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Bring the Problem to Jesus. Thursday 13th Week Ordinary Time


Breakfast With the Word Thursday 13th Week Ordinary Time of The Year.


 Matthew 9:1-8.


The gospel readings from Tuesday until now are gradually revealing Jesus’ authority. Jesus has authority over nature. He has power over demons, evil spirits, diseases, infirmity, and every disability. Bring any problem to Him. If you are always complaining and worrying, Bring the problem to Jesus and have peace.



Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. So how blessed are we, if we can make out time to be in His presence? Bring your problem to Him often. Take time to discuss with Jesus. Tell Him about you and your pasts. Jesus is real. 

We are indeed very talented, skilful, connected, and full of energy to do almost everything. But there will be a time we must meet some situations that are beyond our control. At that moment, you begin to long for a Supreme Hand to guide you.

Sometimes when you remember our past lives, it looks as if God will never forgive you again. Let us take our conditions to Jesus. 

Today’s gospel reveals Him as a merciful God who has the power to forgive and also a great healer who is willing to make us well again.


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No Soul goes to Jesus and Remains the Same.



In John 8:12, Jesus tells the people, “I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”.

In John 1:9, John says that Jesus is the true light that gives light to everyone”. If you want to develop that burning desire for God’s presence, we truly need to understand this about the person of Jesus.

This is why He says in John 12:36-40 that we must believe in the light if we want to be children of light. He is the only One who can dispel the darkness in our lives (Psalm 18:28).

Therefore, to meet Jesus is to meet light, encounter change, to encounter healing, consolation, to be filled with the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. It is the secret of inspiration, the source of mercy and forgiveness of sins. No soul goes to Jesus and remains the same. 

This is the experience of the paralytic that was brought to Jesus today. Therefore, bring the problem to Jesus.


To Come to Jesus is to encounter Forgiveness of Sins.


When we observe critically what happened in the gospel, we will discover that the paralytic did not ask for forgiveness of sins, but Jesus, first of all, forgave Him. 

They brought Him that he may encounter healing. But by meeting Jesus, He forgives his sins at the same time. Jesus does this to let the people know that He has the power to forgive sins. 

It is one of those actions of Jesus that proves His divinity, for only God can forgive sins (Mark 2:7). In essence, when you encounter Jesus, you encounter mercy. At the confessional, it is Jesus that we meet. So, bring the guilty pasts to Jesus and meet Him in the confessional. There is no sin that He can never forgive.


God Rewards Every Single Effort We make to Come to Him.


Like what happened in Luke 5:17-26, Jesus rewards every single effort that we make to come to His presence. 

The gospel says that immediately He saw the faith of the people that brought the paralytic to Him, He gave them courage and said “courage my child, your sins are forgiven”.


By calling the paralysed man his child, Jesus talks like a father talking to His son. When you come to Him amidst our worries and depression, He will tell you “it is well”.

Jesus longs to speak to you about your problem like a father talks to His son. 

He wants you to take Him as one. He wants to talk to you about every situation that has kept you worried.

Such a thing happens only when you come in His presence. Therefore, bring the problem to Jesus. He rewards every single visit, every single sacrifice to return to Him and every little effort that we make to create a good relationship with Him. He wants to forgive you again.

 It is better to seek His mercy rather than staying for many years living in sin, worrying about your past and living depressed.



We have to come With Faith.



For these people to come to Jesus is a pointer that they believe in His power to heal. When you bring the problem to Jesus, have a resolute assurance that He can as well do what you need.

Jesus so much loves it when we come before Him with full assurance that He can be able to do the thing we need. We have to come to Jesus with faith.

Quit following the crowd. Do not be an O yes member. Remember that today Jesus was in the midst of the crowd, but the people who came today were the ones who dared to approach Jesus. So, you have to single yourself out.

Also, do not be afraid to come to Jesus. Let us not come to Him only to test Him. But come to Him with full assurance and conviction.

The faith of the people who brought the paralytic started from the effort they made. They left whatever they had to do, to search for Jesus and found Him. When we truly search for Him, we shall find Him.

Secondly, Mark 2:1-12 who reported the same said that the people even climbed the roof of the house to lay the paralytic man before Jesus. 

These attitudes showed the type of faith they had in Jesus. So, as we bring the problem to Jesus, remember that faith in Jesus is the key to come to Him.



We Can Be the Point of Contact for Others.


Our faith can be a point of contact for the healing of others as we pray for them. The faith of the people who brought the paralytic to Jesus was the point of contact for the miracle of today. 

Jesus saw their faith and proceeded to heal the paralytic. This is an indication that God can use us to deliver and heal the other person. As we bring our problems to God, remember the problems of others. Maybe through you, God can answer their prayers. Let us also bring people to Jesus and pray for them. When you pray for others, you are also praying for yourself. 


When We Do Not Believe.


If we do not believe in Jesus, we will not fully understand Him. When we do not believe in Him, we may not even take His words seriously. 

We may begin to question if He is real or not. Those who do not have faith leave themselves always at the level of reasoning than believing. We will become like the scribes and Pharisees who were questioning his authority today. They did that because they see Him as someone ordinary.

Therefore, Our lack of Faith makes us think that coming to Jesus is a waste of time. 

Our lack of faith can make us think that our sins can never be forgiven or that the Church has no power to forgive sins etc. 

Everything is not at the level of logic. The supernatural is beyond the human mind, and faith is always in the realm of the supernatural.


If We come to Him.


While the paralytic was in His presence today, Jesus encouraged and consoled him, healed him and forgave Him.

If we come to Him always, we can receive healing, miracles, graces upon graces, mercy and forgiveness. Let us bring the problem to Jesus, let us come to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and grace in time of need. ( Heb 4:16).


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to continually come close to Him Amen


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