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The Factors That Can Lead to A Marital Crisis. Opinion Poll



Marriage Place defines marital crisis as anything that makes a relationship looks like something in great danger. Marital crisis is when a marriage is in serious trouble. So, there are many factors that can lead to marital crisis. Here, we present to you opinions from people on the factors that can lead to marital crisis.




These opinions suggest the glaring factors that can lead to a marital crisis. The rate of marital crisis is now alarming. Many families today are broken and many couples are filing documents for annulment and divorce. 



Marriage is a union that is supposed to be enjoyed and not a union that offers free food for suffering and crisis. Therefore, to find a solution to this social malady, an opinion poll was sent to many people across the country and beyond to offer some suggestions and opinions on the factors that can lead to a crisis in marriage.



This will create awareness among the couples and the coming ones. There are seventy-eight participants in this opinion poll. This is just volume one, which comprises thirty-five suggestions. So, take time and go through the suggestions. You can vote for the best among these. Volume two also comprises another thirty-five. 




1. Charles Ella : Anambra State

The Factors That Can Lead to Marital Crisis are:




Lack of self-control.




2. Emenalo Chinedu Anselm : Imo State, Amucha Njaba LG

Factors That Can Lead to Marital Crisis are:


Lack of trust

Fear of God



Material quest.





3. Juliet Akalemeaku: Isuikwuato Abia State

The major problems of a marriage crisis hence are :

External Influence and relationship built on deceit and falsehood.



4.Flora Olori: Edo

The factors are: Lies

Lack of forgiveness


Lack of unity.



5.Anolue Izuchukwu Boniface Ukpor Anambra State

Crisis in marriage doesn’t just grow in a day. It can be grounded till the very day it explodes. Therefore, the factors That can Lead to Marital Crisis are:

Excessive complaint: When a spouse is always complaining about the behaviour of the other.

Secrecy: A spouse is meant to be open to one another irrespective of individual differences, two becomes one.

Disobedience and lack of respect: Try as much as possible to let it go at all cost, both couples should be submissive to one another.

Finance: Basically lack of money is the root of all evil, when there is more money love is sweeter as a popular Nigeria celebrity sang( Davido)

Thanks for reading.





6. Azeez Sylvia Ayomide Cross River State

Marital Crises are caused by Lack of Finance

2. Lack of communication

3. Distrust

4. Infidelity

5. Physical abuse e.g battling

6. Childlessness

7. Religion differences

8. Family to family disunity

9. Involvement of a third party

So, these are the Factors That Can Lead to Marital Crisis.







7. Ozegbe Chukwuemeka :Rivers State

Some of the factors that can lead to a marital crisis are 

Money problem, lack of intimacy, infidelity, lack of communication, change in appearance etc.






8. Mngerem Jennifer Ngukuran Benue

The factors that can lead to a marital crisis are: 



Not performing a marital obligation

Lack of trust







9. Loveth Lagos, Apapa marine road

A marital crisis is caused by : 

Lack of intimacy,

Tending to react strongly or defensively and disappointment in life.

Fertility struggles,

Change of appearance.

money, a divorced parent,

Having children from a previous marriage and concealing it.





10. Miriam Kyaa Benue State/ Gwer West.

These factors that can lead to a marital crisis are 1. Delay in childbearing

2. Unfaithfulness

3. Lack of Tolerance

4. Financial Difficulty

5. Bringing 3rd party into your marriage

6. Lack of trust

7.Lack of communication

8. When the marriage was built based on lies.

9. Domestic Violence

10. Traditional and cultural beliefs

11. Se3ual preference ( gay or lesbian)

12. Influence from friends

13. Comparison of partners with others

14. When the burden of taking care of the family responsibility is solely on one person.

15.Constant Nagging.






11. Ozoeze Chidubem Enugu

Factors that can lead to a marital crisis are:

1. Keeping bad peers who influence you negatively. Hence, some marriages are in crisis because of what someone told the wife about the husband or what someone told the husband about the wife and then the spouse forgets all the trust they had for their partner and believes the gossip because it came from “a friend”





12.Obiakor Charity Chibuzor Imo State.

Factors that can lead to a marital crisis are:


2)lack of submission on the side of the wife, not allowing the husband to exercise his authority as a man.

