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The Presence of Jesus In Moments of Crisis. Wednesday After Epiphany


Breakfast With the Word Wednesday After Epiphany



 Mark 6:45-52



The moments of crisis is one of those critical moments that usually affect our faith. The moments of crisis are those moments when we face challenges, problems, temptations and difficulties that sometimes try to pull our faith to the mud.



 In the moments of crisis, there is always the tendency to be trapped in fear and anxiety. When this happens, we lose focus, we tend to forget we have Someone who is more powerful than the problem.



 During the time of problems, we sometimes concentrate our energy on the negative things that the problem may cause us, instead of the positive things, our God can do out of them.  



These are those moments when you pray, yet it seems your prayer is not working. They are those moments that despite how close you are to God, your challenging moments increase day by day. 



They are those times that after thanking God for the gift of life, yet in the next minute you hear that you have lost a relation. Moments of crisis can be devastating. It can challenge your faith. 



In Moments of crisis, there is always this temptation to treat our problems as if they are supernatural while God is natural, instead of the other way round. 



We have to understand that the moment of crisis does not mean that Jesus has gone on holiday. 


The moment of crisis is part of life and although challenging, but the presence of God is still there. So, when we are faced with such moments, we have to activate our faith and not our fear.


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The Apostles and Their Moment of Crisis.



In today’s readings, the apostles of Jesus face a moment of crisis that put them into fear. 

The point is that the readings of these moments continue to reveal who Jesus is. Today He is presented as Someone with extraordinary power and above the natural. 



In fact, double scary scenes besiege the apostles today in the gospel text of Mark 6:45-52. 

After the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus sends the crowd away while His disciples get into the boat and go on ahead to Bethsaida.



 After saying goodbye to them, then Jesus moves to the hill to pray. When evening came, Jesus sees that the apostles are worn out with rowing, because a heavy wind is against them. Then about the fourth watch of the night, Jesus comes towards them, walking on the lake. 




Then He tries to pass them by, but when they see Him walking on the lake, they think it is a ghost and they screamed out. When the apostles see Jesus, they become heavily terrified. 




Therefore, they encounter two troubles at the same time. They were struck by the heavy wind and while battling with the already strong disaster, they met someone walking on the water. 



Imagine how fearful they could become. Even the man walking on the water tend to pass them, this could make them more afraid. 



When they saw him walking on the sea, they suppose that it is a ghost (Greek: phantasma), and they cried out”. 



The text says “for they all saw him, and were troubled” (v. 50). They were struck with terror at what they saw. At this point, Jesus says, “Be calm! It is I! Do not be afraid.” 


In essence, Jesus sees that they are deeply in crisis, He then assures them of His ever-abiding presence. Jesus comes to them in a moment of crisis. He is there in their deepest fears, even when they think their own lives may end up in the sea.




 He is Also With Us.



Jesus is also there with us in our moments of crisis. Sometimes, the situation may become worse like that of the apostles. Sometimes it becomes worse that we begin to doubt if Jesus truly cares for us. 



There are times we face great challenges, the more we pray for them to cease is the more they increase. 



Many Christians at this time begin to seek the easiest way out of the trouble. Many people abandon their faith at this time. Like the apostles today, we sometimes activate our fear instead of faith. 




When Jesus saw them crying, Jesus says to the apostles, courage, it is I. Therefore, He is invariably telling them that when they face this situation, they need to activate their faith and not their fear. They need to be fully assured that He is still with them in moments of crisis. 



So, the moments of crisis does not mean that God is no longer there. Rather, it means that we need more of God at this time. His presence assures peace despite the crisis. 



He still says to us “Be calm, do not be afraid” our function is to be calm and trust His presence. Jesus knows what to do. 



 He is Supernatural.



Supernatural indicates someone who beyond the limitation of any natural phenomenon. It means that nothing human can limit what He can do.



