healing power of Jesus. 



8. Amid hopelessness, when everybody feels like deserting you, and when you think there is no one else to help, always remember that God is willing. Just like God did for the Israelites through Cyrus of Persia, He can cause anyone to come to your help. So, stay faithful. 



May God be with you. May He never desert you. Amen. 


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