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Rape is the act of sexual intercourse between two or people when their consent are not given. Rape is an act done to get sexual pleasure before you help some one. Their is no justification for rape. A rapist is demonic and as such will never go unpunished.


Rape extends to you using your position to lure that boy or girl in sexual intercourse. Every rapist should be punished severely. Rape is dangerous because it has some many negative effects such as death, infertility,STD/STI, unwanted pregnancy, psychological imbalance.


A rapist is a beast. Indecent dressings is not a reason for you to rape her or them. Don’t you know that people who cover themselves properly are also raped. Remove your eyes from his or her body. To those who rape people KARMA is real. Involve yourself in useful things and you won’t think of how you would rape somebody.



If you don’t stop raping people you would become addicted to the extent that you will even rape animals yes animals. How do you even feel after raping an individual ? Are you satisfied? God is not happy with you. You keep watching pornography and you think you would not end up raping people.


You think to rape her is the way you will get back at her because she refused to marry you my brother you are a beast. For the fact that she is drunk does not mean she should be raped. For the fact that she is walking with clothes not covering her body does not mean she should be raped.



Control your thoughts, make good use of your time,pray to God for grace and live a good life. Sex is only for married people any other one is condemned. One who rapes people will never live to enjoy life.


Ladies my humble advice remains that you should please try and dress properly. Always walk in pairs. If possible avoid late nights. Do not go to meet strangers alone. Be careful if free drinks especially from strangers.


That work is not your own if the man ask for sex before he gives it to you. Ask God for protection every day. Do not see everyone that was raped as a loose girl. Report immediately to the police if rape is carried out. Be mindful of what you watch. Get something doing so that your body will not pay for the free gifts you received from bad boys.


The government should tighten the punishment for rapist and everybody should be punished no matter who the person is. Rape victim should be consoled properly. Abortion is not an option because God will not be happy with you. You don’t even know who the baby will turn out to be in future.


To all rape victims I say please the Lord will console you. Those who didn’t kill themselves because more grease to your elbow. I dedicate this to all victims of rape. May God expose all rapist and may those who were falsely accused God come to their aid. To those who lost their lives during their struggle for live as they were raped may they rest in peace Amen.





    Amen. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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