The gospel text affirms that Jesus defies all odds. Nothing natural is beyond His power to control. Jesus walks on the water, which is an impossible task for all. Also when He speaks, the wind obeys Him. No one does that. This is an indication that there is nothing beyond His power to control. 


We have to take note of this when we are in moments of crisis.




 Trust His Presence.



With the Christmas celebration, we believe that He is now with us. Therefore, the text is telling us that there is nothing He cannot do. So, we have to be courageous, calm and trust His presence. 



Therefore, when we feel like everything is going against us, let us be calm and trust His presence. 

Even when we feel like losing hope, Be calm and trust His presence. Also, even when you feel like taking away your life because of what you are passing through, be calm and trust His presence.



 Even when the sickness seems incurable, Be calm and trust His presence. For He is beyond the natural. He is beyond every impossible situation. Jesus assures us of His ever abiding presence despite the crisis. 



Trust the presence of Jesus when everything goes against you. Whatever problem that we face in life is not beyond the power of God. Only God is supernatural, problems are not.



May His grace and abiding presence continually be with us in our moments of crisis. Amen.



  1. Emmanuel Francis says

    Amen and amen father

    1. Okwuchi Juliet says

      Amen. May God give me strength in this moment of Crisis. Amen

  2. Blessing Chilo says

    May your Abiding presence continually be with us oh Lord. Give us unending grace to keep trusting now and forever Amen

  3. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says


    1. Ogechi Anugwom says

      Amen 🙏

  4. Mbama Christiana says

    May the Lord continue to bless you Padre for uplifting souls through breakfast with the word. Amen

    1. Stella Ekwemalor says

      May your abiding presence continually be with us every days of our lives and May we never lose our trust in you oh Lord our God. Amen
      Thank you Padre
      Remain blessed

  5. Nonye Maduka says

    Amen. Happy new year Fr

    1. Carmela U. Ekwem says

      Amen! & Amen! Thanks & God bless you Fr… May God grant us the grace to remain calm & courageous in every moment of our crises. May he strenghten our faith in him & remain with us in every situation of our lives, Amen

    2. Jane says


    3. Onukwugha Florence says

      Oh Lord may your presence always abide in me in every moment of my crisis in Jesus Mighty name I pray Amen.God Bless you Father…

  6. Ayanbadejo Rita says


  7. Onyekonwu Ngozi says

    Jesus I have heard your word this morning that you are ever present in all that I am or may be passing through. Please Lord continue to strenghtening me when my faith is failing me through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. Thank you Jesus!

    1. Munachimso onuoha says


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  9. Olomu Chinedu says

    Amen. May His presence continue to strengthen us.

  10. Ijeoma Ugorji says

    Today’s reflection points out a significant rule for every child of God which is, “in the moments of challenges and difficulties, activate your faith and not your fears.”

    May the God Lord grant us the grace to trust him always. Amen.

  11. Ugwu Grace Ngozi says

    Amen, may God bless and strengthen you always. Remain blessed Fr.

  12. Eze, Blessing Chinasa says

    Amen. Thank you Fr.

  13. Nwoye Ngozi says

    God bless you Fr for this wonderful breakfast

  14. Regina Mobu says

    Amen! Thank you Father.

  15. Otokpa Elijah says

    Father, may I always trust You

  16. Miriam Ogbannu says

    Amen, thank God for this reflection. At times, it seems what I am praying for is not yielding result but I bless God for encouraging me through his word today to always be calm and increase my faith not my fear.

    God bless you real good dear Padre for today’s breakfast with the word.

  17. Emmanuel ChimezieChidoka says

    Amen. And also with you Padre. Thank you very much.



  19. Miriam Ogbannu says

    Thank God for this reflection. At times it seems what I am praying for is not yielding result but I bless God today for encouraging me through his word to be calm and increase my faith and not my fear.

    Thanks so much dear Padre for today’s breakfast with the word. God bless you real good.

