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Over the years these two teachings have raised a lot of concern to many in the church especially the youth and also the sick who are in danger o death. we shall analysis them and see what the church says about them.



This is to take life and death into our own hands, through suicide or assisting someone in suicide and this also is to play God.


Our life and death are in the hands of God. He is our creator “ who gives to everyone life and breath and everything” ( Acts 17:25) our days on earth are appointed to us by Him from the very beginning( psalm 139:16).


There are three types or ways Euthanasia is committed:



1. Direct Euthanasia: This is when a sick or depressed individual losses hope of surviving and then takes his life by himself or ask the health personnel to give him drugs or pill to take his life on his consent. In this case the deceased is fully aware and admit that his/her life should be cut short at a specific time or date.


2. Indirectly Euthanasia: This is when the family of a sick person, handicap or unconscious person after seeing the suffering their relative is going through and can no longer bear the sight of seeing the person going through the pain ask the Doctor of health personnel that the person should be killed to relief him/her of the pain and  also the family expenses. In a case like this, the deceased might be aware of the plan to take his life forcefully or it might as well be hidden from them.


3. Third party Euthanasia: This is a situation whereby the medical person after seeing the health condition of a person “prescribes”/ “advise” or “encourage” the family to accept that they ( the health personnel) give the sick person drugs or pills to take his/her life. In this case the deceased is NOT AWARE and DOES NOT admit that his/her life should be cut short at a specific time or date.



The Church condemns all the three forms of Euthanasia but rather advise that pain killer should be given, if possible excess dosage to reduce the pain in as much as it does not aim to kill the person.


The Church teaches that we owe the sick person a good health treatment except if we have no means again of treating the person financially or if the treatment giving to the person might kill the person in the process i.e giving excess medical treatment / test or operation to the point of weakening the person body system to the point of killing the person.





This is the taking of an infant life at any stage in the mothers womb. The Church speaks against abortion. Even before we were born, (psalm 139:13-15) God knows what we will be.


God said that we shall give account for every blood we shed. God loves children and their angels are always before him. No child life is worth to be lost at any stage of life.



Infanticides which is taking an infant life due to handicap nature of the child or deformity or health issue is not accepted by the Church even if the child will be burden to the family when born, we should accept it as the will of God for us.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research  means using an embryo to do research this might take the life of the embryo even if it will later prevent the death of other children.


The Church says and teaches that good result may and will never emanate from a bad intention.


May God bless you as you journey in the faith.




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