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Morning Breakfast With the Word
Easter Monday : Mathew 28:8-15
In today’s gospel we heard  Mathew’s account of the Resurrection event. The gospel of today started in the middle of the chapter. What happened is that the women went to the tomb and met the angels who announced to them the Good News that Christ is risen and then instructed them to Go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead: they left in fear and  joy.
The angel commanded them to be the first messengers of the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. You can see the joy and zeal in them to announce the news.
The Angel told them to do that quickly and they did not waste a single moment of that. They even tried to run, filled with fear and great joy. They  did exactly what the angel told them to do. He told them to go quickly and they did.
How quick are we to announce the Good News to the people around us. How zealous are we, when we hear the message of salvation and allow it to change the way we live? The women were eager to announce while the soldiers were eager to destroy..How easily do we quash anything that is promoting God? Maybe for  some, it does not add any thing to human development.
One thing about these women all through this while, is the zeal to encounter Jesus and He did appear to them. They  ran to spread a message they are yet to confirm, and Jesus appeared to them. For us we are waiting to see Jesus face to face before we accept Him. One thing with Jesus is that as you look for Him, He comes in times you least expect. The women never expected such encounter today. As we rejoice in the Easter Celebration, let us with zeal and eagerness continue to seek Jesus with our hearts and touch souls who have not or are yet to be convinced about Him.
May God bless you dearest and make this joyful celebration of the season manifest in all you do. Amen
 Happy Easter Beloved



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