    1. Prince Gee says

      Amen! Be blessed too…!
      A saying has it that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, which denote that with God all things are possible! As it was with the apostles, so has it been with us. Tnx for the food for thought cum encouraging reflection…!

  20. Adesanya Ayodeji Mary says


  21. Blessing Anne says

    Help me Lord to be calm,activate my faith and not fear in moment of crisis
    That I may trust your presence always in my life. Amen

  22. Anyiam Cornelia says

    I need your grace oh Lord to completely trust in You.

  23. Ibeawuchi Ugochi says

    Thank you Jesus for assuring us of your presence especially in times of crisis. Help us to recognise your presence in our lives and situations. Amen


    Thank you so much FATHER, through your prayers and the world of God I read here you have really helped and encouraged me to to keep faith and believe that God knows all that I am going through I believe he will settle my cases in Jesus name Amen

  25. Kubiat says

    The grace to remain calm I pray dear Lord. I know you are with me always

  26. Amara says

    Amen!!! Thanks Fr for the message.

  27. Eneduwa Josephine says

    Thanks Padre….
    This reminds me of my trying period last year, when I lost my mother on April 27th. We nursed her believing that she will be OK but instead she was reducing and this was painful cos I was actually preparing for my wedding which she has been waiting for but she’s not around to witness it.

    Anyway Padre, am yet to give my testimony cos I was blessed amidst pains. God was there and still I was in tears. My wedding was placed on hold cos of my mum’s burial. No uncles and aunts, my father’s people were not helping matter, they sold my father’sland and that’s was were we buried my father and grandmother. We started dragging the matter cos that’s we hope to bury my mom…. We kept prosponing d burial date till it came to past on 12 & 13 Aug 2021. It can only be God and no other. We buried my mom on another land.

    It’s not easy to walk on the path of believing and trusting God but I thank God for His Grace which has been seeing me through.

    I just did my intro on 5th Dec 2021 and preparing for my wedding without my parents but my God is faithful to do all things. Amen

    Thanks Padre.


      Amen. I pray Jesus remove every aorta of fear from me. Amen


    Thanks you Jesus…what a wonderful reflection to me…it looks like this breakfast is directly to me ….may God almighty continue to strengthen your wisdom n inspiration fr. Towards our lives

  29. Chisom Egwudike says


    1. Igwe Lilian says

      Amen ,His power is always made manifest in our weaknesses

    2. Chinyere Ezemelue says

      Lord, I need the grace to activate my faith in times of challenges. Amen

  30. Ifeoma Ugwueze says


  31. Okereke Festus says


  32. Anujue Ifeanyichukwu Godwin says

    May God grant us His grace to keep trusting in His power to save us.Amen


    Although it might look or sound so difficult to do but We ask for his grace and unending courage to trust in him even at the worst mome6in our lives through christ our lord. Amen

  34. Dorothy Mary Iyinbor says

    Amen thanks Padre God bless you 🙏

  35. Anthonia Okonkwo says

    This is a wonderful reminder of how powerful our God is, thanks for sharing Padre.

  36. Helen says

    You are and will always be EMMANUEL until the end of time🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Thank you Padre for your good works. May the grace of God continue to speak for you at all time and place🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. Judith chiamaka ezeofor says

    Thank you father for uplifting my faith in christ.
    May God give me the grace to build my faith stronger in him in Jesus name amen

  38. Onukwugha Florence says

    Thank you Jesus Christ for today’s words of breakfast.Oh Lord Please, give me the Grace to be Calm and trust in your Presence.Since I knew that nothing natural is beyond your Power.

  39. Rosemary Umeze says

    The story of my life right now, Lord Jesus please help me!
    My Lord and my God.

  40. Peter Anthony Dodoh says

    Amen. Lord God please strengthen me in this time of my trouble.

  41. Bena says

    Amen. Thanks for the encouraging words. I believe that the Lord will see us through the challenges we are encountering.

