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The Paradox of Life.


I have always had this certain feeling about life. As early as I can remember, I have been inspired by its compelling sense of purpose and worth, driven by its unique nature of equal opportunity for all. And that is why I have, in particular, been moved always by the complaint of those whom presumes life to be unfair, unfavourable and perhaps may have concluded that life is all about either being blessed or cursed( this is not so). The hard truth is, to LIVE is to STRIVE.



Oyedepo in 2001 asked on “pursuit in life that who made it in life without a hard work, a contest, a fight or even a war ?”. Surrender to the fact that life is not fair, and you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing notwithstanding the obstacles on the life roads way. For the world will never credit you for being treated unfairly by life, but rather will stand up for you, for being able to overcome the shackles of life.


The following are the dialogue between two mechanic apprentices Chika and Mark by a label, as they sat down under a mango tree one afternoon:


Chika: Our peers are gaining admission, our peers are graduating from higher institution, our peers are receiving a promotion, our peers are travelling abroad, our peers are buying cars, building houses etc., and here we are labouring all day long in the name of apprenticeship. (he regretted)

Mark: Oh! Yes that is true, but also remember that some of our peers are in the hospital bed, some of our peers are homeless, some of our peers are jobless, and some are even dead, he added.


Observed that Chika and Mark are at that point facing the same life battle but with different ideologies. In the sense that Chika saw life as being unfair and unfavourable, and Mark believed that life is not all about comparisons and unfruitful regrets.


Like Chika, most of us may have felt that we are trapped. Our captivity may be a financial problem, a life-threatening sickness, material problems, a prosecuting boss or even an unfavourable job, and many other similar situations may be the reason for our false notion about life.


The good news herein is that we should be like the courageous Mark, accept that life is not an emergency. It is far beyond self-pity, self regrets and unnecessary comparisons. For pity, of course, is a self-defeating emotion that does nothing for anyone, except to make everyone feel worse than they already do.


Conclusively, life teaches us many lessons the hard way, but when we are out of if it, we find out that it has taught us a lot. Therefore you can only become better today only by improving yourself. Be not afraid of growing too slowly. Be afraid of standing still. Forget your mistakes, your past and present situation but remember what they taught and is still teaching you. For you can only become better tomorrow by becoming better today.


Again no matter what happens, always remember that you are a divine being. You matter. You count. Remember that you come from the realms of unimaginable power and light, a higher and unique animal with the power to choose and reject and some days you will return to those realms.


Claire Cook says that if plan A does not work in any way, the alphabet also has more 25 letters and 204 if you are in Japan. Why then do we have to lose hope in life because of a single plan that does not work out for us, whereas we have numerous of them left. More also, accept that tough times will happen to everyone and that you are not alone.


Always be aware that Life only grants to those who placed their demand on her and persists in their request. Life is a purpose-oriented journey, nothing exists for nothing. Everything exists for something, and what is that thing for which you exists? Then search it out and develop it to stardom. For in it lies your glamour and glories. Thanks


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