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Unless We change: Breakfast with the Word.



Luke 13:1-9




Unless we change our directions, we are likely to end up where we are heading to”. We deem this Chinese proverb as enlightening, especially at this present moment.

In the country, every person is clamouring for a change in governance and a total reform in the way security operatives handle issues. This outcry resulted in protests, loss of lives, destruction of properties etc. The citizens are asking for a new Nigeria. This task however it may look may seem impossible to achieve because of the continual decay in the political and socio-economic sector.


To achieve what we want, we have to start from the root and failure to do this may land us into a more precarious situation. Once you begin to follow a destination, you must surely end up where the destination leads you, unless you change direction.


Today Jesus tells the crowd unless you repent, you will also perish. This is a call to change direction otherwise we are heading to something more serious than a disaster. Unless we change and redress our steps, the new era we are clamouring for may be impossible to achieve.


In the Gospel


In the gospel of today, Jesus refers to two disasters that are well popular in His time. One of them is man-made while the other is a natural disaster. Luke says that people came and disclosed to Jesus how Pilate attacked the Galileans who were offering sacrifice at the temple and mingled their blood with the sacrifice.

There is no detailed report on this event but Jesus uses the event and that of the eighteen people killed by the Tower of Siloam to present a striking point.


Anything can happen at Any Time


From Jesus’ statement, it may be that the people think that these tragedies happened because of the intensity and magnitude of their sins. The Jews have this belief that God punishes when we sin and rewards when we live righteous lives. We can see such belief in Psalm 145:20 and Ezekiel 18:20. But Jesus is trying to let them know that good and bad thing can happen to anyone.

The people that perished in these tragedies is not a sign that they are sinners. It is not a sign that God hates them but that the unexpected can happen at any time. This is the reason we have to be ready at all times and change from the bad things that we do. Nobody can predict the next hour.



Unless we change



Unless You Repent


Jesus asks them to repent or perish otherwise life may take them unawares. This is a call for all to change and repent because we do not know what the future upholds. Those who died in these tragedies as Jesus mentions may not be ready to die. They may not have thought that such kind of trouble would befall them. In essence, anything can happen at any time.


The only way to avoid being taken unawares is to repent from the evil we do, otherwise, our souls will perish in the eternal fire. In essence, repentance and total change of heart is the only way to avoid this imminent damnation.


Unless We Change


In the same manner, the only way to save our lives and the future now is to change. The country needs to change from the root. The protest that rocked Nigeria recently is beyond the endsars hashtag. The country is totally in a mess. Nothing is working. Every sector in this country shares its own blame. If we truly need a change and we want a new Nigeria, all hands must be on deck.


If the political leaders truly have the interest of the people at heart, the youths must not come out to remind them what to do. A good leader will always listen to the yearnings of the people he leads rather than killing and impoverishing them. He will always try his best to respond to them positively.


Unless we change direction, the destination we are already driving to may lead us to ruin.  The covid 19 palliatives packed in warehouses which were meant to ease the hunger ravaging the people during the pandemic is enough revelation of the type of greediness that has bewitched the nation. Thus, we need to redress our steps. Let us begin to do well wherever we are and have people’s interest at heart. So quit doing things only to be praised. Always work from the heart. Because a good tree is known by its fruit.


God Expects Us to Bear Fruit

Just like in the gospel, God expects us to bear fruits with all the human and natural resources He lavishes us with. We do not have any excuse, we have to do better. This is a call to all leaders to respond positively to the yearnings of the people. We need true change. We want to be a testimony to the good foundations you can lay for the future generation.


Every year, the price of goods keeps increasing with no hope of amelioration. Even basic amenities like water, constant power supply, good roads etc are now used just to play politics and people are suffering. Every day, hunger, wickedness, extortion, greed, insecurity continues to rise. If we want a new era to greet our nation, we all must change. Otherwise, the future will be more disastrous.


May God bless you dearest and have mercy on us. May He give us the grace to come back to a newness of life.


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