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The Guardian Angels and How to Relate with them.Breakfast with the word


Breakfast with the Word Feast of Our Guardian Angels


Matthew 18:1-5, 10 






Today the church celebrates the feast of our Guardian angels. This comes from the belief that each of us has a guardian angel. 



The belief in the existence of Guardian angels is expressed particularly by St Jerome and St Basil. There are also some glaring shreds of evidence in the Old and New Testaments that the guardian angels are real. Therefore, if we have guardian angels, there is also the need to relate with them. 


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 Who are the Guardian Angels?


They are the angels God assigns to assist, help and protect us. 

They are always there to guide us and help us achieve God’s purpose in life. 



When we follow their direction we will find real joy, peace, freedom and victory in whatever we do. 



The guardian angels are always there to help and assist us in whatever we do. They are like our personal and direct connection to God. Because of their spiritual nature, we may not see them but they are real.




 The Presence of The Guardian Angels.




The presence of guardian angels is real. They are always there to tell us what to do and what not to do. 



 Sometimes despite their unseen nature, we can still feel their presence. But one thing with them is that they do not infringe on our freedom. 




They will always inspire us on what to do, but we rather obey them or do otherwise. 

This is why despite their presence, things happen to us either because we do not listen to them or we do not involve them in our day to day activities.




 We have Guardian Angels.




In the first reading of today of Exodus 23:20-23, God says “

I will send an angel before you to guard you as you go and to bring you to the place that I have prepared. Give him reverence and listen to all that he says. Offer him no defiance; he would not pardon such a fault, for my name is in him. If you listen carefully to his voice and do all that I say, I shall be enemy to your enemies, foe to your foes. My angel will go before you.



In the above biblical quotation, God promises to send His angel to always go before His people. God also states that the work of this angel is to guard us as we go.



Then God states how we shall relate with them. To relate with them, first of all, we have to respect them and acknowledge their presence always. Then God says, we have to pay attention to whatever they ask us to do. The angel of God always goes before us. 



Then in the gospel, the disciples of Jesus are arguing on who is the greatest among them in the gospel of today.  

Jesus places a child in their midst and exhorts that the only way to enter into the kingdom of God is to be like the child.



Jesus goes further to warn his disciples not to despise any of them because their angels are continually in the presence of the Almighty Father in Heaven.



By this statement, Jesus is telling us that the guardian angels are real. And these angels have access to the glorious presence of God.



 Just like it does not necessarily mean that one must come back and be a child to enter the kingdom of God is also an indication that angels are not assigned only to children but to everyone. 



“Do not despise these little ones” in essence means do not despise those who come to God with faith and humility of heart.





 Scriptural Foundation.



We can see the first clear reference to the presence of guidance angels in the book of Kings when the King of Syria sent troops to capture Elisha. 



Elisha’s servant became afraid after seeing that a mighty army had surrounded the city. But Elisha prays to God to open the eyes of his servant and behold there are angels already protecting Elisha (2Kings 6: 8-17.).



Secondly, In the gospel of today, Jesus’ use of “these little ones” could also mean “ these simple, loving, and humble disciples” who have angels who are continually before God. 



Hebrews 1:14 says that angels are ministering spirits who God sends to constantly serve those who are in Christ Jesus. 



Isaiah 63:9 also talks about the angel of his presence who is always there to save.



Interaction with the Guardian Angels.



Christianity and some religions accept the reality of the existence of Guardian Angels. 


Some saints have practised interactions with their guardian angels. These angels want to be involved in our daily routines but only if we give them a chance. The guardian angels interact with us daily. 



The Guardian angels are always there to assist us in prayers, protecting and averting any possible danger. 



These angels always inspire us to do good and restrain from evil. We need to involve them in whatever we do because they have more awareness of who we are. 



Our angels are eager to converse and communicate with us. Sometimes they tell us something that may happen either through dreams or a flash of inspiration. But sometimes we neglect their help and do what we want.



 We interact with the guardian angels through prayers, meditation and normal conversation.



 We discuss with them, believing that they are real and they are ready to listen to us. 


So, many saints also practised midnight meditation. It was written that Saint Placid and St. Flavia, do have visions of their guardian angels. They spend time with them, in the quiet times of the day. 



Therefore, we need to create a quiet time with our guardian angels. They are part of us.




Just as the body exists, so also the spirit. That we do not see the spirit is not a reason to believe that spirits are only imaginations. Let us always know that Guardian angels are real.




As we celebrate the feast of our guardian angels, we ask God to help us to understand more the mysteries about Him.



 May He never allow you to be defeated by any circumstance. Amen.


  1. Rosemary says


  2. Maureen says

    Amen, thank you so much Padre. Dearest Guardian Angel be with me always to lead me and to guard me, pardon me of all the times I’ve neglected ur presence and pray me the grace to always be in good terms with God and you, amen.

  3. Chisom Egwudike says


  4. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu says

    Amen Amen Amen.

  5. Ekwem Emmanuela says


  6. Carmela U. Ekwem says

    Amen! & Amen!🙏🙏🙏. May God grant us the grace to discern/understand when our guadian Angels are speaking to us, Amen!

  7. Obika Chidimma says

    Amen. Thanks Fr.

  8. ANGELA MADU says

    God bless you Padre for this nice explanation
    I heard that you can book Holy Mass for the Angels, is it true?
    If yes, of what important is it since they are spirits?
    What can I do to be very intimate with my Angel?

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      There is no information anywhere that one can book mass for the angels. Rather we can communicate with them, through prayers and meditation


    May Holy Spirit enlighten us to build rapport relationship with our Guardian Angels, to listen and offer no defiance to them. Amen

    Thank you Father for this wonderful reflection.

  10. Chioma Frances Egwuogu says

    Amen. Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom God’s love commits us now, ever this day be at my side to light and guard to rule and guard! Amen.

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