3)Lack of trust

4)lack of communication

5)lack of understanding






13. Gabriel Pauline Chori Baraki, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The factors are Lack of communication, understanding and trust.





14. Gladys Koske Kenya

Hence, factors that can lead to a marital crisis are: 

1. Unfaithfulness

2. Misunderstanding between the couple’s

3. Allowing the opinion of other people in your marriage (seeking advice from a third party).






15. Mede Callistus Benue State. Gboko.

Therefore, the factors are:

1. Infidelity 2. Issues arising from childlessness. 3. Insincerity to each other. 3. Impotence. 4. Third party. 5. Problems arising from in-laws. 6. Denial of conjugal right. 7. Lack of obedience to each other. Etc.






16. Duru Nwafather Imo State

Factors that can lead to a marital crisis are: 

Poor Communication: Lack of communication can be one of the toughest marital problems to work through. Learning to effectively communicate with each other takes effort and understanding.

If communication is a frequent marital problem you’re facing, you may want to find someone unbiased such as a therapist to help you improve your communication.

 In addition to them helping you understand each other better, they can give you exercises to make communication less frustrating for both of you. Taking the time to address this issue will make all other areas of marriage easier to navigate.






17. Eunice Nkechi Azuka Alor, Anambra

The factor that can lead to a marital crisis is







Factors that can lead to a marital crisis are:

Lack of obedience and respect for each other are the major causes of the marriage crisis.






19. Ozoana Obinna Enugu/Enugu

Marital problems are due to a lack of understanding between the spouses.




20. Nwahiri Chinaru Confidence Imo, Ahiazu Mbaise

Factors that can lead to Lead to Marriage crisis are discussed below:


1. Daily stress: Let’s take Nigeria and its present economic situation as a case study. So, with the way things are present, the stress alone couples pass through in putting food on their tables can make one get into arguments with each other. Thereby transferring aggression.



2. Busy schedule: Husband and wife work in the bank, get home late and leave very early. This will affect their kids’ upbringing. They will be left with no choice but to employ a nanny who may lead the kids astray or even mishandle them.



3. Money: Stress in finance can lead to more stress generally. There may be more conflict over things unrelated to money. There may be consistent arguments on money-related issues.



4. Poor communication: Sometimes negative communication that belies damaging attitudes and Dynamics within the relationship. Healthy communication is key while unhealthy communication can lead to major marriage problems.



Infidelity: This alone can bring chaos among couples. 

Also, Lack of childbearing is another factor that can cause a marriage crisis. A man cannot afford to marry for years without children as they would say as if it is the woman that gives children.

Other factors include,


Lack of intimacy, Bad habits, Splitting up house chores, change in the physical appearance of both parties, especially the woman; fertility struggles.


Happy reading and thanks for your time.





21. Mary Kamau Kenya Nairobi. 

These Factors are:

Lack of intimacy

Change in appearance

Fertility struggle

Poor communication


Financial constraints.





22. IJEOMA Amadi Osuala Imo

The factors are:


Lack of trust










23. Eze Chizoba Enugu State 

The common factors that can lead to a marriage crisis are money: Problems of money are a common cause of a marital crisis.

Poor Marital Communication: Marital crisis may have had some deleterious consequences on couples, their children and the society at large, 

Other causes of some marital crisis are extended families, lack of intimacy, fertility struggles, splitting up chores, inconsistent religious beliefs, trust, too predictable. These are the factors that can lead to a marital crisis thanks.





24. Chukwu Mariagoretti Mmesoma Enugu state/ Nkanu West LGA


When couples fail to communicate (ie; share their varying views on certain issues affecting their marriage) they are most likely to have a marriage crisis.






When one partner begins to deviate from the marital vow or there’s a suspicion that such is going on, there’s going to be a lack of trust which would eventually result in a crisis.

Other things that can result in a marriage crisis are lack of family planning before the onset of the marriage; lack of money to oversee the needs of the family, couples not getting to know each other and understanding their differences before the onset of the marriage etc.






25.Chinyere Onyejekwe Uzii, Imo State


In my own opinion, I think the factors that can lead to a marriage crisis are

1: Infidelity: When one of the spouses or both spouses don’t keep to their marriage promises. It will now make them suspect themselves, thereby losing trust in each other.


