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The Peace that Jesus gives. Tuesday Fifth Week of Easter

Breakfast With the Word Tuesday Fifth Week of Easter




 John 14:27-31



The world can give you everything but the world cannot give you peace. How I wish everybody can be rich and famous and achieve everything he/she dreamed of so that we can finally discover that to find peace in this world is an illusion.


The meaning of life is to know God and enjoy His presence. Only God can give us inner peace. In essence, this is a state of mind that relaxes in God’s divine protection and love. Hence, someone in this state does not worry nor fear because He knows that His life is in God’s hands.


The peace that Jesus gives is the peace that can only come from Him which nobody else can give. This peace surpasses every human understanding.


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The Gift that Jesus gives.



In today’s gospel, Jesus says ” ‘Peace I give to you, my peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to you”. 

This is a gift that Jesus gives freely to whoever is very close to Him. Therefore, if we need inner peace, come to Jesus.

If any family needs peace, they should repent and come to the Lord. His peace surpasses every human understanding.


The gospel of today happened before Jesus went into agony. In essence, He ensures this precious gift that to his apostles before going into agony.


This peace He also repeated after the resurrection when He appeared to them (John 20:21). This is an indication that living in Christ and closeness with Him is in sync with this precious gift.


In 2 Thessalonians 3:16, Paul addresses Jesus as the Lord of peace. He is the only one who can grant us peace in the face of any difficulties. In essence, this is a gift you can have when you come close to Jesus.



Secondly, this gift is available to all who wants to have it. In the gospel, Jesus tells His apostles “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.


This shows that the peace that Jesus gives is readily available to all. It is already given to you. Now to tap this gift, we have to remain an abiding disciple of Jesus.


The problem here is that we abandon this gift and pay less attention to it. Hence, we find joy in seeking the joy that the world can give and later disappointed that the world will give you more trouble.




The Peace that Jesus gives




 1 . In the world, when we are free of conflict, we enjoy momentary peace but when we face difficulties, health problems, and financial crisis, the momentary peace is disrupted and chaos rules the day.


This is the world for you. In essence, the Peace that Jesus gives is different from that of the World. The peace of Jesus gives you the grace, peaceful state and calm mind to go through the disturbing situation.

 However, you can see in Acts of the Apostles 16, how Paul and Silas were clapping, singing and overjoyed even in the prison.




 2. Sometimes man thinks peace is found in pleasures only to be disappointed later. No matter how long he tries to achieve this momentary happiness, yet he is not satisfied. He goes for more and more, yet in need of more. However, this is the world for you. But the peace of God is eternal.



 3 . Our God offers peace in the midst of chaos. His peace does not change with the circumstances; it is secure despite the circumstances. But worldly peace is disrupted once circumstances set in.




 4. The peace that Jesus give and promises is not an escape from trouble, but rather the courage to face it calmly. As Jesus speaks these words of peace, remember He is preparing to go to Gethsemane and face his passion. Yet He is assuring the disciples to be peaceful,


In essence, the peace of Jesus is being calm and strong despite the challenges facing us. This is a peace that can exist in the heart at times of great turmoil and trouble, pain and illness.


The peace that Jesus gives is the peace that comes with healing and forgiveness, and the peace which comes from doing what we know to be our calling. Sometimes, even within the toughest times of life, we can sense this peace that comes from Jesus.



 5 . The peace offered by the world is an empty promise and can only bring temporary comfort. God’s peace is a permanent peace offered by Jesus Christ.


The world and all its pleasures seem to give joy and peace, but at last, you find out they are just ephemeral and can never be satisfactory.


True and inner peace comes from the Lord. Let us embrace this gift. It is the only thing that can help us now in the face of all these crises ravaging the world.


May God bless you dearest and may you encounter Him in your challenges. Amen.









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