  42. Ofoma Onyedikachi says

    Thank you Lord for word of encouragement from your servant Fr Mario. Oh Lord 🙏🙏🙏, I pray that you may give me grace to stick to my faith in you. Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  43. Ofoma Onyedikachi says

    Congratulations nne. God knows every of our problems and have it’s solution. Our mother Mary and Jesus Christ will there for you on your wedding day.

  44. Adeline Chidimma says

    Thank you God for your word. God please may I never loose hope in my moments of trails and tribulations, may I always call upon you likewise my siblings through Christ Our Lord Amen

  45. Dr Chinwe Agwoile says

    Jesus! I trust in You! Merciful Jesus! I trust in You! I trust in Your divine presence. May You increase my trust in You so I’ll never be shaky in my moments of crisis such as I am in now. Make me strong at heart to be able to overcome my present crisis situation. So help me God! Our Lady, Undoer of Knots! Intercede for me! Obtain for me the inner peace I need to overcome my present crisis. God bless you real good, Padre mia!

  46. vivian enenta says

    Amen. Thank you Padre

  47. says

    Praise be to Jesus, who assures us that he is bigger and Master to our problems.

    We only needs the grace to believe in whatever God says and reveals to us that is we need Faith not fate we need courage not fear, we need to be dependent in his words not independent.

    And May his hands always uphold us to surmount and conquer our worries and fearful syndrome that we battle with in our surgeon on earth through Christ Our Lord AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!

  48. Ani Chinonyelum says

    Well done Padre

  49. IJ UMEGO says

    Lord Jesus help me to always trust in you despite the difficulties I face. Amen.
    Jesus I trust in you.

  50. Dr Nicholas Onyia A. says

    My eternal God, may I always see and confess your supremacy over all challenges that might attempt to come my way, in Jesus name, amen. Remain blessed fr.

  51. Maryann obiano says

    Thank you Jesus for your presence in our life and may your grace continue to be upon us in overcoming the moment of crisis that we face in life through Christ our lord Amen

  52. Chikwendu Olivia says

    May He give us the strength to overcome our challenges.

  53. Ibeawuchi Monica says

    Amen. God bless you fr.


    Amen 🙏 God bless you Padre for feeding my Soul

  55. Thres Rock says

    Today’s reflection about fears talks about I, because I am always afraid and fearful but with these reflection I read now, I understood that being fearful is not encouraging and I should just be fearless because my Lord is always with me.

  56. Mrs Nora Nkoli Anabiri says

    Amennnnnnn. Thanks Padre

  57. Eririogu FideliAa says

    Amen. Thanks father

  58. Mary says

    Come Lord Jesus to us, with the continuous assurance of ur presence. Amen

  59. Ighekpe Agbodesi Winifred says

    Jesus help me to hold firmly onto you, help to trust in your presence no matter the situation, help me to have faith in you to know that you are the supernatural God, thank you for your word oh Lord, Amen. Shalom Padre and thank you so much.

  60. Constance Ugwuanyi says

    Amen. The omnipresent God I thank you for always being ever present. Thank you Dear Fr.

  61. Nwabueze chioma says


    Thanks father for the encouraging words

  62. Eze Nnedinso Blessing says

    Thank you Jesus Christ for your word, help me to be calm and trust you more during crises. Amen!!!

  63. Prince Gee says

    Amen! Be blessed too…!
    A saying had it that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, which denote that with God all things are possible! As it was with the apostles, so has it been with us. Tnx for the food for thought cum encouraging reflection…!

  64. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu and family says

    Amen Amen Amen. Spirit of forgetfulness loss ur grip on me in Jesus everlasting name Amen.

  65. Prince Gee says

    Amen! And same to you…!
    God remains faithful even amidst our fears or doubts in times of trouble…!

  66. Mercy E Johnny says

    Amen. Jesus, I Trust in You !

  67. Ada Ndubuisi says

    Thank you Jesus

  68. Eririogu Fidelia says

    Amen . Thanks father

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