2: Communication: both communication and lack of communication can lead to a marriage crisis, communication can lead to a marriage crisis when you say what you don’t mean, giving wrong information or explanation which will result in a lack of trust when the truth eventually comes out, on the other hand. 



Lack of communication can lead to a marriage crisis in the sense that when you don’t talk over a particular issue as when suppose, it will now affect the marriage because so many things may go wrong before you start making rights.



3: Money: money can cause a marriage crisis not minding if one has money or not because when one who likes spending money merges with one who likes saving money, and none of them wants to make amends, things can never go well not minding the amount of money involved.


Thanks so much, my own little opinion though.





26. Maureen Ezeibe Anambra State.

They are: Bridge in communication

Lack of love









27. Ekechukwu Mary Chigaemezu IMO State Mbaitoli LGA

First I will start from the root… African parents give home training only to a girl child making the male child behave and act anyhow with the saying of “he is a man” you see in a family where two girls are older than the first son with a lot of years will shout at his senior sisters or even beat them up and his actions will still be justified that he is a man.



Now when this person grows up he will never respect a woman and this will go same in marriage once he marries he won’t respect his wife or allow her to say things in the family thereby causing problems in his marriage.



Again women in marriage keep a lot of circles that anything that happens in their marriage they share with their friends who might not be happy for her and would eventually give her bad advice, and she will practice it in her marriage and the marriage will flop.


Finally, a lot of married people copy what they see on social media without knowing that all they see on social media are fake life and again what works for me A won’t work for Mr B in marriage.



Marriage is understanding tolerance, endurance and being responsible, finally putting it together with prayers and also learning to be sorry, please thank you and please try to always forgive your partner. It helps to restore a failing marriage.




28. Emmanuel Chimezie Chidoka Umueshi, Agbobu Autonomous community in Okigwe LGA, Imo State.

Marriage can simply be defined as a sacred legal union between man and woman to become husband and wife.


Marriage is designed by God when he gave Eve to Adam as something worthy to be enjoyed and can be seen as being pleasurable. But the aim of marriage has been tampered with by Man. Thus, we now experience lots of crises and divorce in marriage. Recently, there have been about 4000 applications for divorce.





What Are The Factors That Can Lead To Marriage Crisis?



1. One of the major factors is the inability of the couples to involve God in their marriage. What do I mean, most couples think that without God, they can excel and have a happy marriage thereby making God a second choice.



Yes, it is said that 1+1 in marriage is =1, but I can categorically tell us that 1(man) + (Woman)1 in marriage is equal to 2, rather 1 (man) + (God) 1+ (woman) 1 in marriage is equal to 1. When God is not at the centre of any marriage, that marriage will not just fail, but it will crash.



2. Another factor is deception and pretense during courtship. Some people don’t show their bad side till after the wedding day. Therefore, some pretend to be who they are not during courtship.




After courtship, they will show their real identity. Some women do not have a womb, some men are impotent, while others have one issue or the other but will not relate it to their partners. This act alone has brought a crisis in many marriages.



3. Lack of understanding and the true meaning of marriage. Many young people who delve into marriage do not know the meaning and purpose of marriage. Many taught that it is just for procreation.



The main aim of marriage is companionship as captured in Genesis, when God says ” it is not good for a man to be alone, I will make him a helper”. We can now see that is not just for procreation but also companionship. Therefore, many have failed to understand this, thus, when there’s no child in the marriage, there tends to be a crisis. Note: procreation is a secondary purpose of marriage while companionship is the primary.


4. Infidelity is another major problem in marriage that can lead to crisis. What we have now are cheats and no longer responsible men and women who can keep to their marriage vow of fidelity. Infidelity is now like the norm and part of marriage. Nowadays, Couples are no longer truthful in their marital affairs. Most couples have extramarital affairs which give room for demons to enter between the husband and wife instead of God.



5. Another factor that leads to Crisis in Marriage is tolerance and lack of love. This is where the major issue in marriage lies. Before marriage (during courtship) you will love and tolerate him or her, so, what happens to that love and tolerance after marriage or childbearing? Is it not supposed to continue?



When couples start picking mistakes of each other and fail to tolerate every slightest mistake, it simply means that the marriage is gradually coming to an end or may lead to a serious crisis that may not be easily managed. So, without love and tolerance, there’s every tendency that there will be Crisis in the marriage.



