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Suffering Can Be Part of The Destiny.Saturday 25th Week

Breakfast With the Word Saturday 25th Week Ordinary Time of the Year B


 Luke 9:43-45 





Suffering is the state of undergoing problems and difficulties. One suffers when he undergoes pains, distress and discomfort.



 Sometimes Suffering can be in the form of emotional trauma, illness, loss of something or somebody very special to us.




 It can also be in the form of injury which can either be physical or emotional.

 In the world today, many detest such experiences but the truth is that no one exists without experiencing hardship or discomfort. 



The truth is that it is not every suffering that is bad in itself. Some of them come to us for a mission. 



They come to us in the form of challenges and problems but behind them are seeds of greatness and upliftment. 




Do you know that suffering can be part of our destiny to reach where we want to be? It is part of our existence. No matter how we try to avoid it, we must encounter it one day in one way or the other. 


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 The Gospel of Today.



Today’s gospel begins by telling us how the greatness of God amazes the crowd. But while they are full of wonder at what happened, Jesus begins to tell His disciples that the son of man is also going to suffer. They did not understand it.



To fully understand this, we have to read from the preceding verses. 


The point is that before today’s gospel, a man brought his son to the disciples of Jesus to heal but they could not. But while the boy was approaching Jesus, the demon threw him to the ground. Jesus immediately scolded the spirit and the boy was healed instantly.



This threw every person in amazement and they began to praise Him but instead of dancing to the praises, Jesus reminded them that He is going to be betrayed and suffer. No one could understand this. 




They were afraid to ask Him even. They could not come to terms with what Jesus said. It is surprising to hear such from the long-awaited Messiah. 




What Jesus is telling them is that suffering is also part of His destiny. It is through it that He can achieve His aim of coming to the world. 





 Why the Amazement? 


The people are amazed because of their belief that the Messiah will be a political one. So if Jesus is truly the Messiah, He should not be talking about suffering.



 How can the Messiah, whom the Jews believe to save them, allow Himself to suffer? It tickles the ear to hear that the Messiah who is going to deliver the people from bondage is now going to be delivered in the power of men, such a thing is unheard of. 




The disciples think that everything about the Messiah is all about greatness, wonder, power, favour, mighty, deliverance etc. In the same way, we think that we can get everything on a platter of gold. 




Then, when we encounter problems, we become angry with God. We should not be angry with God when things do not go the way we want. There may be a message God is sending to you through the suffering. 




Only God knows what He throws on our path. Suffering can be part of the destiny to reach the path.





 The Messiah’s Destiny.




God’s purpose for the Messiah is not only to heal and to work miracles but to die for the sake of humanity. 



The Jews do not understand this. This is not their expectation. This teaches us that life must not be rosy every time. 



Therefore, do not think that passing through challenges is a sign that God hates you or that somebody is planning something evil against you. 



Every stressful situation we pass through has a reason for that. When God allows you to go through a bad experience, do not always complain nor grieve about it. It may be for a particular reason. It is either He is teaching you or that He is preparing you for something greater.




 Significance of the Passion Prediction .





Do you know that in the gospel, Jesus would have allowed the people to continue to sing his praises and shout the wonder of God but amid their amazement, Jesus predicts His death and betrayal as a reminder and an emphasis, that His ultimate purpose goes beyond miracles, signs and wonders.



This is comparable to Peter’s resistance to the first passion prediction after confessing Jesus to be the Messiah (Matt 16:22).


It is also an emphasis that life is not all about the glory part of it. There is also a bitter part of it. Therefore, let us always prepare for both.



God’s purpose for our lives is always for good but we may wander through some major roads whether easy or difficult to reach that destination. 



The lesson here is that God has a purpose for everyone but the road to that destination must not be rosy. Suffering can be part of destiny. 




 There is No one Without Suffering .





Many people have this false belief that every rich man out there is happy.

Do not think if you have all the riches in this world, you will be forever happy. 

It is surprising to know that most of the people you think are rich are not truly happy. 



Yes, some have the money but lack peace of mind. Do not think if you acquire the whole earth, you will be happy, some have done it but constantly facing challenges upon challenges.




As we grow, our challenges grow. You cannot find anyone who is not undergoing an internal battle. 



Do not be surprised that you have peace of mind, and you are happier than that person you think is better than you. 




Appreciate the challenges that come to you. Many of them come to challenge you, many of them come to challenge that hidden talent you buried for years. This is the reason, we call them challenges. 




Some of the experiences we see as suffering come to us to bring us closer to God. Some of them come to teach us lessons in life.



Many of them come to us to tell us who our real friends are. Some of the experiences come to push you further. So, Suffering can be part of destiny.




Always Appreciate your journey, appreciate your life, you may never know where God is leading you. 





May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to conquer our challenges. May He give you peace of mind. Amen



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    Amen.. oh Lord give us the grace to carry our crosses and conquer them on our knees in Jesus name.

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