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This remains one of the greatest disasters that has killed the cordial relationship that is supposed to exist between people. This is the belief that one race or group is superior or inferior to another. The one that pains me most is to be seen as or termed “BLACKS” by foreigners.


They tend to call themselves “WHITES”. They present themselves to look better than we are. The issue of racism begins with the mind. It gradually begins to affect our mentally and then destroys our relationship with man.


To my fellow Nigerians and Africans in general there is nothing like a skin colour called “BLACK” or “WHITE”. The Bible makes us to understand that we are all one. Going through the African history we tend to find out this rampart at that era.


Get a piece of charcoal and a white handkerchief. To my fellow Nigerians and Africans does that charcoal look like your skin colour? For those who are light skinned does that white handkerchief look your skin colour? I know the answer is no… Then why we feel inferior to the Europeans.


Why do we always tend to worship foreigners in our own land. People will not believe you unless it comes from a man from overseas. The truth is that Africans are unique especially Nigerians. We have been blessed by God.


We have the potentials to adapt to any condition. To those who bleach their skin to look like “Oyibo” I have nothing to tell you.


Since the coming of western education, religion and teachings it has almost eradicated all our Africans teachings that are good.


You eat Garri with your hands it seems you are naive. You eat leaves for medication they see as an animal. Even in our schools you if you don’t speak English or French you don’t belong. Who is fooling who?


We have Innoson motors, Globacom and yet what we prefer is that of the western. Yes, I am not doubting the total rejection of western teaching but moderation should be applied in what we choose.


Racism has now eaten deep into our religious system especially here in Nigeria. If you not a Christian or Muslim you don’t belong. Where is the love of neighbour Christ taught us? If you not a Catholic I would not associate with you. The fact that I do not belong to Jehovah witness makes me a dinner. Even it is now in the Catholic Church. If I am a legionary, it makes all charismatic members not to be good people.

If I don’t belong to the intercessory ministry, it means I don’t belong. What is happening? The segregation in the church is too much.


The fact that I plait my hair as a lady means I won’t enter the kingdom of God. Even in sharing political appointments if this person is not a northerner nothing will be given to him whether he is qualified or not.


If this person doesn’t go to your church, you would not give him that job. Some religion teaches the killing of people who are not your members. Even Igbos if you are not from Anambra, you are not welcomed.

If your father is not from IMO state nothing will be given to you. A man from Abia sees another from Enugu as not being complete. People from South-South also have the same mentality. The northerners are not excluded in this.


Until we learn how to treat everybody as one. We will not go far it is not a matter of prayer and fasting. Even in families if you don’t have money, you are not qualified to talk.


What is our problem? The fight against racism begins with me. That you are being rejected does not mean you not qualified to be a human being.

May God bless you as you shun Racism.


Written by Okpuzor Victor.


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    More grace in Jesus name

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    Nice piece, very concise

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