6. In conclusion, there are many factors like lack of trust, courting with emotions which will not allow you to know the real person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, jealousy, insensitive, nagging, extravagant, lack of good communication skills and understanding etc which can lead to Crisis in marriage but how the couple come together to deal with is what matters most.

Finally, let’s try to involve God rather than a man in our marital affairs.





29. Ufochukwu Nkechi Cynthia Anambra State.




These are some factors that can lead to a Marriage crisis:

1. Dishonesty and Moral decadence: A situation where a couple cannot tell each other simple truth is not healthy for the union.


2. Lack of Communication: Effective marital communication entails that couples discuss issues, call for explanations, and also be willing to accept the same. The inability of the spouses to effectively talk to each other might lead to a marriage crisis.


3. Bad Social behaviour: Unnecessary criticism and nagging instead of politely confronting your spouse are harmful to a healthy marriage.


4. Lack of respect: Mutual respect for one’s spouse is critical for marriage sustenance. Love and respect are reciprocal, that’s the Bible admonishes the wives to respect their husbands and husbands, in turn, love their wives as they will love their own body.


5. Issues of extended families: The inability to properly manage extended family causes disunion in marriages faster than we know.


6: Social and Sexually incompatibility of marriage partners: Marriages hit the rock bottom when they discover that they are not compatible with their partner. Poor se3ual satisfaction on the part of a partner and extreme se3ual behaviour like Oral se3, Anal se3, etc is capable of a marriage crisis.




30. Chioma Frances Egwuogu Akpo Anambra.

The following can lead to a marriage crisis.

1. Lack of communication

2. Unfaithfulness

3. Lack of trust

4. No tolerance and patience

5. Influence from friends and family

6. Financial problems

8. Nagging spouse

9. Lack of mutual respect.




31.Eze Felicita Enugu State.

The main factors that can cause marriage crises are :

1. Having a personal tendency to react strongly or defensively to the problems, and disappointment in life

2. Experiencing financial hardships

3. Having different religious backgrounds

4. Knowing each other for only a short time before marriage or having children from a previous marriage and hiding it. Having divorced parents,

3. A low level of commitment to one another.




32. Francisca Reuben Chekwube-Obiejesi Anambra State/ Nigeria.

There are a whole lot of factors that can contribute to a crisis in marriage, but here are a few.

1. Lack of communication: When there’s a lack of good communication between persons involved, there is bound to be an invisible gap between them. 


2. It could be that one or both partners are sexually unsatisfied or a particular character in one or both partners isn’t acceptable by the other. In this case, when there’s good communication, when one can express him/herself without fear of being judged, without sarcasm, without a harsh tone or in anger, a whole lot could be salvaged.


3. Again, lack of family prayer time. A family that prays together, stays happily together. Most times we get too distracted with life that we forget the source of life Himself. When we come together as a family to pour our hearts and minds to Him who is All-knowing, many things happen well for us. We also have a little more time after prayers to talk about happenings in the home.


4. Lack of concentration and focus in the union. When we lose focus, we tend to be blind to the blessings and graces that abound in our homes rather we want to be like Mrs A whose husband bought a car for her on her birthday forgetting your husband source of income can’t afford it, or the husband wants his wife to be like Mr A’s wife who is fit and slim after 2kids, forgetting the sacrifices the wife has gone through to bear children. And these characters tend to put unnecessary stress on our partner which makes them feel they’re not living up to expectations. 



We forget that comparison is a stealer of joy. And that those people we wished to be like or that our partners could be like maybe carrying their crosses beautifully.



4. Again, Children! Yes, Children are the very beautiful gifts of God to us, but they unintentionally take all the attention to themselves. But when we intentionally make efforts to go for as simple as a lunch or dinner date to have lone times with our partners, it helps with reconnecting ourselves to each other and even helps reminisce about old times. But we’re too busy until we lost ourselves.



5. Again, Children!! When they don’t come when we need or want them, it becomes a whole issue. We forget Children are gifts from God and only Him decides when to give these gifts. This could come from partners involved or from in-laws or frenemies. But when couples remind themselves that children are secondary to the companionship which is the key purpose of marriage and also with faith trust the Father; and form a strong and unopposed front, everything will go well.



