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Betrayal and The Heart of A Betrayer. Wednesday Holy Week


   Matthew 26:14-25
Betrayal means the act of violating somebody’s trust and confidence. Betrayal is when someone you trust breaks the trust that you have on him or her. Hence, Betrayal is when we believe wholeheartedly on someone only for the person to use the closeness that exists between both of you to hurt you and tell people the secrets about you. Betrayal is painful especially when it come’s from someone you love and trust so much. There are so many factors that surround betrayal or the heart of a betrayer. They are:



1. When it Involves Money.
In today’s gospel, Judas makes clear his motive in betraying Jesus,  he asks the chief priests:  “What are you willing to give me if I hand Him over to you?” (vs. 15).  There is no disguise in this vile question. This question reveals his ultimate motives. Another part of this is that the price that the chief priests were “willing to give” was “thirty silver coins”.  This price, ironically, was the price of a slave ( Exodus 21:32).


The chief priests may choose this amount purposely, to show that Jesus is no value to them yet Judas accepts it, because it involves money. Today the love of money has destroyed many relationships, many families, many organizations, people have killed, maimed, betrayed because of the love of money. Once it involves money, many can go to any extent to betray even their closest friends. The love of money is one of the greatest snares to a man’s soul.
That wretched question, from Judas  *What will you give me?”*   has led many to betray, cheat, kill, and destroy what would have been their best  relationship ever and terminate the hands that would have helped them.    Lives have been wasted because of money. Because of money, many have abandoned their God and accepted the devil as their master. “the love of money is the root of all evil.” ( 2 Timothy 6:10 ).
For money, Joseph was sold by his brethren; because of money, Samson was betrayed to the Philistines; for money Gehazi deceived Naaman and lied to Elisha; because of money Ananias and Sapphira tried to deceive Peter; for money too, the son of God was delivered into the hands of wicked men.
Let us all be on our guard against the love of money. The world is full of it in our days


2 The Closest Company Conspiracy
Recall that previously, the chief priests were unwilling to arrest Jesus during the feast days, because of the crowds ( Matt. 26:5).  To achieve this, they used Jesus closest company. This is one who eats in the same plate with the Lord. Just like in the case of Julius Caesar’s death  championed by his closest companion Brutus.
Sometimes the people we loved and suffered for, turn out to be the real betrayers, sometimes, those we call our friends, those we think are intimate to us, those who laugh with you and joke with you might be the one opening all the holes around you. They might be the underground workers. The Heart of the betrayer is so concealing that you hardly dictate their moves. They will smile with you and yet maim you at the back.
3 Our Heart Before God
Let us learn in the first place from these verses that a man may enjoy great privileges, positions, offices in the church, and yet his heart all the time may not be right before God.
Many people today who occupy the positions of service go from one place to another seeking for powers than to truly set their hearts on God. We might be going to church but our hearts are very far away from God.
Judas Iscariot had the highest possible position among the apostles. He was a chosen apostle and companion of Christ; Judas was an eyewitness of our Lord’s miracles and a hearer of his sermons; he saw what Abraham and Moses never saw, and heard what David and Isaiah never heard; Judas lived in the society of the eleven apostles; he was a fellow-laborer with Peter, James and John: but for all this his heart was never changed.
Even when our Lord said, “One of you shall betray me,” no one said, “Is it Judas?” Yet all this time his heart was never changed. We are not far from this situation. Our hearts have blocked despite the good things God has done and continually do for us.
Secondly, the betrayer can still betray despite anything good thing, despite your efforts to make things work, despite your love for Him or her, the betrayer will still betray. This holy week calls for a change of heart. Let us have a moment of reflections and seek the throne of mercy.
May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to know Him more and more Amen


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