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What comes Through Jesus Christ.Saturday Before Epiphany


oBreakfast with the Word Saturday Before Epiphany

John 2:1-11

What comes Through Jesus Christ.



As we draw near the Epiphany of the Lord, the Church gradually reveals to us about Jesus Christ. In the reflection of yesterday, we discussed the personality of Jesus Christ.


 At the end of the readings of today, John writes that Jesus did his first miracle at Cana in Galilee and through it revealed His glory, and His disciples began to believe in Him. 


Therefore, the church in her wisdom puts these readings, to let us know and understand what comes through Jesus Christ so that we can believe strongly in Him just as the disciples did today.


 Therefore, when we approach the presence of Jesus Christ, what do we truly encounter? When you take your time to go before God, what do you experience? Let us have a brief reflection on today’s revelation at Cana. 


1. Reveals the Intercessory Power of His Mother

The first specific thing we have to know from the event at Cana is that through the event, Jesus reveals the intercessory power of the Blessed Mother Mary.


Let me explain in a little bit. There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. John states categorically that the mother of Jesus was there. Then, Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. 

When the wine ran short, none of the disciples of Jesus went to Jesus. Jesus himself did not do anything but the mother of Jesus went to him, and said “They have no wine.”


None of the guests approached the mother for any miracle, not even the people in charge of the wedding. She went on by herself. 

The only effort that the celebrants made was to invite her. It does not mean that Jesus did not know what is happening, Jesus wanted to use this opportunity to reveal to the world the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary



2. They have No Wine.


This is a message indicating the time of dryness, lack and scarcity. In this event, also the Blessed Virgin Mary teaches us the need to remain close to Jesus even in times of lack. 


The time of dryness is not a time to lose faith but a time to increase faith. When she notices that there was a lack, she immediately approaches her son. This is the reason we need to put ourselves in the hands of our Blessed mother Mary. 

She knows when you are in a time of lack, even without you knowing. She knows how to pray to God and get what you want, more than you do. 

One thing that comes through Jesus is the gift of His mother to the church, when He told the beloved apostle, ”Behold your mother”, invariably telling us to behold and embrace Mother Mary as our mother. This is teaching us that In the time of lack, do not lose faith, rather be close to God. 


3. My Hour has not Come

Did you remember the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8? Did you remember how the unscrupulous Judge refused to listen to her because she had faith that even in the face of rejection, her request was answered? The best time to express how strong our faith is is in times of rejection and problems. 

At the wedding at Cana, Jesus reveals to us that even though it seems God will not answer our prayers, let us keep our faith as strong as ever. 



When the Blessed Virgin Mary told her son that they have no wine, Jesus responded “My hour has not come”. Hence, there was no further argument, Mother Mary understands Him very well, She went ahead and told the servants, “do whatever he tells You”. 

Therefore, when the hour for the answer to your prayers seems not to be coming, Mother Mary teaches us to keep the faith. 

When the hour of the answer to our prayers seems as if all hope is lost, Jesus is revealing to us that He can still show up. This is what comes through Jesus. In Him, there is no hope lost.


4. Water to Wine

I have read some posts where people argue that God has no involvement in material things, this is a pure lie. First, this is limiting the power of God. Second, both matter and non-matter were God’s creations. He gave man inspiration and ideas to further his creation. 

Therefore, God can inspire or give you ideas on how to succeed. He can still cause things to happen. The change of water into wine is a material change. It shows God can cause things to happen for us.


Therefore, it is not wrong to seek God’s intervention in business, academics, work, etc. Everything is still under His control.

Therefore, the change of water to wine is a message that we should not remove Jesus even in our daily activities. Blessings and graces for these things come through Jesus.


Fill the jars with Water.

In verse 16 of John 1, John says that through Jesus Christ, we receive grace upon grace. In Him is the fullness of grace.

Also, In today’s event at Cana, Jesus did not demand an empty jar. He did not demand half even, He demanded a full jar of water. 

This in effect is teaching us that whatever comes from Jesus Christ is Full. In Him, we receive the fullness of grace.

The Blessings that come from Jesus are always full. When you pray to Him, He does not do things halfway, He goes to the fullest.

God is always extravagant in His blessings. The parable of the prodigal Son is also proof of that. 



What Comes From Jesus.


 After the guests and celebrants tasted the wine, they were amazed. Therefore, what comes through Jesus, marvels the intellect. He is full of love.


Through His mother’s request, He saved the bride and groom from blame, and shame, and saved the guests from hunger and sadness. 


In the same way, through the intercession of His mother, Jesus can go to any extent to save us from these.


Whenever you are in His presence, have these at the back of your mind. Quit seeing God as heart-hardened and wicked. In the moments of His silence, He also knows what He is doing.

May God never forsake You. Amen



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