6. Again lack of good managerial skill. These presents in different ways. It could be that one of the partners is flaunting to be a cheerful giver on the outside for human applause while the family suffers a lack of fundamental needs in silence or the other is an extravagant spender forgetting we should spend less than we save. This puts serious pressure on family income and could be frustrating.



Again, a lack of trust in spousal capabilities. Listening to outsiders and not trusting in your partners.

7. Again Lack of forgiveness. We forgive but we don’t forget easily which is Divine though. At times we tend to make our hearts refrigerators of our spouse’s mistakes, keeping them for a constant reminder of our partner’s flaws. No one likes this and this could cause a crisis too.



8. Again, interference from the external. These could be friends, in-laws etc. When we give room, especially by telling everyone about the little issues we have, we tend to forget that not everyone is happy with us, thereby they could give hazardous advice or even make us see more flaws than we already saw in our spouse.

There are still a lot more, but we pray for the grace to live and lead a life of marital Bliss.

Thank you.



33. Rotji Gabriel Plateau, Pankshin LGA

The factors that can lead to a crisis in marriage are:

1.Money Problems. Money problems are a common cause of marital problems.

2. Lack of Intimacy.

3. Fertility problem.

4.Poor communication.

5. Infidelity.

These can cause serious problems in the family.




34. Agwunobi Remigius Imo State, Umuma Isiaku in Ideato South

In my own opinion, I will like to highlight some factors that can lead to a marriage crisis, They are


2 Lack of intimacy.

3 Too predictable.

4 Fertility struggles.

5.lack of money.

6.lack of trust.

7.lack of mutual understanding.




35. Nwokeji Cynthia Oru East, Imo State.

A crisis is a state of unrest that can be mild, average or disastrous.

In my own opinion, I think a crisis in marriage can be caused by the following factors:

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: This is when one partner abuses the other either physically, emotionally or psychologically. Domestic violence is a trend now because women are now standing up to their men and the men are willing to do anything possible to show that they are in charge.



INFIDELITY/ SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION: So many marriages are in crisis now because of infidelity. Partners now cheat on each other like it is now a competition of “WHO IS THE BEST CHEAT”. The rate of cheating in marriage is quite alarming as is evident in the cases of DNA making waves in society now. Also on the part of sexual dysfunction, many partners use sex as a tool for revenge when their partner annoys them. This is very bad because it makes the partner who has no self-control to look for sex elsewhere.



POOR INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: As a minor, as it sounds, communication is the bedrock of any relationship. When couples do not communicate effectively, they build a time bomb that will explode sooner than later.






This factor is not just causing a crisis in marriage but sending so many marriages to their early grave. This happens when one partner leaves all the bills to the other partner to handle, or one partner spends the family resources recklessly. Laziness on the side of the man who in our African tradition is charged with the sole role of providing for the family can also cause crises in marriage.



INFERTILITY / PREFERENCE FOR MALE CHILDREN: An average African man gets married to have children, especially male children that will carry on his family line. When this expectation is not met, crisis sets in.



LACK OF TRUST: Crisis arises in marriage when there is a lack of trust in partners. Partners who lack trust grow suspicious over time and such a crisis sets in.



LACK OF PROPER CATECHESIS: So many couples do not attend marriage courses before getting married. They are not acquainted with the pressure that comes with marriage and as such, when the marriage encounters a little challenge, it escalates to a crisis.



Factors that cause a crisis in marriage are indeed inexhaustible, but the watchword is: do not go into marriage with the wrong reasons for this will help to avoid a crisis.



36. Eunice Nkechi Azuka Anambra/Alor

The Factors are: Lack of understanding

2. Lack of trust

3. Telling lies

4. Listening from friends and family advice (bad ones)

5. Not praying together

6. Man or woman not coming back home on time.

7. Habit of drinking alcohol

8. Fighting

9. No respect for each other

10. Childlessness, 

11. Woman does not know how to cook food and time to serve it

12. Dirtiness

13. Disobedience

14. Not been contented

15. Pride

You are free to vote for the best advice. Also, wait for volume two of this. Use the reply section. God bless you. 


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    Lack of respect also leads to martial crises
    Untruthful to one’s partner
    Dirty relationship with people outside marriage.

