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The Miracle of Loving One Another. Friday Fifth Week of Easter

Breakfast With the Word: Friday Fifth Week of Easter



John 15:12-17 



After assuring His disciples that He truly loves them, in today’s gospel of John 15:12-17, Jesus asks His disciples to be and do like Him. He says “ This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you”.


In John 13:34-35, Jesus says that this is what will distinguish them from the world. To love one another will make people know truly that they are His disciples. Hence, To love one another is our trademark. This is what will make us different. 



To Love One Another. 



To love one another means to live in peace, unity and compassion. It means seeing the other person the way you see yourself.

Loving one another comes with the greatest miracle we may never imagine. Where there is true love, there is progress and development.


When we love one another, we treat the person as a human being that he/she is. If we can sincerely observe this command, things will get well in the country.

Christians today are not practising Christianity and that is why problems and difficulties keep knocking at our door.

 If the leaders of the country can lead with love, if those at the helm of affairs will govern with the heart of compassion and if we can see and understand what love is, we will make sure that the needs of the people are met. 


Jesus says that to love one another is a command, and if we can do this, then we make ourselves His friends.

Friends of Jesus live in love and not in hatred. He says in the gospel,” You are my friends if you do what I command you”.


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Miracle come When We Love One Another.


When we invent or create something, we are fully aware of how what we created can be sustained or destroyed. We know every detail about it surely because it is the product of our ingenuity. 


When Jesus who is co-creator with the Father says “do this or that”, He actually knows the power and benefit of doing them and the consequences of not doing them.



Jesus knows the power behind the love of neighbour. This is why in many pages of the bible He says “love one another (John 1334), love your neighbour (Mathew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Lev. 1918), pray for your enemy (Mathew 5:44)”. 


Jesus knows that loving one another brings the greatest healing and leads to the greatest miracle. It is the only thing that can make a group of people grow.


Loving one another is the only thing that will make a leader understand that He leads human beings and not animals. 


Loving one another will make kidnappers and criminals understand that they are inflicting pains on people. When we grow with a heart of compassion the way God does for us, there will be peace and progress everywhere. 


The Miracle the World needs.



The miracle the world needs, the miracle our communities, our families need to be better is not merely the healing of a leper or deaf and dumb but sincere love to exist among all. It is when we come together to solve issues besieging our country and ourselves.

Loving one another is the key to spiritual life. God loves it. This is what makes people powerful. You can never defeat a kingdom that binds with one heart.

Couples that live with one heart is like a heaven. Siblings that love one another will always go far in life.



Loving one another is the only way any country, family or community can grow. A country or state can only progress if they are fully committed to the welfare of the people.


But if they are ruled by leaders full of selfishness, leaders who pay deaf ears to the crying of the people, then suffering and hunger will continue to increase. 


 1 . Today we live in a world, full of hatred, ethnicism, tribalism, selfishness, etc and we want to develop, it is practically impossible.

Many families today are ruled by hatred, backbiting, jealousy etc yet we want miracles from God. How is it possible?


 2 . Let us know first of all that we are the miracle we seek. Imagine a place where everyone loves each other and helps the other to grow without selfishness. 


We allow uncalled competitions, wickedness, inferiority complex, to fill our hearts. When we see others growing instead of rejoicing with them and pray for our blessings, we want to block and stop them and yet we want miracles from God.When something good happens to a person, you may in one way or the other gain from it.

If we know the miracle that comes from living in love of another, we will decide to live in love rather than living in wickedness, selfishness and indifference.

We have to know that any environment that lacks sincere love and unity, hardly makes waves. When we decide to live in hatred is also the decision to make some people suffer. 



4 . We have to know that a heart full of evil even renders prayers ineffective. 1 Timothy 2:8 says “I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarrelling,” James 4:3 says: You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions”


 5 . We have to know that giving our time, money, or energy to help others, will make us better. It will bring a positive impact in you. 


 6 . It is the easiest way to change any community, family and make the world better. A family that helps each other and lives in peace can never experience hardship but one that lives in chaos, quarrels are the bed of downfall. When we help, we create a ripple effect. Many will like to do the same and the kindness continues to multiply. 


  1. Do you know that studies have indicated that the very act of helping and loving boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being and can lower your blood pressure then helps you live longer? 


8 . When we stay in unity, the opportunity to succeed is near 100 per cent but when we want to fight and destroy ourselves, the opportunity to succeed is near 20 per cent. 


What are we praying for, if not that God will do this or that for us? Will those things fall from heaven? They will come from those around us, and can only be easy if the environment is birthed in love, peace and unity. We cannot be praying that things are better but yet we do not want things to be better. 




May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to live as Jesus says. May you experience a powerful change in your life. Amen



  1. Blessing Chilo Adie says

    “Love your neighbor as I have loved you” this is the commandment you gave LORD JESUS.. Help us to live in peace and let love lead so that they will be peace in our world again Amen.

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    Amen! Jesus may your love pierce my heart and ignite it to love others as you have loved me. Amen.
    Thank you Jesus!

  4. Mbama Christiana says

    Amen. Thank you Padre for today’s message. May God bless you. Amen

  5. Mailoushi James says

    Amen, remain blessed Fr.

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    Amen! Thank you father for your blessings on us. May the good Lord continue to fill you with more wisdom and good health.

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    Amen and Amen

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    Thank you beloved Padre. God bless you richly for this reflection.
    Have a beautiful day

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    Let Your love reign dear Lord🙏🙏🙏

    Thank you Padre. God bless you 🙏

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    May God help us to love genuinely, just as he loves us.

  19. Danny Hansel says

    God please give us the spirit of love to love our neighbors.

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    Amen! & Amen! Thanks and God bless you too Fr.

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    Lord I accept you and ready to work with you,, love you so much my lord

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