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When You are Already Discouraged

Breakfast with the Word : Readings of the Day


Luke 5:1-11




We feel discouraged when there is a loss of confidence or enthusiasm. This is when someone has lost hope or confidence especially in the face of difficulties. In today’s gospel, one can bring many topics like “when we obey God’ or when all hope is lost, or when Jesus is present, etc, but we choose this topic today because many today are discouraged about God’s plan for them,  some have lost hope about their future, and in themselves.


There are moments when you have worked truly hard to make it in life. Sincerely, you have made sincere efforts yet things remain the way they are. There are those times you have prayed fervently that God answers or sees you through but what you meet are problems upon problems. This then makes you discouraged about life, about God, and about your future.


Today, in Luke 5:1-11 the fishermen toiled all through the night and couldn’t catch a single fish, they lost hope because they had gone out of their net, and were already washing their nets”. This is after a long night of effort without success. So they must be tired and discouraged until Jesus came to the scene. The key points in this gospel today are:


  1. In Luke 5:1-11 When Simon Peter and his men have toiled all through the night, in their minds, they have concluded that there is nothing for the day, they never knew that there is a surprise awaiting them from the Lord. Losing hope is not a sign that you will not still achieve what you are looking for. Anything can still happen within the last minute.  Keep praying for his grace. Never give up, you may never knew what God has in store for you.


  1. When you are discouraged, do not get down, find someone or people who can lift your spirit again. Look for those who will show you the way out. Simon had already worn out and discouraged until Jesus came and showed him the way out.



  1. When you are discouraged because of adverse situations should be the time you have to pray harder and not the time to lose hope. Simon and his crew tried they much they can as human beings but Jesus came and did the impossible. We always need a supernatural hand to guide and save us. We always need his grace despite our human strength


  1. When you are discouraged, cling to the word of God to strengthen, guide, and inspire you again. The Word of God gives strength in the midst of difficult situations. When God is your guide and protector you can surmount the insurmountable. David says even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for you are with me” (Psalm 23;4).
  2. Jesus knew that they have toiled all through the night to catch a fish but could not because He saw them washing their net. Instead of telling them to cast their nets immediately, He took his time and taught them first. A fulfilment of His statement that “that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. ( Mathew 4;4).
  3. Then when He now commanded Simon Peter to cast his net, Simon said that “since this command is from you, I will do it” and thus they caught a great number of fish. We need to obey Him and follow his command all the time. When you feel there is no more hope, let his word guide and strengthen you.

6. The question one could ask is “what if Simon  Peter did not accept to obey? Because from every indication, Simon Peter has toiled all day and got nothing? Was Jesus an expert in fishing? How can He advise an expert, one would ask? But let us always know that the wisdom of God is beyond whatever we know. Always pray for His inspiration and do whatever He says.


7. Do not allow what you are passing through stop you from treating others well. In Luke 5:1-11, When Jesus demanded that Peter give his boat to Him, Peter would have transferred his frustration to Him. He wouldn’t have listened to Him for the fact He was so so angry and tired but Simon Peter allowed the Lord to use his boat and preach and thus he never knew Jesus had something in store for him. In the midst of difficulties, be charitable to people, you never know where your blessings might come or who God will inspire to help you.


8. Finally, never belittle whatever you do, even if such is not giving you what you want at the moment. Keep going, keep trying, and keep praying. Remember. Jesus did not tell Peter to cast his net into a different lake, it is the same Lake of Gennesaret. What Jesus tells him is “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch”. So sometimes all we need do is to go for the deep. Go for more.


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to surmount our impossible situations. May He console all who have lost their ones.



Fr Sanctus Mario



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