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The Sleep of Jesus during the storm


The Sleep of Jesus during the storm


The Sleep of Jesus during the storm carries a significant message about the seemingly silence of God in difficult times. It portrays a situation where Jesus was peacefully asleep while a violent storm raged around Him. In this silence, there are valuable lessons to be learned:


  1. Persistent prayer: The apostles did not give up in calling upon Jesus, even when He seemed unresponsive. Their persistence in seeking Him teaches us the importance of continuing to pray and reach out to God, even when it seems like He is silent. It reminds us that He is always attentive to our cries and is ready to help in His perfect timing.


  1. Testing our faith: The silence of God during the storm can be seen as a test of our faith. It challenges us to trust in His sovereignty and believe that He is working behind the scenes, even when we cannot see or understand His plans. It urges us to hold on to our faith, knowing that God is trustworthy, regardless of His perceived silence.



  1. Strengthening our character: The silence of God during the storm provides an opportunity for personal growth. It pushes us to rely on our faith, patience, and perseverance. It molds our character, building resilience and endurance as we learn to trust in God’s timing and purpose.


  1. Seeking deeper intimacy: In times of silence, when we feel that God is distant, we are invited to draw closer to Him. It is an opportunity to seek deeper intimacy with our Creator, to search His Word, and to understand His heart. It is in these moments that we can experience His profound peace and find solace in His presence, this is why the apostles kept calling on Him, despite His sleeping..


  1. Revelation and redirection: Sometimes, God’s silence during the storm serves to redirect our focus and reveal a new perspective. It prompts us to examine our own hearts, priorities, and motivations. It invites us to align our will with His and allows Him to guide us towards a better path.


In times when it seems that God keeps silent, let us be encouraged to call upon Him with unrelenting faith. Let us remember that He is always present, even when it appears that He is not actively responding. Trusting in His wisdom, surrendering to His perfect timing, and seeking His presence will ultimately lead us to a place of peace and understanding.



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