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Letter To Jesus From A Broken Heart and Jesus’ Reply



This Letter summarizes what many are going through and what  Jesus means for us in the midst of those great challenges.


Dearest Jesus

Awesome Jesus, I decided to put up this letter to you because you are the only one I have. Beloved Jesus, sometimes I wonder why my existence, I wonder why you allowed me to be born to come to the world and suffer. Sometimes My faith is truly shaken because of many things besieging me.All the while I have seen the face of the  earth, I have been going from one suffering to the other, from one form of betrayal to the other and from one problem to the other. I have always remained faithful to you, but yet I suffer much. I have so much believed that things will be better, but instead of getting better they go from worse to worse. I write this letter to you because I am really hurt, broken hearted and sad about my existence. Where are you Jesus, where are the blessings you have been promising those who so much love and abide you, why have you seem to abandon me to suffer like this without any hope, without help, without any means of survival. My loving Jesus I have suffered a lot, I have faced great challenges. Starting from my childhood, until now, All I pass is from suffering to suffering, There seems to be no hope coming to me. I have been coming to your presence daily, seeking for help, inspiration and solace, yet things are very very difficult for me.

Where are you my lord? Why have you allowed me to pass through great bitterness? My sufferings seem uneding. Were you not the one that saved many who come to you in the scriptures, please come and save me, the more I go, the more I pass through great difficulties. When will this end? I have worked,I have sought for job employments,I have tried many things yet uncountable, we are yet to see a sign of your light. Why have you forsaken me, why have you allowed my foes to laugh at me, why have you decided to abandon me despite the love I have for you, why have you allowed me to be an object of mockery? I have no one , I have no sincere friend, they hardly come nor talk to me because they know I am nothing. Jesus why have you kept silent on me? Why have you allowed me to be passing from one hurdle to the other. Things are very very difficult for me. I need you but you seem to be so silent on me. My faith is seriously hanging,I have read , worked, prayed,fasted yet nothing is moving why are you so silent Jesus? Please talk to me.

From Your Son/ Daughter

A Broken Heart


Jesus Replies


Beloved Son and Daughter, I was so much touched when I read your letter to me. I felt it because you are very close to me. I love you so much, my son /daughter. All the while you are passing great difficulties, I have been with you. All the while it looks as if nothing is moving around you, I have been leading you by my hand, without me, you would not have passed through them and yet remained victorious. Beloved Son/daughter, you were not created for nothing, God has a purpose for creating you, and for you to realize that purpose in life, He has to work on you and prepare you for the journey. All these you call challenges are God’s work on you. Do you believe that man can work negatively on you? When am your Shepherd? Do you not think that this is looking down on my power and underrating my  grace for you? No man can touch you as far as you have made me  your shepherd, As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am still with you, that is why you remained alive and victorious.

Beloved, Do you know how many times I have saved from you from the harm that would have befallen you? Do you know how many times I have led you out of trouble? Do you know how many times I have prevented you from accidents and saved you from the people that wanted to take  away your life? My son/daughter, you talk about the things you have seen, what of the things you have not seen. I have a future for you,losing hope is like losing me entirely and running away from the banquet I prepared for you. Life is not easy my son/daughter, what am doing is leading you through them.


Do not complain beloved for the times life has not been fair to you, do not think I have left you. Do not think,I have allowed you to wander in darkness. My love for you is great.Yes you have not married, yes you have not gotten employment, yes, nothing good seems to be coming, but instead of running away from me, I beg you to stay with me still,I am the only one who can still make everything better and give you eternal life. You may run away to enjoy the temporary happiness in the world . My son/daughter, remember everything in the world is passing away, you will still return to me at the end of your life, do not lose me eternally because of the temporary pleasure the world gives. I love you my son/daughter, I am not and will not abandon you, I am not silent as it looked like. But I am preparing you for something greater and better.

How do you think I hate you, when I have come and suffered for you? How do you think I will abandon you when you know I allowed myself to pass through great agony just because of you. Beloved, can you still trust me with your whole heart, the unseen things I am doing for you are more than the ones you see. You are my beloved. I will never abandon you.Instead of losing faith entirely on me , hang your faith on me, faith does not disappoint. Did you remember the woman that suffered from the issue of blood? It was her faith that saved her.” (Matthew 9:18–22; Mark 5:24–34; Luke 8:40–48)

I know there is nothing more that you want than for your problems to be fixed and for the pain to go away; which is why, just like the bleeding woman, you worry too much about finding a way out. But, you don’t have to. You will not be healed by your own worries. There is nothing you need to do only but come to me in faith. I will still deliver you.

My beloved son/daughter, please allow me into your life and finish the work I started in you. Remember how Apostle Paul, three times, pleaded for God to remove the thorn in his flesh, but God did not grant his request. Unlike the bleeding woman, Paul did not get what he wanted. The beauty in his story is that he got just what he needed. Paul continued to suffer, but that didn’t stop him from experiencing my power. In that moment of weakness, I gave him strength; so much strength that he was able to turn all of his hardships as testaments of my power and glory. (2 Cor. 12:8:10). Beloved do the same and stay in faith. I so much love you.

From Jesus who died for you at the Cross of Calvary

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written by Fr. Sanctus MArio. 


The Peace that Jesus gives. Tuesday Fifth Week of Easter




  1. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu says

    God believe in you. The unseen battles you fought for me are countless. Thank you Jesus. Keep me safe from all hidden dangers. I will love you forever. Keep my heart with You.

  2. Erdoo Adugba says

    Love you too my Lord🙏🙇

  3. Alphonsus Inegbedion says

    I believe in your love for me. Jesus you love me too much o. I fear my remaining steadfast because I know you have promised and will not fail. Keep me close to you, through thick and thin. Be my best friend. I choose you above all. Thank you Padre for this inspiring piece. Its a lot. Please assist me to enjoy the victory of St. Paul over the thorn in his flesh. I still have mine. Thank you. Kindly give me a feed back.

    1. Sanctus Mario says


  4. BeatriceKc says

    Wow! My Lord I love You too. Help me to put more trust in You.
    Thanks so much Fr. This is a wonderful write up. Indeed, it touches.

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