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Libido simply put is known as sexual urge or drives. The sexual urge in every human is natural and it was placed by God.


In psychology it is said to be a drive or mental energies related to or based on sexual instincts but not necessarily sexual in and of themselves.


One thing is sure that this energy is put in them by God and if you don’t properly channel the energy, you will ruin yourself or others.


The issues of discussing this is one aspect of human life that we always ignore. Now I would discuss this topic in three folds which include


  1. Causes of the mismanagement of this energy


  1. The dangers of mismanagement of this energy.


  1. Solutions to avoid the mismanagement of this energy.



  1. Poor parental up bringing


So many parents see it as taboo to bring issues concerning our human body during discussion with their children. They feel their children should know all; that the school will do the teaching.



Parents and guardian should tell their children under their care about the human make up. Children should be properly taught about issues concerning mensuration, puberty, wet dream etc and the changes that occur during these periods.


Most parents see it as taboo they forget that if they don’t do so the bad side of social media and peer pressure would do it.


The dangers of contraceptives, watching pornography, masturbation, transgender should be taught openly and your children should be allowed to ask questions while the answers will be given to them.


  1. Poor or faulty prayer life


So many people don’t pray at all or they think they can do everything by themselves. Try to involve God in all aspects of your life even in your sexual urge.


Tell God to give the grace to overcome temptation. People think it is by being a PhD holder or even one other qualification that is what makes you in charge of yourself.


No, it is not completely true. A faulty prayer life will destroy your libido which will eventually destroy you.


  1. Poor school and religious teachings


So many religious or academic institute have failed totally when it comes to aiding the family to instruct the children on how best their sexual life should be.




The dangers are numerous and uncountable. The biblical David and Samson fell because of the wrong channelling of the so-called energy.



Many prostitutes feel that the energy they have is that of the sexual one and it has ruined them drastically.


Instead of them to look for tangible things to do they resort to prostitutes because they think it is the only thing they can do.


Numerous men and women of God have fallen from grace. Lecturers in our universities even some students have fallen too. Our society has made us feel that both sexes cannot stay without having intercourse.


Virginity is now seen as lack of opportunity. What a world we live in. The increase of rape is also caused by it. Incest, masturbation, paedophile rape is majorly caused by the wrong channelling of energy.



People now rape their partners in marriage. Our youth now see as “CHILLING WITH THE BIG BOYS”. Infertility in marriage could also be caused by it. STD and STI are also around the corner.



Men now see women as sex object and vice versa. Sugar daddies and mummies are now on the rise.





  1. Parents and guardians must properly educate both their male and female children. Always to be friendly to your children so that they would open up to you. Know their circle of friends especially while they are growing up.


Take them to God always teach them how to pray and study the world. Tell them that 1 Corinthians 3:16 says Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you.


Do not accommodate all their mistakes. Never forget to pray for them too. Always bless them.


  1. Religious and academic institute should also try and teach about these things during studies to also complete or aid our parents in bringing up their children.



  1. Do not always be idle. Find things that are genuinely mind occupying to do. Involve God through prayers and study of His word.



4. Watch your discussion. If you have fallen do not waste time to return to Him there is no situation He cannot remedy.



5.  Watch your friends, break free from bad company, learn how to manage your temperament.


6.  Dress well and not everything on the internet should be taken as it is





The sexual urge in human have come to stay we should try to control it or it would control and ruin you and others.



Meet the Writer

Brother Victor Okpuzor from Delta State currently he is a seminarian of the Catholic diocese of  Umuahia.

A writer and also a zealous lover of the blessed Virgin Mary and the word of God. Presently concluding his philosophical studies.


God bless you as you read and learn.



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