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Jesus does not want to Lose You. Wednesday Seventh Week of Easter


Breakfast With the Word Wednesday Seventh Week of Easter.


John 17:11-19


In today’s holy gospel, Jesus continues His prayer for His disciples. In today’s prayer, He continues to ask the Father to keep them together, so that they may be One.


He reminds the Father how He has watched over the flock that is handed over to Him and none of them was lost, except the one who chose to be lost.



In this prayer, we see the heart of someone who does not want to lose any of His disciples. Jesus does not want to lose you. He wants to be with you now and always.


Jesus does not want to lose your soul. He has a deep interest in us and everything that we do. So, the problem is that we do not want to give Him our attention.



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He wants your Protection.


We know that life is full of challenges, trouble and uncertainties that sometimes we live in the fear of the unknown.


We seem to have lost faith that God never protects His own again, that many now are so afraid of what they will certainly face in the future. 


Today also, our beloved Jesus takes time to pray for the protection of His disciples and those who belong to Him.


Today, Jesus prays for three things for you and me: Joy, protection and sanctity. He is deeply concerned about our welfare.


Jesus prays that we are protected from the “evil one. He says “I am not asking you to take them out of the world, but I ask you to protect them from the evil one. Secondly, He asks “Holy Father, protect them in your name that you have given me”.



The truth you here is that Jesus does not want us to lose faith when challenges come. Jesus understands deeply that the world is going to hate His disciples.

Therefore, they are going to face persecution and attack from the enemies of the gospel. He then asks for God’s grace upon them.


As a disciple of Jesus, Jesus does not want to lose you to earthly challenges, He does not want to lose us when we face persecutions, thereby He takes His time to strengthen our faith before we face them.

Surely, there are times we shall face great persecutions. In most of these moments, it may look as if God is keeping silent. But always remember that His eye is always on us.



He is keeping His eye on you still. Jesus does not want to lose you despite how you think He keeps silent. His seeming silence is not silence.



Jesus Knows Everything About the World.


Jesus knows that evil truly exists in the world. He knows also that many hearts of men are full of evil and wickedness.


He knows the challenges facing His beloved ones. This is the reason He is praying for our safety. Jesus does not want to lose you amid these worldly troubles.


Jesus knows that we are like lambs among wolves. He knows that the world is full of challenges and troubles.


He knows that as Christians, many are going to fight us.


At the same time, Jesus does not want to lose you, He does not want any of these to tempt our souls away from Him.


Secondly, Jesus knows He needs us in the world to touch and convert souls for Him, so Jesus makes it very clear that He is not asking for removal from the world.

But He is deeply concerned that his disciples be protected from these evil influences. 


Whenever you want to work for God, do it with all your heart and never in fear. Jesus does not want to lose you.


He will continue to protect you to bring His work to fulfilment. He needs you more than you think. Jesus does not want to lose you to sin, temptations, problems and persecutions in the world.



Therefore, if we are truly connected with Him, we shall work with the belief that He is always there to protect us from danger. He will not allow those who belong to Him to be defeated and wallow in shame.


The enemies of truth will surely fight you but Jesus has already entrusted us to the loving care of the Father and protection from harm even in the world.


Isaiah 54:15-17 says “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against you, shall fall for your sake”. We have a mighty Protector.


Beloved be not afraid, let us keep coming close to the Father to feel His caring heart and protecting arms. Wherever you go, always see it that the mighty Hands of God will continue to protect you from danger and lift you from every trouble.


When people attack and fight you for nothing, always know that He is aware of everything. When you know that you are innocent but people hate you or become envious of you because of nothing, do not think God is keeping quiet.


He is watching everything that is happening to you. He will always intervene in His time. Therefore, always remain strong in faith.


May God bless you dearest and sanctify you with His mighty Spirit. May you remain protected in His Mighty Arms. Amen





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