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      I vote No. 28

  70. Agbo Boniface Onjefu says

    I vote for No. 28

    1. Christabel Sorgwe says

      I vote no. 28

  71. Diala Ifesinachi says

    I vote No. 28

  72. Nwaihi Faith Kosarachi says

    I vote No 28

  73. Ezeanyika Ifeoma says

    I vote no 28

  74. George Gift says

    I vote No.28

  75. Ukwueze Chinasa says

    I vote no 28

  76. Adaobi Amadi says


  77. Ohaeri cynthia says

    I vote NO 28

    1. EZEAMAMA JANE says

      I vote no28

  78. Adimekwe Joy says

    I vote 28

  79. Onuh Christiana Njideka says

    I vote No. 28

  80. Omeke Odinakachukwu Martha says

    I VOTE NO.28

  81. Chinedu Onudioka says

    I vote for number 28

  82. Ugorji NKIRU VERONICA says


  83. Chidi Toochi says

    I vote no 28

  84. Dili says

    I vote no 28

    1. Odah Samuel says

      I vote No 28

  85. Jude Uchenna says

    I vote no 28

  86. George Gift says

    I vote no 28

  87. Alinno Maryjane Akudo says

    I vote No. 28


    I vote no28

  89. Chiamaka phina says

    I vote no. 28

  90. CPC NLEBEDUM says

    I vote no 28

  91. Swakkai Basil Clement says

    I vote No. 28

  92. Nnamdi Alexander says

    I vote No 28

    1. Patrick says

      I love this

  93. Chinonye Jennifer says

    I vote number 28

  94. i vote no.28

  95. Ogoo moses says

    I vote No 17

  96. Chidera Joy Chimezie says

    I vote for number 28

  97. Abuh Lawrence Ijegwa says

    I vote N0: 28

  98. Ugwuegbu Esther says

    I vote no. 28

  99. Ochenehi Patience Ekoche says

    I vote No 28

  100. Veronica C. Ezeh says

    I vote No. 28

  101. Emmanuella says

    I vote for no 28

  102. Nwamgbowo Felix says

    I vote for NO. 28

  103. Gerald ifeanyu says

    I vote No. 28

  104. Benedict Ingland Alenyi says

    I vote No. 28

    1. Ann says

      No. 28

  105. Prince Agubataobi says

    I vote no 28

    1. Prince Agubataobi says

      I vote no 28

      1. Juliet Chukwunwike says

        I vote NO 28

  106. Onyeka Onyinye says

    I vote No.28

  107. Uwah emmanuel says

    I vote 28

  108. Ukeoma Silas Onyebuchi says

    I vote no: 28

  109. Maduako oguguo victor says

    I vote no. 28″

  110. Graduate of Truth says

    I go with no 28 because the writer is organising.

  111. Joy says

    I vote for no 28

  112. Adavore paul says

    I vote No. 28

    1. Onwe stephen says

      I vote no 28

  113. Ugwuegbu Esther. C says


  114. Ugwuegbu Vera. C says


  115. Abdulkadir kabirat omobolanle says

    I vote no.28

  116. Somto says

    I vote 28

  117. Somto says

    I vote 28

    1. Nnenne Benedict says

      I vote NO 28

  118. Nwoke ogochukwu says

    I vote 28

  119. Ukobasi Stanley says

    I vote no 28

  120. Okoroji Blessing says

    I vote for no. 28

  121. Nworie Joseph I. says

    I vote 28 he did just to the topic if you involve God in your marriage you win

  122. Nonye Onyenucheya says

    I vote no 28

  123. Friday O. Orji says

    I vote for no: 28 Emamanuel Chiemezie Chidoka I strongly agreed that marriage without God is crisis itself any other factors are secondary…. thanks

  124. Chizoba Judith says

    I vote No.28

  125. Aniekwe onyeka says


  126. Albanus Dike says

    I vote No. 28

  127. Cletus chineme says

    I vote number 28

  128. Cletus chineme says

    I vote no_ 28

  129. Juliet Chukwunwike says

    I vote number 28

    1. Ukaigwe Emeka James says

      I voted no 28

  130. Chidinma says

    I vote no. 28

    1. Chiomy says

      I vote no. 28

      1. MaryAnne says

        I vote no. 28

  131. Frances Ann says

    I vote 14 and 28

  132. Cosmos says

    I vote 28

  133. Cosmos Augustus Nnajj says

    I vote 28

  134. Ochenehi Patience Ekoche says

    I vote No. 28

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