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Remember The Soul. Monday Third Week of Easter

 Breakfast With The Word: Monday Third week of Easter


Reading 1, Acts 6:8-15,  (John 6:22-29)



Have we for one day spend time to think about the soul? Is the soul no longer a reality? Have we for one day try to question how we come to life?


Where are we going to spend our eternity? As we spend time to think about the necessities of life, never forget the destination of your soul.


The soul is what makes us who we are. Without the soul life is gone, the body is just a mirage and will surely decay and decompose here, but this body is what man pays utmost attention.


Earthly food is necessary but Eternal Life is More necessary. Keeping the body fit is very good but keeping the soul fit is the most needed.


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What is the Motive Behind Our Search For Jesus.


In today’s gospel after Jesus must have fed the five thousand, the people saw that neither Jesus nor his disciples were around, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum looking for Jesus.


The distance to Capernaum was like 7 miles, but despite the distance, the people were busy searching for him. The people had been miraculously fed.


It was a common belief that the Messiah would give manna from heaven even as Moses had done; in fact, it was thought that the Messiah would give more than Moses had given. The people were convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, so they wanted to lay hold of Him and make Him king (John 6:1-15)


They began to search for Jesus to fulfill their earthly desires. Let us ask ourselves sincere questions. Why are you searching for God? Why are you going from one church to another, from one adoration to another, from one man of God to another?


What are you truly searching for? power? wealth? healing? miracles? Wow these things are God but seek you first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness first and other things will be added unto you. Seek Jesus first not material desires. Love Jesus like no other and begin a perfect relationship with Him.



When We Search for Him.


The People Sought Jesus (v.24)Believing that Jesus was the answer to their need, they did what they should have done: they sought Him.


This is quite simply a good lesson for all who need Jesus, though the people’s motive of searching for Jesus is very far from the standard, but their action is quite commendable. They searched for Jesus because they were in need,and found Him.


Who knows what they suffered along the way. A pointer that if we look for Jesus we must surely find him. If we sincerely need Jesus, spend time and seek Him with all your heart, we shall find Him. Man Should Search Diligently To Find Christ. Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near (Isaiah.55:6)


The Soul also Needs Nourishment.


When they found him on the other side of the lake, they asked him, “Master, when did you come here?”. Jesus answered, “Truly, I say to you, you look for me, not because you have seen through the signs, but because you ate bread and were satisfied. Work then, not for perishable food, but for the lasting food which gives eternal life.


They were looking for Jesus  to heal their bodies and fill their stomachs, but they did not want Him to cleanse their sins, recreate their hearts, and transform their lives.


They gladly came to Him for the “food which perishes,” but they had no appetite for “the food which endures to eternal life”  Why are we searching for Jesus? to love Him? to relate with Him intimately? or just for Him to do something special for us?


Today we seem to be more interested in the desires of the flesh, in the desires of the body and human needs than the spiritual, yet the spiritual is where we shall spend our eternity.


Man can do anything to satisfy his or her human needs which is necessary for his earthly existence but forgets  the soul which is the most necessary. We can go to any extent to satisfy our desires but hardly do we spend a little time with God.


Man can kill, murder, cheat, lie to get what he wants, but when he comes to the things of God, He begins to get weak, blaming his weakness, He begins to reason everything. He pays full attention to the body while the soul suffers.


Many think, they are going to live in the world forever and ever. We then derive joy in replenishing the body but keeping the soul in agony through the sins we commit. At last the body decays and the soul suffers eternal damnation . Please let us remember that the soul also needs attention.


Two Kinds of Food.



Jesus Pointed Out That There Are Two Kinds Of Food—Food for the body, which is necessary but not the most important and  Food for the inner man, the spirit, which is essential. What the people needed was not food but life, and life is a gift.


Food only sustains life, but Jesus gives eternal life. We need Jesus. Let us always remember that the soul also needs nourishment.


Just as there is physical hunger that only physical food can satisfy, so there is a deeper, spiritual hunger in the pit of the human soul that only spiritual food can nourish. But we abandon our souls to perish only to satisfy the body. Beloved remember the soul.


May God Bless you dearest and never forsake you as you draw close to Him. Amen.


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  1. CJ Glorious says

    Amen and Amen. oh Holy Spirit of God take control my life as I hungry to the Lord

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    Thanks so much Fr. For this words of encouragement and insight.

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      God bless you immensely

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    Amen! Thank you Jesus for another delicious breakfast this morning. Lord draw me nearer to thee that I may daily satisfy my soul through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  7. Desmond Oloto says

    Amen 🙏. Thanks Padre for the spiritual food for thought

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    AMEN and Amen, remain bless our priest.

  10. Chinaza says

    Thank you Father

  11. Akwukwaegbu Mirian Chidinma Mariagorretti says

    Dear Lord help me to seek you for the spiritual food which heals the soul and not for the physical which can decay anytime. Amen

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  13. Chinyere Ezemelue says

    Lord make my desire to nourish my soul grow daily. Help me to desire you for the right motives and the salvation of my soul.

  14. Enibe Jacinta Amara says

    Amen.Help me Lord to seek you in truth and spirit.



    Very inspiring! God bless you Father.

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    Amen. May we always remember to feed our souls through greater communion with Christ Jesus.

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    Amen, thank to u fr for always been there for us

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    Thank you Padre.
    God bless you and happy new month. Amen

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  27. Carmela U. Ekwem says

    Amen! & Amen! Thanks and God bless you too Fr for this soul uplifting msg.

    May God grant us the grace to seek first the things of the soul whch will bring about eternal life at the end, Amen!

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  38. Chinwe Agwoile says

    My reason for seeking Jesus needs to be critically examined. I’ve come to realize that I should seek God to adore and worship Him, not as a useful tool to exploit. Jesus is calling me to deeper faith and commitment to trust wherever and whenever I seek Him. What then can I do today to accomplish the work of God?
    My Loving Jesus, You’re the sign of God’s love and mercy. Give me the right motive; purify my intentions and give me the desire to seek You for my own salvation. Teach me the value of praise prayer over petition prayer. Grant me the wisdom to seek You, not for material gain, but for the salvation of my own soul. Give me the grace to pray in times of joy (consolation), and not just in times of trouble (desolation).
    My Shield and my Companion, I invite You at the Centre of my life. I ask for Your grace to seek You in a way that I will always find You.
    Mary, our Mother of Perpetual Help, exercise Your Intercessory Power and help me. Amen!

    Am resolved to 𝘽𝙚.𝙖.𝙥𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙩.𝙤𝙛.𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩🕯️

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