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When Our Souls are in Trouble: Friday Fourth Week of Easter


 Breakfast With the Word Friday Fourth Week of Easter



 John 14:1-6



What happened in today’s gospel is in tally with those moments when our souls are in trouble and worried. Those moments are;



 1. When we are not certain of what might befall us in the future: Before the gospel of John 14:1-6, the disciples are fearful and in a perplexing condition. We find ourselves in this kind of condition when our souls are in trouble


Jesus tells the disciples earlier, “Where I go, you cannot come.” Peter asks Him”Where are you going?” Thomas said, “We do not know why you are going, how can we know the way?”


This explains the type of distress they are into. Their future seems to be unknown. Also, whenever we are so unsure of the future, we allow worrying to overcome us.


Hence in the midst of the unknown, when our souls are in trouble, we become fearful of what may befall us. Jesus says today, let your heart not be troubled despite that.



 2. When we seem to be losing something or somebody. The disciples of Jesus had good reason to be “troubled”. The reason is that Jesus talks about leaving them and going where they could not follow.


Hence, Jesus saw in their faces that night; confusion, hurt, disappointment, fear, frustration and bewilderment.


So, the thought of losing Jesus was all over their faces. In essence, this is what truly happens to us. Sometimes, when we seem to be losing our positions, relationships loved ones, money, business etc we become so much worried and full of distress. So, when our souls are in trouble, Jesus encourages us today to be calm, put all our trust in Him. All hope is not lost yet.



 3 . When we think all hope is lost. Nothing characterized the fear of those disciples than this. They were losing their master. That was their trouble. It seems to be a hopeless situation. Who will feed them again? What of the kingdom they were expecting? Can they succeed without Him? Won’t the Jews laugh at them at last?


These are the type of questions we ask ourselves when our souls are in trouble and when we seem to be in hopeless moments. There is this questions about what can we do now? So, in this situation, Jesus is assuring us, to be calm despite the trauma.



 4. In moments of suffering and difficult situations. The disciples may be thinking that without Jesus things may be so difficult for them.



They were deeply concerned too of the suffering awaiting the messiah. Sometimes we experience sadness over our situations, by our difficult journey, and the things awaiting us. Jesus says to us put all our trust in me. Do not put your hearts in trouble.



 We Have Jesus



This is Jesus’ farewell discourse. He speaks with words of encouragement and assuring presence to the disciples. Jesus is the true guide.


Remember that Jesus does not promise them freedom from their troubles. He only assures them of His mighty and Divine Presence during the time of troubles.


He tells them He will be with them in the midst of their troubles. When their souls are in trouble, He is going to be their strength and guide.



 What is Troubling You?



Stop for a moment. What is making your troubled heart today? What is causing you sleepless nights? The hurt of those disciples that night was no different from the hurts you experience today. Jesus is telling those disciples to give Him those “troubles” that were boiling over their hearts.



Jesus says to his disciples, “Do not put your heart in trouble; trust in God and trust in me”. We owe God total trust whenever we find ourselves in challenges. Whether it improves or not, hang your faith there. The hour of surprises still comes unknown.




May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to overcome all your challenges Amen 









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