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6th Tutorial: How to Design and add Logo to Your Blog


Welcome to the 6th tutorial. In this tutorial our attention is only on how to design and add logo to your blog. Like the previous tutorial, I also decided to put this one in a video. Watch closely and do the same to your blog. How to design your website varies with themes and templates. What you may find in one theme, you may not find it in another. But the fact is that they follow the same process.

Watch this one and ask your questions.


For more knowledge, You can also watch the youtube videos on how to add logo, organise your layout, and upload a theme to blogger. I have to send these videos to you so that you will not have any confusion. Take your time and also watch them They are :

  1. How to add logo and change your blogger favicon:



2.For the blogger favicon watch this video below


3.How to organise Your Layout in Blogger



How to Upload a Theme or template if you have a new Theme you downloaded from the internet.

I believe that these tutorials will help us to know How to Design and add Logo to Your Blog. Congrats


  1. Igwemeka Ebele says

    Phew, this is really a long one.
    The hold up in the flow made it seem long.
    Pls can one type in the Microsoft word and the insert in her blog?
    This tutorial can only be given free by someone like you.

    Thanks Fr. and more wins in your pursuits in Jesus name Amen.

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      yes you can

  2. Vitus Okuka says

    Sincerely fr you are a gift to humanity. I just discovered you have taught many how to fish. May he who called you continue to bless you.

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